Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A big chance - 5.17

One Friday, late afternoon, most of the family were hanging out in the backyard. Summer was coming to a close, making the days still warm but the evening breeze brought a cool nip to the air. Autumn was on it's way and it was welcomed. The summer heat was getting old, though it had been enjoyed thoroughly. Only a short weeks remained of the blazing sun.

Dayna, Caylin and Rylan were in their own personal playground, enjoying the last light of day. Their parents watched from the sidelines, resting on the porch, smiling as they listened to the laughter of their children.

"Hey, what do you think about going to the pool tomorrow? Pretty soon we won't be able to go anywhere like that, it'll be too cold. Granted the Fall Festival is always fun, but there aren't that many things to do outdoors when it starts cooling down like that." David was saying.

"Yeah, sure that sounds good. You're right, we'll be spending a lot more time in the house over the next couple of months. I bet the kids would enjoy it." Rosetta replied.

Just then Rylan hopped up the porch stairs. "Enjoy what mom?"

Rosetta smiled, a fleeting memory of him calling her momma instead of mom passed through her mind. She missed those days. The girls had always called her mom but Rylan, until recently had not. It reminded her that her little boy was still growing, that he wasn't done yet. Soon, just before the holidays, he would be a teen. She held mixed emotions about that.


"Oh," She was brought out of her thoughts abruptly. "The pool, your dad was just suggesting we go to the pool tomorrow."

Rylan threw his fists into the air, "Yes! That would rock!" He spun on his heel and bounded down the steps to tell his sisters about the plans.

Well I see he's not using his double response much anymore either. It used to be so cute him saying 'yes, yes' to anything. He really is getting bigger isn't he? Growing up. Pretty soon he'll have a girlfriend! What will I do then?

The very next day, after everyone was up showered and fed, the family was off to the pool. Rosetta was the last out of the car and followed behind her brood. She could hear them babbling excitedly and smiled to herself. She watched as three out of four made their way to the upper level pool and dived in without hesitation.

Brenna, took to the lower level and climbed in slowly, testing the waters first. When she was fully in the pool, she glanced in the direction of her siblings and muttered to herself about being alone and glad.

David wasn't in the mood to swim so he lounged in a chair close by to watch over his children as they played. His mind wandered to a time, many years ago, when he and his Rose went swimming together. He remembered feeling anxious and the water being very cold. Also a shark happened to be in there with them, which is what drove them out. He smiled at the memory of his new wife dripping wet on the shore laughing about swimming with sharks.

Rosetta had propped herself up on the lounge chair next to David and watched Brenna swimming alone. Drifting along on her floaty she looked at peace.

"David what are we going to do about her? She's always wanting to be by herself, and so shy. I know that's not really a bad thing, but we're family. She shouldn't want to be away from family."

David was brought out of his memories. "Oh Brenna? She'll be okay. I know, she's shy and has been since she was born. It's not that she doesn't like being with us I don't think. I would say it's more the fact that her brother and sisters are just a little rough for her."

"Yeah. Maybe. Well, I'm gonna go play with her."

Rosetta entered the pool with her little girl and asked Brenna to have a breath holding contest. She let Brenna win. The two of them were playing together happily for a bit, splashing and laughing.

I'm always so happy to see her smile. All of my kids make me happy when they smile, but I worry about Brenna. I wish I knew how she behaved in school. She's just such a loner and so sweet. Those girls are normally the ones made fun of, or they become the butt of bad jokes all the time.

Rosetta studied her daughter for a moment before she was brought out of her wandering thoughts by Rylan. Apparently the other kids got bored in their pool, and decided to join their mother and sister. Rylan was diving off the board and yelling to make room for him. Caylin was waiting in line behind him. Rylan jogged down the board and jumped off the end, landing a cannon ball with a good sized splash. Caylin laughed and promised she could make a bigger one.

Rosetta heard Brenna scoff lightly and turned to see her swimming toward the ladder so she could get out. She joined Dayna who had had enough of the water and was lounging with her father. Rosetta frowned slightly.

"Okay okay, time's almost up, we've been here most of the day. You all must be very pruny!" David said from his chair.

The family all dried off and piled into the car. On the way home, the kids started to complain about their hunger. David decided to take everyone out to dinner to top off their day. With a family of 6, dinner almost always took a good bit of time. By the time they left the restaurant, it was nearly bedtime. Rosetta could tell on the way home that her little babies were tuckered out. A full belly on top of swimming all day always made for very tired people.

