Legacy rules

For lack of a better word, these are the 'rules' I play by :
  • Sims live their life according to the wants that roll in, also live based on their lifetime wish and personalities.
  • Free will is and always will be enabled.
  • Mostly (unless sim is rich and has nothing to do with the money) Maids and various other services are not used. Even babysitting will be as limited as possible, and will only be called upon when there is no other way.
  • Any heir has to be related by blood to the founder 
  • I will generally follow just one of any of the children once the heir has passed away. 
  • They don't need to stay in the same house forever.
  • I keep my traits mostly random (generally I pick and set one).

I hope you enjoy the story! Please feel free to comment. 

Just some fun facts about my gaming and story telling styles:
  • I do have mods, and I use them
  • Some pictures may be posed, so I can get the detail of the story just the way it's desired. Mostly, this doesn't happen.
  • There will be nudity. There was a disclosure you know. 
  • If I offend you with my story, get over it or stop reading. It's just a story.
  • I do plan on playing this family for as long as I play sims. BUT I do take many breaks, and they can be very long. Many months or even a year or more might go by without a post. Writing is not my life. This will not change. I write when I can, when I have something to write, and when I have time!
  • Sometimes, the point of view changes in my story. We might follow someone else for a short time. NOT to worry! If this happens, they will be connected directly with the Heir and family somehow. Perhaps we'll follow a new spouse before they've met!

This page will be updated as I think of or realize other 'rules' in my game. Thank you for viewing!