Thursday, August 11, 2016

5.26 - Family Problems

Previously, in the Fuller family: The family that suffered a big loss is moving on with life. David and Rosetta have taken a few vacations and the teens are getting more familiar with each other. While the parents are away again, the three kids have hit the town for some fun.


Sunday morning the teenagers had leftover breakfast calzones for their morning meal. Each of them showered and dressed. By 10am they were on their bikes, ready for the outing they had planned. The fair wasn't that far away, just three or for blocks, so they were there in no time. 

"This place looks pretty neat," said Caylin. "Though, I can't help but notice the serious lack of other people."

Rylan and Dayna looked around. It appeared it really was just the three of them.

Caylin pouted, but Dayna shrugged. "Oh well, at least we don't have lines to wait in! Let's go check it out."

Rylan agreed with Dayna, though - with the park being empty - it made him feel like he was trespassing a little, even if the sign did say 'OPEN'.

The first place to see was the big dragon fountain. All three kids looked at it for a while, chatting about, and admiring, their favorite parts.

It wasn't long before the teens were at the archery range. Mostly this is the reason that Dayna really wanted to come visit the festival.

They each lined up, side by side, to take a shot or two. Rylan didn't get a bullseye, but hit the target's side. Dayna got a straight shot right down the middle, showing them all up. Caylin didn't even hit the target, but she enjoyed trying anyway. She even laughed about her bad aim.

"Oh let me take a picture of you two! You both look like natural bowmen!" She stepped to the other side and pulled out her cellphone for picture. "You guys look so cool. This is going on the wall as soon as I can print it. Hey, I'm starving, I'm gonna make some hot dogs on this grill I saw."

While she was cooking, Dayna and Rylan stood and chatted.

"Well, I have to say, maybe it's the lack of people but, I'm not too impressed with this place. I love the archery, and the medieval decor is awesome but there is something missing." He shrugged, "I'm glad we came but I wish it were more populated."

Dayna nodded in agreement, "Yeah, maybe it is the serious lack of peeps. I'm normally fine without a crowd, but this is kinda creepy."

"Perhaps we can keep an eye out in the paper for some kind of event being held here in the future. Try and come back when there are more people to liven it up. Maybe that would be more fun." Suggested Rylan.

Caylin said that lunch was ready and the three of them sat down at a picnic table to eat.

"Totally awesome of you to make lunch for us Caylin, thanks," said Dayna.

"Hey, no probs."

It was actually more like dinner than lunch really. When they realized how late it was, the three teens were surprised. Being in a wooded area can give you a false sense of time if you aren't paying any attention.

While they were chatting over their meal, Dayna was swatting away mosquitoes. They had stared to really swarm around. That is what made Rylan glance at his watch.

"Wow," he said, "It's a lot later than I thought it was. I guess time has just flown by. It's nearly 7! I'm ready to go back home if you two are. Especially with these overwhelming culicidae flying around."

Caylin looked at her brother questioningly. 

Rylan rolled his eyes slightly and smirked. "Mosquitoes Cay, bloodsuckers." Rylan had taken to calling Caylin 'Cay' for short. He jokingly called Dayna 'Day' one morning, but she had given him a deadly look and nearly shoved him under the approaching bus, so he hadn't done that since. Caylin didn't mind, actually seemed to like her new named given to her by her big brother.

The siblings started clearing up the mess they had made and headed for home.


David and Rosetta had only been gone a day and a half when Rosetta started feeling ill. So the two of them were calling the vacation off, and were on their way home.

I feel bad for making him leave early. He was really enjoying himself. When I told him I didn't feel well though, he understood and seemed to get worried. He says he's perfectly fine with coming home. I know he probably is, he wouldn't lie to me like that but, I still feel very guilty. I really just don't feel good. That makes me miss my babies very much. I just want to go home and see them.

Both David and I have a full head of grey hair, boy aren't we a cute couple. He looks just as handsome now as the day I met him. I'll never forget that day. I thought I was going to get a reprimand for being on his property. He invited me inside instead! That was really when his eyes started capturing my heart. I don't think I wanted to admit it at that time though. 

Rosetta glanced at her husband and smiled. He noticed her look and smiled back, wondering what she was thinking about.

I always thought I'd end up with someone else. Someone different than David. I'm so glad I was wrong. He's so perfect. I hope I've made him as happy as he has done for me. Our babies are growing up so nicely. I always wonder how Brenna would be now, were she still with us. Probably just as quiet as usual, not very popular. I miss her so. 

Rosetta found her mind wandering far from where the train of thought began.

"Everything okay my love?" David asked, bringing her out of her thoughts. "You've been awful quiet. How do you feel?"

She smiled warmly at him, "I'm okay I guess. I still feel dizzy and very lethargic. Maybe I am just homesick."

"Should we take you to the doctor instead of going home?"

Rosetta shook her head, "No, no I'm just ready to be home. I don't need a hospital visit." 

"Okay." David smiled and reached over to squeeze her hand. "Home it is, we'll be there very soon. I wonder what the kids are up to."

Twenty minutes later, David pulled into the driveway. He told Rosetta not to worry about the luggage, that he would get it in the morning. The only thing he did bring in was the bag of bathroom essentials. He wanted his wife to be able to brush her hair, or teeth tonight if she so wished. Maybe it would help her to feel better.