When they arrived at the house, Rosetta was disappointed to find that the dishwasher had broken and flooded the kitchen while they were gone.

"As if we haven't had enough water today..." She said as she sent her husband to help get the kids ready for bed while she fixed up the kitchen. While she was working, Rosetta thought about stereotyping. The guy is usually the handy person around the house in a stereotypical world, and the woman is with the kids. It always seemed to be opposite within their own home. Granted they both did their fair share of work, no matter what type it may be, but it seemed to Rosetta that her husband didn't like fixing things much. She was okay with that though, as she was plenty skilled enough to take care of it.

The next day was Monday. Rosetta was up first to shower and cook breakfast. The kids all followed suit, leaving their father with the cold shower. This day though, he wouldn't be going to the park for his usual performance, he was going to be putting on a show that evening at Mick's Karaoke bar. Since he didn't have to be ready right away, he waited for the water heater to refill before showering.

Most of the day, David spent cleaning up the backyard. Leaves were starting to fall and had made a mess of the lawn. It seemed that Autumn had come overnight. Even though it may seem pointless to rake when the mess was just starting, David wanted to keep up with it. It would be harder to do later if he waited. About mid afternoon, just before the kids and Rosetta got home, David stopped and got ready for his show.

At work, Rosetta spent most of the day in meetings. The last of which, she was thrown a big surprise. She had been offered a new job, she had the option to refuse it of course, but the position she was offered held much promise. She decided to take it and she couldn't wait to tell her family about it. When she stepped outside her office building she let out a big sigh that held much emotion. She also cheered for herself before climbing in the car to go home.

Wow, I really wasn't expecting this at all! My friends, which I didn't know I had so many, have apparently all voted that I be Mayor of Hidden Springs! I really can't believe it. I almost said no, but really, how could I? Wow. Mayor. What does a mayor do exactly? I guess I'll be finding out!

I couldn't wait to tell David about it, I got home and changed into my comfortable clothes. The kids weren't home yet because I left work an hour early. I just couldn't stay there, I had news to share! David came in the foyer right as I was cheering for myself again. He smiled at me and I nearly shouted at him that I had been promoted.

"Not only that, but I'm in a whole new area! I've been voted Mayor!"

David's look of surprise was short lived and followed fast by a big grin. He could tell his wife was happy about this and wanted to support her. In the briefest of moments though, he worried that being mayor would take her away from her family more than being a department head of business. He hugged Rosetta and shared her glee for a while before breaking the news that he had to go to work.

"I wish I could stay and celebrate with you, but we're sold out for this show and I really have to go." He told her.

"Oh honey, don't worry about it. It's all fine. We'll celebrate some other way." Her posture shifted ever so slightly, but the change was apparent to David. In a blink, his body responded.

She always had that affect on him. He wasn't sure how to control it either, not that he minded. With the silent promise of a thrilling night, he hugged his wife and left for work.

David stepped on the stage and tried to put his thoughts in the back of his mind so he could focus on work. He began by working up his crowd. The chairs were full and the people hungry for a good show.

"You lookin' for some magic?"

"YEAH!" Shouted the watchers.

"Well," David raised his arms, "What do you want to see!? Something amazing? Something shocking?"

Each and every one of the people here to have fun shouted and cheered as he worked them up. David the Daring was a favorite among the people of Hidden Springs, everyone loved him. This night, the crowd seemed in sync and they all shouted for him to use his box of mystery.

David smiled and bowed, obliging their request. He pulled a volunteer from the audience and placed her inside the box. He flourished his hands and brandished bolts of lightning for some flair as he made her disappear. He heard a pleased and impressed gasp from the crowd when he opened the box to reveal that his volunteer had indeed vanished! He closed the box and turned to his captivated fellows.

"Shall I bring her back?"


David smiled and did as requested, less flair but still thrilling, he slowly pulled open the box. He remained in front, blocking the view of the crowd at first, but stepped away fast to allow the volunteer to emerge and make her presence known. Cheers erupted, soon followed by more requests for amazing feats.

The magician reveled in the happiness for a moment before continuing with the show. As much fun as he was having though, he couldn't wait to be in the arms of his waiting wife.

To be continued...