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GEN II: Chapter 20

Early morning Isabel was up making breakfast for the family. In addition to pancakes, she was making a huge mess in the kitchen. She did not seem to interested in cleaning it up either. Jenni walked in behind her and said "I'm going out today, so I'm just going to grab a bowl of cereal and go. Thank you for cooking for everyone though." Then she was out with her quick breakfast.

"Okay Jenni, have fun out!" Isabel called after Jenni. While she was cooking she couldn't help but look out the window. What she saw annoyed her actually, it was Hayden's Miner. Isabel became so lost in thought about how much she hated that thing that she nearly burnt the pancakes. She was glad Hayden had agreed to stop drilling and inventing so much and spend more time with the family.

Jenni had decided to go to the community garden today. She hadn't been here since she found out she was pregnant with Hayden. Thinking about that made her mind wander while she harvested the available fruits and vegetables. She thought about how happy she was to have seen her children grow up and become successful at what they wanted. Damien was a famous painter now. Hayden is in the career track he has always wanted, a wonderful inventor and has a wife and three beautiful boys. Chase never really had big dreams like that aside from wanting to marry Kenya. Jenni was glad to still be around to watch her grand kids grow. The triplets were getting up fast, their birthdays not to far away, ready to take on the world. She knew they would be great at anything they put their mind to. Crystal was a grown woman and doing well in her career, though no dreams of having children of her own.

Jenni's mind continued to stray onto various topics, including what to make for dinner. Also she decided that she would invite Kenya and Chase over the following day to see how they were doing.

Back at home the boys were back from school and Cedric had brought home Starr. They goofed around and took pictures of each other with their phones. James was always willing to be in the limelight. As a matter of fact, he was more proud of himself today than usual. On the way home from school he stopped at the local grocery store and landed himself a part time job. He was trying to show how responsible he really was.

Starr stayed for a while, playing games and chatting with all three boys. She got along so well with them, she just seemed like one of the family. After a bit though she had to get home to her own family for dinner. When she left, the triplets weren't really in the mood for any more games, so they each sat down to their own activity. James read about mechanics in the den, while Charlie learned to cook in his room. Cedric had shown an interest in learning to write. He practiced his skills on the computer.

Pretty soon Jenni was home from the garden and cooking dinner. The whole family ate together that night, including Hayden. Isabel was happy to see that. Unfortunately, just as the last bite was finished, she and Hayden had to get to work. At times she hated working nights, and thought about changing jobs. Then she realized, if she did that she would not be able to spend as much time with her family, she would miss the mornings together. That and Hayden worked night, and he would never leave this job. If she worked days, they would never see each other either.

Hayden and Isabel went off to work and the triplets readied themselves for bed. Jenni said her good nights and tucked herself in.

Just after breakfast the next morning she got on the phone and invited Kenya and Chase to visit. She couldn't wait to see them. When they arrived, Jenni took them upstairs to chat. After a while James popped in and said he would grace them with a song on the piano. He had gotten quite good and wanted to show off a little bit. Everyone flocked downstairs to listen.

Pretty soon the other two boys were down and pulling their Uncle Chase upstairs to play a new video game they had gotten. Jenni left to make some lunch up for everyone and called them in to eat. Only her Cedric and Kenya seemed hungry. James was lost in his playing. Chase had to leave, he had actually gotten an invite to a party Crystal was throwing. He had been looking for ways to get closer to his daughter, and was not going to miss this.

Kenya and Cedric finished up their meal together, then Cedric went back upstairs to write some more. James sat down to eat his lunch. Smelling it had made him hungry enough to stop playing and have his share.

Kenya stood at the small mirror in the entryway and gussied up a slight bit. She was just about to go join her husband at Crystal's party. Suddenly she felt different. She heard a small voice calling for her, yet she could not see from whom it came. Kenya felt herself become lighter and her feet leave the ground for a moment. The voice became louder, and now said "It is time." She rejected the thought that formed in her mind about what was happening. Then she saw her own body, or lack there of. Kenya realized she had already passed on, but she wasn't ready to go.

