Friday, February 25, 2011

GEN III: Chapter 3

Hayden and Isabel woke up to a quiet house. They assumed that Charlie was at work, and James was in his room since he didn't have to work today. After having some breakfast together, the both of them went upstairs to watch a little TV.

They turned to the cooking channel, but the show was soon interrupted by a news announcement.

"It has been reported that a person by the name of Aaron Quart is missing. He was last seen in Twinbrook Central Park at about 2pm yesterday. If you have any news, or information regarding this gentleman, please come to the local police office."

Hayden glanced at Isabel, "Well that's a little strange, I wonder if this is connected with what I heard the other day on the news..." Hayden proceeded to tell Isabel about the incident by the bookstore. She looked as equally shocked as he was.

"I hope this man is okay." Isabel stated. The cooking show came back on but neither really paid attention. Isabel cuddled up to Hayden, and he held her tight. After a while they went downstairs, looking for James. It was odd for him not to be around when he was home.

They found him downstairs just finishing up his breakfast. James had been in the garden for a few hours, watering the plants. When his parents walked in he said, "I was just coming to see you. I have something to tell you."

Hayden and Isabel exchanged an odd look.

"I figured it's now or never really. I want to move out, you know with Daphne hanging around so much, I'm sure their relationship is bound to go farther. They will need some space for their growing family." James looked at his mother. "Don't worry I won't be that far away, and I'll visit when I can. Though as you know, with my most recent promotion, my hours are always open and I could be called in at any time."

Hayden accepted a hug from his son, and gave him his best wishes. James smiled at Isabel and told her not to worry about him, it wasn't goodbye forever after all. He gave her a hug and watched his father salute him in farewell. Then he picked up the phone and called a taxi.

*James's new house*

Just then Charlie walked in, already out of his work clothes. Charlie looked at Hayden and asked where his brother was headed. Hayden told Charlie that James was moving out. Charlie looked a little taken aback, "He didn't even say goodbye to me? Wow, I understand Cedric doing that but James? We had a great relationship."

Hayden nodded, "Maybe he wanted to avoid a possibly sad event."

Charlie agreed with Hayden. "Well I have some news of my own, where's mom?"

Isabel walked up behind Hayden, drying her eyes. "I'm here, what's up? Your not leaving too are you? I was hoping at least ONE of you would stay and keep this house!" She started to cry again, but Charlie interrupted.

"No, no of course not. I'm not leaving... well if that's okay anyway. It's better news than that." Charlie smiled. "I asked Daphne to marry me last night, and she said yes!"

Hayden cheered for his son, and Isabel threw a huge hug onto him.

"I figured you'd like that. You guys seem to get along with her pretty well, and I know she likes you." Charlie said.

Hayden congratulated Charlie again, then excused himself. Isabel stayed to talk to Charlie a little longer.

"You know Charlie, since James just moved out we have a lot of extra room here now. Since you are planning to marry her, why don't you ask her to move in with you first. That way, you get to know each other in and out before you tie the knot." Isabel happily suggested.

"Mom! That is a great idea. I'll call her right away."

Isabel smiled at Charlie and urged him on. Of course, she was going to do everything she could to help this relationship along, not just for her son but for her as well. She wanted a grandchild, a girl. Isabel wanted a little baby to hold and spoil before her days here were up. Charlie was the closest to giving her one.

"Daphne, it's me. Could you come over for a minute? I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything, just it is kind of important." Charlie spoke into the phone.

Isabel heard some mumbling from the receiver and Charlie said thank you, then hung up.

"She'll be here in a minute." Charlie said with a smile. He gave his mother another hug and went outside to greet Daphne.

Charlie was waiting anxiously on the porch when Daphne arrived. She looked slightly worried, and came up to him quickly. "What is it Charlie, is everything okay?" She asked.

"Oh yes, more than okay. Hopefully. Anyway, My mother and I, and Hayden too, well... " He started to get flustered. Why? "We, me in particular, want to know if you would move in? Actually we have plenty of room, and James just moved out, so ..." He wasn't sure what else to say.

Daphne smiled. "Charlie of course. If I'm going to marry you, I'd better see how you are on a daily basis. Not like I don't already have a good idea. Yes I will."
Charlie wrapped her in his arms and whispered "Thank you." in her ear. Then he heard her stomach growling.

Daphne giggled, "I was just about to get something to eat when you called." She admitted.

Charlie smiled at her and brought her into her new home to have dinner. When they came in, they realized that Isabel had cooked something while they were talking.

Dinner was great. Maybe even better than normal because of the great mood everyone was in. After they had finished eating, Charlie stood and stretched. Isabel and Hayden said goodnight and went up to their own room to give Charlie and Daphne some privacy.

When she finished her last bite, Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her into her goodnight kiss. Charlie was so happy to have her here. Now she would be there everyday when he got home, and every night for him to hold.

Daphne was just as happy as Charlie. She was glad that she could see him whenever she wanted now, everyday. Though they hadn't breached the topic of her getting a job. Would he want her to? It had always been a dream of hers to work as a ghost hunter. She hoped he wouldn't mind.

The two of them walked up to Charlie's - now Charlie and Daphne's - room and watched each other fall asleep. It had been such a busy week, they didn't take long to fall asleep. What would happen tomorrow?

GEN III: Chapter 2: Part 2

As soon as Charlie finished his meal he excused himself from the table and waited just a couple minutes in the garden. He had to give Daphne some time to finish her dinner as well. Charlie called her from the garden to come see him.

"I just realized that I never got the chance to show you our garden. This is something that actually 'runs in the family'. My grandmother planted some of these plants actually, James takes care of it for the most part. I know gardening interests you though, so I thought you would enjoy it." Charlie told Daphne. The smile she gave him made his heart warm, and he knew that he was right.

