Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GEN II: Chapter 24

James was up and dressed before the sun this morning. He had a busy day in front of him and wanted to get going. James was not practiced in anyway in the gardening department, but he could not stand to see his grandmothers plants just wilting away like they were. He wanted very much to preserve anything of hers, or that reminded him of her. So like his grandmother did, James was out before dawn pulling weeds and watering the plants. He worked until after sunrise, then went and showered. He only had a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast before going out on his quest for the day.

James was off to get a job that day. He had dreamt of becoming an International Super Spy since childhood. Recent events in James' life had made him realize that you should always reach for your dreams, not regret anything. He was just about to settle for any old job until he read in the paper that the local police department was looking to hire someone. Of course he would probably start at the worst job in the place, but at least he was in there. They actually interviewed him right away and gave him the job of a Snitch. For now, James was happy for that much.


Charlie was doing the same thing right down the road. He was looking for a job in the journalism area. Eventually he wanted to become a Star News Anchor but knew that might take a while. This building was hiring for a new paper boy, so he applied. Charlie just hoped they would notice his potential soon and promote him. They were so desperate for a new employee they hired him right away, no interview.

Each of the boys went to the park after acquiring their new jobs. Neither was ready to go home. James arrived first, not even knowing that his brother was not too far behind. He noticed his uncle Damien was there as well and started talking to him. James tried hard to avoid talking about his grandmothers passing, but the topic crept up in their conversation anyway.

Soon after the mention of his mother, Damien stated that he had to leave. "Pressing business and all." He had said. Damien excused himself and left the park. James stood a little disappointed for a moment but then looked around for something else to do. He noticed his brother, Charlie was just standing there staring off into space. What was he doing? Suddenly James smiled to himself, he had an idea.

Charlie had come to the park after getting his job, and he did happen to notice James speaking with Damien. He was on his way over to them when someone caught his eye. She was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. Something about her was just so mesmerizing. Charlie couldn't help but stare. He watched her from the side as she went into the restroom. 'Who was that? I've never seen her before, she must be new here.' Charlie thought to himself.

Just then...

"RRRAAAAAHHHH!!!" Shouted James. He was standing right behind Charlie. Charlie nearly jumped out of his skin, he turned to confront his assailant then realized it was his own brother.

"What's the MATTER with you? Jeesh man, don't DO that." He was trying to be reprimanding, but he couldn't help but smile. Charlie had done that to James many times before.

"Sorry bro, you were just so vacant I just couldn't miss the opportunity!" James said. "You should have seen your face man, your funny. So anyway why are you here staring at..... well what were you staring at anyway?" James looked in the direction that Charlie had been focused but saw nothing of interest.
"Uh, nothing. It was nothing." Charlie lied. He really did not need his brother making fun of him right now. Charlie knew James would nit pick him if he knew a girl had been in his sights.

"Well whatever, what's up man? I didn't expect to see you here." James continued. "I was just out actually, well don't tell dad yet, but I just got a job at the Police department here, as a snitch!"

Charlie could tell that James was excited, and shared in his enthusiasm. He gave him his congratulations and told him of his job finding as well.

"A paper boy? Oh man how lame! Well I hope you get climbing that ladder soon my man. No one wants to be a paperboy, that's why they are always hiring! Anyway, I'm off to play some chess, wanna match?"

Charlie shook his head declining the offer politely, and told his brother to go ahead. James left to look for another opponent. Charlie looked back at the restrooms, but thought for sure she was long gone. For a moment then he wondered what he was doing, standing here hoping to get just a glimpse of that woman again and he didn't even know her. Why? He shrugged it off and decided to follow James, to watch him play.

Charlie turned to get to the tables and nearly ran into someone, when he looked up he realized that it was her. She was still here, and he just about knocked her over because he wasn't paying attention.