Begging and pleading with the Angel of Death to leave her be and find someone else to take, she hit her knees. The family had gathered around her to mourn and say their goodbyes. Hayden had just come home from a jog and as he walked in he was greeted with the sight of his sister-in-law groveling at Death's feet. The rest of the family could see that he was going to take her and there was no doubt. He stayed, unswayed by her pleas and told her to go. She did not. Finally with a wave of the scythe, Kenya's spirit was cast into the next world.

Jenni wasted no time in going over to Crystals house. She wanted to tell her and Chase in person what had just happened. Jenni shared their sorrows and comforted them as much as she could. Crystal seemed to take it well, but she was one of those people that hid their emotions from others, until they couldn't anymore. Chase was pretty devastated, Crystal showed as much support as any daughter would, she even offered for him to stay the night with her. She walked him upstairs and ran some bath water for him to relax in for a while.

When she came back down she said goodbye to all visitors but Jenni. "When is the funeral?" Crystal asked Jenni.

"We'll be having a ceremony at my place tomorrow. Please do everything you can to have Chase there. I know it will be difficult for him but try." Jenni answered.

"I will do my best Gramma, I promise. You should get back home to Hayden, Isabel and the boys. I'm sure they are heartbroken just like the rest of us. It would help if you were there." Crystal said. She hugged her grandmother and kissed her cheek. "Thank you for coming here to tell us."

"Bye Crystal, make sure Chase gets a good night sleep if you can." Jenni waved to her granddaughter as she walked out the door. The trip home was short and silent. Jenni didn't even turn on the car radio, it seemed an unnecessary distraction.

When Jenni arrived home she told her family she was going to bed. She did not tell them the real reason behind it. They just figured she needed some space to herself, to absorb what had happened. Actually, those thoughts weren't to far off from the truth. Jenni had thought a lot on that short ride back to the house. Kenya's death had a different effect on her than she would have imagined. That was her son's wife. Close enough to being her own child. No mother should have to bury their own. At the moment, she was sad to still be around. She worried now that she would see the death of her flesh and blood. Jenni knew she was a strong woman, but was not sure she could handle that. Even the idea of it made her cry, and her heart ache. She had stayed as strong as she could when Alan passed, for her family. It had weakened her heart more than anyone really knew though. Jenni wasn't sure she could do it again. To herself though, she silently vowed to be there at least until her grandsons grew to be young adults.

Jennie fell asleep with tears in her eyes, still dressed in her everyday clothes.

The rest of the house was mostly quiet. Everyone involved in their own thoughts, trying to stay distracted. Hayden and Cedric shared a late night snack together, then Hayden went upstairs to work out. Isabel was working at the time, Hayden wished she was home.

Cedric got on the phone and called Starr. He enjoyed hearing her voice, some how she made him feel better just by talking to her. James and Charlie sat down to the quietest game of chess they had ever played together. It was not too long though, before weariness took over the family and everyone tucked themselves in. Thoughts of the day raced through their minds in the darkness and each had disturbed dreams.

Around one in the morning, the alarm sounded downstairs. There had been a break in. Everyone had been so sound asleep they didn't hear anything until it was too late. Some how the burglar had stowed away the whole grand piano before the cops got there and arrested her. The policewoman did a search of the house and yard though and found it stashed just outside. The robber was cuffed and taken off to jail. The Fuller family were free to rest again. Or so they thought...

Prior to the robbery Isabel had come home hungry. She had put together a small dinner and put it in the oven to cook. While it was heating she went upstairs to change into something more comfortable. She cuddled up next to Hayden for a moment just to tell him that she was home and give her husband a kiss. That moment lasted longer than she intended and she fell asleep.