When they got inside, Dayna and Rylan were sitting at the dining room table having a little dessert. The two of them were very happy to see their parents and jumped up to greet them. After saying hello, they all sat back down at the table. Caylin wandered in just a moment later and squealed with delight.

David had been telling the other two that Rosetta wasn't feeling well, and that's why they were home early. Rylan instantly began to worry about his mom. He pulled out his tablet and asked about all her symptoms.

Rosetta smiled at Caylin and got up to give her a hug when she came in the dining room.

"Oh, I missed you guys so much," She said as she hugged her daughter. "Did you miss us?"

"Well you weren't gone too long, but yeah! I missed you." Caylin replied. "SO do you want to hear about what we did? We didn't actually stay home and do nothing this time!"

Rosetta laughed. "Sure, tell me all about it. But make it kind of quick, it's past your bedtimes. It is a school night you know."

Dayna piped up, "Aww, mom come on. You just got home. We want to sit with you for a while."

"Well, I'm tired and won't be up long myself. You guys need your sleep too. I already know you're not going to be fully rested when you wake up, it's so late! Anyway," She looked back to Caylin, "Tell me all about your weekend."

Caylin went of describing what they did on Friday night, and all of Saturday. Dayna volunteered some random information that her sister might have forgotten or deemed unworthy of reporting. Rylan was busy looking things up on his tablet and wasn't really part of the conversation.

"Momma," Rylan spoke up, "Are you sure you don't want to go to the doctor? I see some things here..."

"No," She interruped, "No I don't. I'm fine. I feel much better now. I just need some rest. Time for bed you three. Come give me extra hugs."

Rosetta was bombed by three sets of arms all trying to wrap around her at once. She smiled, and hugged them all back. David stood to get in on some of the action.

"I'll walk upstairs with you while I put this bag away. Then I'm getting ready for bed myself." He  said.

Rosetta watched her family disappear from the room one at a time. She turned and went out the back door, headed for her garden. The plants needed to be checked on before she could retire for the night. Rosetta wasn't sure if the kids had looked in her greenhouse while she was gone. It turned out that they hadn't, and that was fine. The plants just needed a little water, she gave them some and then headed up to the bedroom.

 Rosetta brushed her teeth, and let her hair down, giving it a brushing as well. She was brushing with her left hand. While she did, she felt a sharp pain. Switching hands, the pain seemed to dissipate, but some numbness remained. She supposed her arm had fallen asleep.

So thoughtful of him to bring these things inside. I'd thank him but he's already sleeping. He's still just so cute. I could watch him sleep for hours.

Rosetta sat on the edge of the bed. She felt exhausted. In addition to that, she couldn't seem to catch a full breath. She felt a pressure whenever she would breath in just a little. Closing her eyes, she tried to steady herself and breathe again.

She felt a sudden wave of nausea and beads of sweat form on her forehead.

Maybe I should have gone to the doctor...

Suddenly fear swept over her, as did a pain that ran right up her spine. The pain ran all the way up to her neck, but didn't stop there. It continued down the length of both of her arms and also into her jawline. Rosetta gasped. She tried calling out for her husband, but no sound came from her mouth other than small gasps, she couldn't catch her breath. She thought about standing up, but knew she wouldn't be able to, that she would fall. Just when she was turning to grab at David, she went numb from head to toe.

Rosetta's eyes opened wide and started to fall backward onto the bed. It happened so fast. As she was falling back, she couldn't move or say anything. She thought about her babies, and her husband. I love you so much. She thought about the day at the park, that horrible, terrifying day. The meteor, the shrapnel, the fire. She felt her heart break again at losing her baby so young. She thought about Dayna, her personality and her piercings. She felt joy at the happiness that Dayna expressed when she could keep them. She thought about Rylan and the way he called her 'momma' basically his whole life, she felt proud of all his accomplishments. Such a great guitar player. She thought of Caylin, and how wonderful of a person she was. So well known, and loved by all. She felt warmed by the thought of Caylin's love of life. They've all grown up to be so beautiful. She thought of David, his deep beautiful eyes, his soft touch and loving caress. She felt pure rapture at the memory of meeting him, marrying him, and having a lifetime full of memories with him in them. All those little moments that she took for granted, and all the big ones too. She hit the bed. Then she felt a breath escape her lungs through her lips, and knew it would be her last. A single tear rolled down the side of her face.

David felt her hit the bed, it jolted him awake. He smiled, glad she was with him. "Hey, finally decided to join me, huh?"

She didn't respond.

"Rose?" He raised his head and looked at her face. "Rose?"

"Dear spirits! ROSE! NO!" His voice cracked, "Please, Rose, please, look at me, please!"  He pleaded with her to respond to him. She didn't. David broke down into tears and scrambled off the bed, running to her side while pulling out his phone. "PLEASE!" he screamed one last time as he dialed 911.

 The kids heard their father yell, and came running in to see what was going on. As each of them entered, they stopped in their tracks and felt the anguish hit them. Each could tell it was too late for paramedics. All three of them wailed in agony.

David dropped his phone to the floor and cried with the rest of his family. He knew that the paramedics wouldn't be able to help. What was he going to do now? 

Unable to do anything but cry, the whole family stood in the master bedroom waiting. Waiting for the rescue squad to tell them what they already knew. She was gone, the best woman in their life was gone. They'd never hear her voice again, or feel her warm hugs.

David hit his knees and got next to the bed. He held his late wife's limp hand in his and leaned on her, begging her to return to him. He didn't know what he would do without her.