Charlie was rendered speechless for a moment. She was even prettier up close. Her eyes were such a beautiful green they just pulled him into them. He couldn't help but stare at her.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't watching." She said to Charlie. "Hi, I'm Sybil." She reached out and took his hand, before he could really move or speak.

Very outgoing, and so relaxed about it, oh how he wished he could be that way. "Hello." He said. The word seemed to jog him back to his senses. He stuttered for a moment and then apologized, "Oh, uh, sorry. Hey my names Charlie, Charlie Fuller." Why did he say it like that, like he was someone important? For some reason he could not stop looking at this woman, Sybil. She was so, innocent seeming and it was as if her eyes showed everything she was all at once. He could study them forever.

Soon they were talking, and he even got up the nerve to ask what her star sign was. He learned that she was a Virgo, and couldn't help but think how compatible they would be. She also told him that she had just moved here from Pleasantview and she was living with her sister and cousin. After Charlie started talking, it seemed so easy he didn't want to stop. He wanted to learn everything about her as soon as he could. She laughed at him when he made a joke, or a funny face and he did the same. Charlie loved her laugh and wanted to hear it more often.

Charlie and Sybil joked around for a while, and took pictures of each other with their phones. The two of them seemed to hit it off very well, pretty soon they were gossiping about the people right beside them. Charlie found that whenever Sybil got close to him, he would freeze in anticipation of her being so close. Why did he feel this way? They just met. Then he surprised himself and asked her to come to his house for dinner.

"Oh that sounds lovely Charlie, I'd love to!" She happily accepted his invitation.

"Good, great, okay, uh, let's get going. I'll um, I'll hail a cab for us." Charlie was starting to falter in his speech again. What was he doing? He didn't know how to cook very well. What would he make? She seemed like one of those delicate girly girls, so maybe he could make a salad. At least he knew how to do that, sort of. On the ride over he changed his mind, he would make his best dish. Goopy Carbonara.


When they pulled up to the house Charlie heard Sybil gasp just a little bit. "Oh wow, Charlie your house is lovely!" She said. "I just stay in this rinkydink old place in the swamp! Wow. I'd love to live in a place like this one day."

Charlie listened to her words and smiled at her. He thought to himself for a moment of her living here with him. He crinkled up his forehead and pushed that thought away. 'You just met her man, you don't even know if she is into you or not, chill out.' He mentally chastised himself.

"Did I say something?" Sybil asked. She had seen his facial expression change and wondered what brought it on.

"No no, not at all. I was just uh, I was just realizing that I've never really looked at my home like that. I guess I take it for granted." He lied. She was perceptive, he would have to be careful so she wouldn't see right through him.

They walked in the front door and were immediately greeted by Hayden. Charlie introduced Sybil to his father, ignoring the confused look on his dad's face. He told them he would be back shortly, to chat amongst themselves while he made dinner.

Hayden eyed Sybil suspiciously. "Hello, I'm Hayden. Have we met?" He asked.

"No I don't think so, but I have heard of you... and Isabel. Is that right, your wife I mean? I read about you guys in the paper somewhere. My name is Sybil." She said.

"Yes Isabel is my wife. It's nice to meet you. Where did you meet Charlie?" Hayden couldn't help but ask. Charlie was the one person who had not had any girls visit when he was younger, he just did not seem interested. Yet here was a woman, pretty as could be, brought home by Charlie himself. He was even cooking dinner for her, something he never did. Hayden was just a little confused.

She told him about meeting in the park and Charlie inviting her for a meal. They two of them continued their conversation as Charlie finished up dinner.

Charlie tasted his Goopy Carbonara as it cooked, to make sure it was right. He was glad he chose to make this, it was his specialty. As he stirred the pot his mind drifted to the woman in the next room. He could see himself with a woman like that. Even though she hinted otherwise, he would have thought she was brought up in the most proper of homes, and the riches of families. She seemed so elegant to him. So royal, and beautiful.

The food bubbling below him caught his attention and he gave it a quick stir before putting it into the serving bowls.