Right after the robbery, just as they were getting back to sleep, another alarm was going off. Jenni's room being downstairs, she was first on the scene. She was quickly joined by Isabel, James, Cedric and Charlie. The fire alarm was so loud it seemed to echo through the house, but the family had had a rough day and apparently Hayden was sleeping to hard to hear it. Charlie made a quick decision. He could tell that the fire was spreading much faster than it should. The firetruck would not get here in time,the kitchen would be demolished before they arrived. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and started putting it out. He succeded, only the stove was damaged. His mother gave him the biggest hug he had ever gotten from her. Everyone was thankful.

Except the fireman. When he got there, there was nothing to put out. Although he was happy the family had not been harmed, he apparently had been looking for some excitement in his night. He turned to Isabel, she was the closest adult in the room. The lecture he gave her seemed to last an hour, though it was only a few minutes. He told her of ways to prevent fires, and to be very careful. Night fires are the worst, because a lot of times people do not notice until it is too late. He was glad they had bothered to install an alarm.

Jenni had walked into the room then and noticed which fireman had come. It was the same gentleman she had met during thier last housefire. She chatted with him for a few minutes, mostly apologizing for the meaningless call out to her home. He was so easy to talk to that she even told him about her daughter-in-laws passing.

It was now just about five in the morning, and there was school to attend to today. Jenni said goodbye to her fireman and sent her family back to bed for a nap before the day fully came about. She stayed up though. There were things to do. She had to take care of her garden and fix breakfast for the boys. They would be tired and in a hurry when they had to get up. She was going to try and make the morning go as smoothly as possible for them. It would be a busy day.

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Three Women

Possible future wife vote for the new heir. Which appears to be Charlie. :-)

This is just really being done for fun, but I would like your input. I would like you to be just as much a part of the story as I am. Voting box located at the bottom. Thanks!



Lucky, Eco-friendly, Green thumb, Hopeless Romantic, Schmoozer

Pancakes, Classical music and the color SpiceBerry

Lifetime Wish:
To be a Paranormal Profiteer (level 10 in Ghost Hunter career)



Family Orientated, Clumsy, Absent Minded, Natural Cook, Charismatic

Fruit Parfait, Latin music and the dolor Irish Green

Lifetime Wish:
To be a Culinary Librarian (know all recipes)



Friendly, Hot Headed, Neurotic, Perfectionist, Vegetarian

Grilled Cheese, Egyptian music and the color Pink

Lifetime Wish:
Leader of the Free World (level 10 in political career)



Thank you for your participation, I love having your opinion!

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GEN II: Chapter 19

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Anyway, sorry for the interruption, we now get back to our regularly scheduled story. Enjoy ~xo ***

Isabel ran out her frustrations with her husband. The train of thought she rode went everywhere imaginable. The thoughts started with 'he is such a jerk' and other things like 'why did we even get married, we don't get along.' Those sentences barley crossed her mind before they were dismissed and replaced with 'well we get along fine, and he is very loving. Just, easily distracted'. She started to think she was a little hard on him, but changed her mind there too. She was not too hard, he needed to hear every word of that. Maybe she could have been a little more gentle about it though. Maybe not, she might have done it just right.

Isabel couldn't help it, she voices her opinion, be it loud or soft. When things bother her, she will let you know about it.

When she was done running, Isabel realized that she had not really made a decision as to whether to apologize for yelling at him or not. Then, she concluded that it would depend on his next move.

There was a new bar in town. A place called 'Eugi's'. After his wife had laid it on him that he was being a bad husband and father, Hayden had to get out of the house. He had heard about this bar on the news, so figured that now would be a good time to visit.

Hayden sat down at the bar and ordered his first drink. A Shillelagh. He had no idea what was in it but, it really woke him up. His whole body felt completely energized. Hayden finished the drink and was going to play a game of shuffle board when he heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned to see Kenya waving him down. Not like she had to, the place was small. He talked with her a while, then she excused herself. Hayden ordered another drink and continued to the shuffle board game.

He played quite a few rounds with a few different people, and also ordered a few rounds of beverages for himself and his new friends. Pretty soon he realized he had not eaten in quite a while, and was starving.

"Barkeep, got any good food around here?" Hayden asked over the noise.