Charlie came out with dinner just as Hayden and Sybil finished a conversation about him. He overheard his name and couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about. He knew his father wouldn't say anything embarrassing, but it still made him nervous.

Hayden called the rest of the family to dinner, and introduced Sybil to each of them. Isabel was particularly pleased that Charlie had brought home a girl.

After they had finished, Charlie and Sybil stood and talked some more. He found talking to her so easy, as long as he didn't look into her eyes for too long. If he did, he would find himself stuttering and looking for the right words.

Knowing it was pretty late, after midnight even, Charlie started to bid her goodbye. He really wanted to kiss her. That urge was very strong. Apparently she was thinking the same because she stepped a little closer. Charlie stood completely still, he could feel his legs getting numb already.

Sybil leaned in toward Charlie, "I had a great time tonight, thank you so much for dinner. It was wonderful." She smiled in such a way that her lips parted ever so slightly and seemed to invite Charlie to kiss her.

He chickened out. Charlie couldn't put his moves on her so quickly, even though she was very enticing. He wanted to, there was probably nothing more in the world he would rather do than kiss her goodnight. But he couldn't, not right now.

"You are most welcome, Sybil. Come anytime, call me okay?" Charlie told her. He took her by the hand and walked her to the door. "Goodnight, I hope to see you again soon."

Sybil looked a little shocked, yet intrigued. She was really hoping to test the waters with a farewell kiss. "Definately, I'll call. See you later." She walked out and grabbed a taxi home.

Charlie stood there and stared after her until she was out of sight. He tried to focus on getting the blood back to his arms and legs, because it seemed all of it had gone to his head. It was after one in the morning he had get to bed since he has a new job to start.

Charlie went to bed that night with thoughts full of nothing but Sybil. He hadn't ever felt anything like that for anyone. Ever. He dreamed of her that night and awoke the next day yearning to see her again. It was his mothers birthday the next day, but he would be sure to ask Sybil out that night. It was almost as if he needed to, like she was a drug and he had to have his fix.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fuller House

I just wanted to let you know, I've been experimenting with sharing the houses I build.

The Fuller House is now up for downloading if you wish. Though for some reason it did not come with any pictures of it on the site. Oh well. Copy the following link and paste it in your address bar to get it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GEN II: Chapter 23

The next morning Hayden and the boys realized how different life was going to be without Jenni. The things she always did in the morning before they got up were taken more for granted than they realized. There were no fresh pancakes or waffles ready when they came down from their showers, and the laundry was not collected from the rooms.

Each of them sat down to a plate of leftover cake, because no one felt like cooking. Thinking about Jenni not being there had brought sadness among them again. It felt like they would never make it without her.

After their makeshift breakfast, Cedric pulled his father aside and told him of plans for the day.

"I know you said you weren't sure if you wanted to hold a service for Grandma," Cedric said. "But I feel we have to honor her and giver her at least that much. She meant a lot to a lot of people dad, not just us."

"I know son, but I just do not have the energy anymore. I don't think I could handle it."

"Well you have three young men here to help you out you know. You do not have to do everything yourself. We are here for you." Cedric argued. "...James and I have already made arrangements for a service to be held for her at one of her favorite places. Charlie put everything in place already. It is already done, all you have to do is show up. Will you?"

Hayden's eyes moistened, and nearly overflowed at the thought of his boys taking over and taking care of what he couldn't. He couldn't speak. All he could do was nod. Hayden's silent agreement was understood by Cedric and he took his father upstairs to get ready.

The family piled into the car when they were ready and went off to Jenni's funeral. Hayden couldn't help it, he let his tears fall when he noticed where his late wife's service was to be held. It was the public garden. Cedric was right, it was one of her favorite places, though she didn't have time to visit as much as she would have liked.

"This is wonderful boys, thank you. Thank you so much." Hayden told his sons as they got out and greeted the arriving guests.

Each guest brought their condolences to the grieving family and some offered help if they should need it. A few people were overheard talking of this being the perfect place for the service. Everyone knew about Jenni's love for gardening.

Chase, since he is naturally so aloof, remained away from the crowd as much as he could, but as close to his mother as he could as well. He mourned for her as much as anyone, maybe more. She always made it clear how much he was wanted, and loved by all, though he thought opposite sometimes.

The service lasted most of the day, people coming and going. Offering good wishes to the family and even some brought gifts.

By the time the sun was setting it seemed like everyone who was going to show up had, and left. James volunteered to collect her Urn and bring it back home. He paused just before and harvested a nearby plant because he felt like he needed to, though unsure where this feeling came from. He gathered the vegetables and thought of Jenni. He then picked up her Urn as carefully as he could and went back to the house.

Charlie and Cedric were not ready to go home yet, so went to the park to air themselves off a little more. They just didn't seem ready to go back to that full, yet empty house. It was different now that their grandmother was gone.

Charlie was on his way to a bench to sit when he noticed a very pretty girl. His plan was to just walk past her to the bench but she stopped him.

"Your Charlie Fuller right? I heard it was your birthday today, congratulations!" She told him.

"Oh, uh... thanks. That's nice of you, thank you." Charlie muttered, half embarrassed. Being well known sometimes had it's drawbacks in a small town like Twinbrook. "You are...?"

"OH I'm sorry, where are my manners?" She cried, a little flustered. "My name is Angela, I'm actually a tourist here, I'm visiting from Sunset Valley."

"It's nice to meet you." Charlie said. Just then he was interrupted by his brother.

A little more forward than Charlie was, Cedric offered his hand and introduced himself to this dashing woman. Immediately they started into conversation. It was just the distraction Charlie needed, he faded into the background and then disappeared all together. Charlie didn't really want company right now.

Cedric and Angela talked for quite a while, he even went so far as to flirt with her a little bit. Then he found out she was a tourist, not living here. That didn't really stop him from flirting though. It seemed that Cedric had found an outlet for his grief. Flirting with a stranger made him feel better, he briefly forgot about the pain. He even cried on her shoulder, just so he could get closer to her. She did not seem to mind all that much. The two of them chatted for just a little bit longer when Cedric bid her farewell. It was time to rejoin his family.

Charlie and Cedric went home to Hayden, Isabel and James. They each sat in silence doing nothing for a while, then went to bed. Tomorrow began a new day, different from any other they had experienced.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GEN II: Chapter 22

Late that night, everyone had gone to bed. James and Cedric were restless though, and stayed up for a while. Cedric practiced his chess strategy while James read a book upstairs in the den. These two of the triplets seemed to sense something in the air tonight. Something a little off. Each tried to shrug that feeling off and concentrate on what they were doing. That feeling crept back up on them every once in a while though.

Charlie was in his bed, but not quite asleep. He felt a little anxious himself, but he was too warm under his blankets to come back out and join his brothers. In another room, Hayden and Isabel cuddled with each other fast asleep.

Downstairs with Jenni, something else was going on. Jenni had been asleep in her bed, settled in after a long evening. Just after they celebrated Hayden's birthday that night, she had helped a woman to the hospital, who had started going into labor on their own porch. Jenni also stayed with the woman while she delivered her cute baby boy. She had just been home an hour before deciding to go to bed, and was only asleep one hour when she felt the need to rise, apparently she was feeling the same thing as the boys.

She got up, as she crawled out of the comfort of her bed and tried to place her feet on the ground, she noticed she couldn't step down. Jenni was floating. She remembered Kenya at that moment doing the same thing just a few days ago, then Jenni then understood that she had passed away in her sleep. This did not surprise Jenni as much as she thought it would, but it wasn't until then that she realized she had been expecting it anytime. Though she was breaking the silent promise she made to herself regarding her grandsons, she couldn't stop what was happening.