"I wouldn't go so far as to call it good son, but we got some food." The bartender answered. "What d'ya fancy?"

"Chips and dip?" Hayden said, in the form of a question.

The bartender laughed, "Nachos would be as close as we could get to that, want me to put the cheese on the side so you can treat it like a dip?"

"No thanks, just as they come is fine." Hayden said, slurring slightly.

At home, Isabel was actually trying to call Hayden. She noticed he was not home, and was just wondering where he went. With no answer she was getting slightly worried. She had finished her workout and was just about to shower when she went looking for him. After the second attempt of calling, she gave up and got ready.

Isabel was going to invite Hayden to go with her to the local Bistro. Hayden did not answer his phone, which irritated Isabel a little more than she was already, so she got dressed and went by herself.

The waitress brought Isabel a plate completely different than she ordered so her meal was free, and the owner gifted her a bottle of wine as well. She decided to drink most of it there, with her correct meal. Pretty often she got odd looks from other guests, and wondered what they were about. Isabel was famous because of her father, but normally these are not the looks she gets. Maybe it was because she was alone? Everyone knew she was married by now, they were probably looking for something to gossip about.

It was not too long before Isabel had finished her dinner and went home, in a cab because she had that wine. Hayden was still not back.

At Eugi's, Kenya had apparently been working on her Bass playing. She was pretty good, and was putting on a show for the customers, including Hayden. Hayden cheered for her and danced a little bit before returning to the bar for one more drink. This one was a 'spine tingler', it stood up to it's name and made his bones shiver.

He used the restroom, which for some reason was completely wet, then played two more shuffle board rounds. After he lost both of those games he decided to go home. Hayden processed his drinks very quickly and was only slightly buzzed when he left the bar. He was intoxicated enough to know not to drive, and hailed a taxi. It was also a thirty minute drive home, so he had a little more time to sober up before getting there.

Hayden walked into the bedroom with full intentions of going to sleep. His wife was probably already there. Or so he thought. She met him as he walked in, and right away she said that she was sorry for screaming at him, but she was not wrong for what she said. Everything she said, she still felt was true, but she could have approached it differently. Hayden apologized then for his own actions, he actually apologized more than once. He understood why she said those things, and he agreed that she was right. He needed to straighten up.

Hayden hugged Isabel tight, and pulled her into bed with him. That night he apologized in more ways than one, and gave her some of the pleasures she had been missing.

**Earlier that day**

The boys had gotten home from school and sat at the table to do what they hate most, homework. Cedric, being a genius, did not mind so much and finished quicker than his brothers. Afterward he actually went looking for his mother to play a game of chess, but found her working out, rather forcefully. Deciding not to disturb her, he played a game of chess.

James and Charlie went to the den to get some video game time in before dinner. Unfortunately the television upstairs was broken, and neither felt like fixing it at the time. Each settled for something else. Charlie got a good book to read and James played the computer.

Jenni had spent most of her time cleaning up after her family. She had gotten so good at unclogging the toilets in the house, she could now do it in under ten minutes. Broken johns seemed to be a regular occurrence in this household. The washing machine decided to break that day as well, so she fixed that too.

After her chores were done and dinner was made she stood by the bar and had some non-alcoholic juice. She often served it in the evening and her and the boys drank them together. They were obviously busy so she sipped hers alone that day. Isabel came down the stairs.

"Jenni, have you seen Hayden?"

"No I haven't dear, sorry. Anything I can do for you?" Jenni asked. Isabel told her no that it was okay, she was just curious and went back upstairs. Jenni finished her drink, then called the boys for dinner. Charlie and James came down the stairs, sounding like a herd of llamas. Cedric came from the sitting room. Isabel walked out the door just as everyone else was sitting down to eat.
"I'll be back soon guys, have a good dinner. Bye Jenni." She said as she left.
**I want to make it clear, the last half of this is during the same time as Isabel and Haydens story at the top. Isabel leaving in the last paragraph is her leaving for her dinner. Sorry if that was confusing.**