Jenni felt the arrival of another presence and drifted outside her door. She knew who it was before she got there, Jenni had witnessed this more than once in her days.

When she came out, she was greeted by the Angel of Death. Jenni was not afraid, for the most part she was ready. What she wasn't ready for, was her family's reactions. She did not want to see the tears from her babies or grand babies. Jenni never liked to see them upset. As usual, she tried to remain strong and calm for them.

"I know this will be hard for you, but it's time for me to go." She told them as they gathered around to mourn her and beg Death to keep her here. "I'll be watching over you, do not fear. I'll miss you all dearly. Please don't be sad too long, live a happy life. And boys... Have a great birthday. I'll be there to see you grow. I promise I'll watch over you." Jenni tried very hard not to cry but it was almost impossible. Her voice cracked harder with every word. She was told it was time to go, and with a final farewell she disappeared leaving behind nothing but an Urn.

For the briefest of moments everyone stood there, breathless and speechless. Then it struck them. She was gone, Jenni was gone. The mother of the whole family had passed on, just leaving them here. The family seemed broken, unrepairable. Each tear filled Fuller dealt with their pain in their own way that night. Cedric ran upstairs in tears, and slammed his door. Charlie almost did the same but Isabel followed and tried to comfort him. She was also torn up though and they ended up just crying together. Hayden basically stood in a trance, unable to move for a while. James, being the soft yet very strong heart he is, whispered goodbye to his grandmother - his rock - and went into her room. He collected the clothes to wash and made the bed. James also dusted the furniture and made sure the bathroom was clean. Working this whole time through tear filled eyes, he talked to himself as he bustled about. "This is her room. No one else's. No one can use it while I am here. No one else belongs here. It's hers." He did not want to let go of her, and wanted to keep her things just as she had them. In case she came back.

When the sun rose, Hayden made a call. There had been a party planned that day for the boys. They were turning into young adults and Isabel had a big celebration ready. Hayden was calling each invited guest and canceling. The first person he called was Damien. On the other line Damien sounded heartbroken, just as the rest of them. He understood the cancellation of the party and wished the boys 'as happy a day as they could have'. Hayden showered and readied himself as he could. It was hard to do, since every few seconds a fresh wave of pain hit him and he had to cry. His mother was gone, without warning. He knew he should have expected it, but it would be a while before he was over it. She had always been there for him. There hadn't been a day she wasn't.

Downstairs, Isabel kept herself busy. It was the best way she knew to keep herself composed. If her hands were constantly moving, and her mind working, she wouldn't break down. Isabel set out the three cakes she had gotten and blew up all the balloons. The dining room was ready for a party that they weren't going to have. They would still celebrate the boys birthday, though no one else was invited. When Isabel finished with the decorations she stopped moving and surveyed her work. A mistake on her part, when she stopped and looked, she wanted to show Jenni. She had forgotten for a moment that Jenni wasn't around anymore. The memory flooded back and fresh tears began. Isabel stood and let them come for a little while before calling Hayden and the boys in.




The triplets each blew out their candles with heavy hearts, and each wished for the same thing. They grew into strong and handsome young men, almost ready to take on the world. James, Charlie and Cedric looked at each other, and at the same time said "We love you grandma." Hearing that made Isabel bow her head to try and hide the tears, and Hayden to hug his each of his boys. "She's here, she hears you." He said to them.

The rest of the day was spent not doing much of anything. Comforting each other, just by being together. Hayden did make a few phone calls to inform some friends about Jenni's passing. Hayden was unsure of whether to have a service for her or not. She always said that birthdays were something to celebrate, but never mentioned funerals. She had one for Kenya, but that was largely in part for Chase and Crystal. At the moment her death was to fresh on Hayden's mind to want to see anyone. Right now, the answer was no, he wasn't going to hold any kind of service. He might change his mind though.

Top : James
Center: Cedric
Bottom: Charlie