"Charlie it's beautiful! I hope to have a garden like this one day. Only," Daphne glanced around, "I'd probably add a fountain somewhere. The sound of water is always soothing, especially in a great garden like this." She hugged Charlie and thanked him for showing her.

"These veggies are awesome too, I guess the plants are well treated because, well look at this." Charlie bent to pick one of the onions from the plant next to him. Daphne looked up at the lime tree above them and admired the fruits. She couldn't take her eyes off of any of it. When she did look down at Charlie, she was shocked.

He wasn't holding an onion for her to look at, but he held a small black box. Before she could even comprehend what was going on, Charlie popped the box open and said exposed the beautiful ring inside.

"Daphne, having you around has made my life better than ever. I never want to let you go, and I hope you feel the same. Will you marry me?"

Daphne was still in shock, but she found her voice long enough to say, "Yes, yes, yes. Charlie, I do.. and I will. Yes!

Charlie smiled, a feeling of relief swept over him. He had worried about what she would say. He would never have asked if he wasn't pretty sure, but there is always a sliver of doubt with such a big question.

Daphne had tears in her eyes, but she held them back. She had never been happier in her life. She gazed at the ring Charlie placed on her finger. Then she threw her arms around Charlie, nearly knocking him over. She hugged him and smothered him with kisses. After a minute, those kisses turned into something else, a little more urgent. She wanted him then and he could tell. He started to walk inside and she followed willingly.

Daphne and Charlie made love to each other then, and even though they had done this before, the emotion involved this night made it even more special.

Lying in each others arms Daphne looked so excited, but also had a hint of regret in her eyes. "Charlie listen, you have to work in the morning. I know you do so don't lie," she said that with a smile and punctuated with a small kiss on his lips. "And I can not wait to tell a few people that I'm going to spend my life with you. So," Daphne climbed out of the bed, "so you can be on time to work - for once - I'm going to go to my house for tonight. I know if I stay, you'll never get to sleep." She apologized for leaving, but she was just to excited and anxious to stay, she knew she wasn't going to sleep tonight, but he didn't have to suffer on her account.

The smile she gave him was so warm and innocent that Charlie couldn't deny her. He knew she was right anyway, so he let her go.

He stood up to hug her goodbye, and give her one of his dazzling kisses. Daphne almost changed her mind and tackled him back into bed right then, but she held herself composed and said goodbye.

She ran out of the room almost shouting, "I can't wait to tell my friends!"

Charlie laughed and went up to his room for the night. He wasn't going to have the best nights sleep ever, but at least he was going to sleep pretty early. He wouldn't be late tomorrow, thank goodness. Charlie had been late so many times already he feared being fired, or a least a demotion.

Charlie was up a couple hours before work. He had plenty of time to take a soothing shower, and shave. Breakfast though only consisted of a box of juice. He still had butterflies in his stomach and didn't think he could handle much else. Unfortunately, when he deposited his juice box into the garbage compactor, it broke. Hayden normally fixed everything, but he was still in bed. Charlie attempted to fix it himself, but failed to do so before his carpool arrived. So he wrote a quick note and put it on the counter for his father to fix it. He walked out to his ride, and with nothing really on his mind but the fact that Daphne said yes, he went to work.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GEN III: Chapter 2: Part I

Like he promised, Charlie was in the park at approximately 12:05 to meet Daphne. Daphne trembled with excitement when she saw him walking toward her. For the smallest of moments she wondered why she felt this way now? She had, after all, already known that she loved him. The moment he hugged her good morning, and she again registered the love each of them had for the other, and she knew that was the reason for the anxiety. She knew he loved her back, even if he hadn't said it yet.
Charlie stroked Daphne's cheek and said "I am terribly sorry I was not there for you this morning. This wasn't what I had in mind for today, at all. I wanted nothing more than to wake up next to you, and kiss you good morning. Maybe even make you breakfast." He winked at her and chuckled at his own sarcasm.

Daphne smiled at Charlie, but then she blushed, "Don't worry, you're forgiven. I'm sorry for the things I thought about you though." Daphne admitted to Charlie that she thought him a coward and that he was just looking for one thing, before she found the note.
Charlie admitted how she could see things that way and apologized again. Then he challenged her to a game of chess. She accepted and they played for a few hours. By the time the game had finished, the couple had attracted quite a few onlookers.

Daphne stood up and pulled Charlie up to her. She hugged him warmly and held him, "Charlie, I have to go now. I have a few things to do tonight, so I won't be able to see you. I will be available tomorrow though, if you are interested."

Charlie looked slightly disappointed that they had to part company so early in the day, but said he understood and would be there for her whenever she could see him. He wondered though what she had to do, her house was not dirty - last night anyway - and she didn't currently have a job, but he trusted her explicitly and the thought dropped quickly from his mind.

They kissed goodbye, a kiss that lingered, and parted ways. Charlie couldn't help but watch her over his shoulder as he walked his own way, and Daphne couldn't help but watch him leave as well.

Just before Charlie walked in the door, Hayden decided it was finally time to retire from his old job. As much as he loved it, he was not getting any younger and would like to save his last years for his family. He called his boss and told him the news. Then James and Isabel joined him for a small celebration. Isabel clapped and cheered, and James threw confetti all over Hayden. They passed out hugs to one another and went off to do other things.

Charlie walked in just as the party ended. He offered his own congrats to his dad along with a hug then went to do the work he had been putting off. For over a week now his boss had asked him to write a story on the bookstore, and give it some good ratings. Also he had been hired to write a biography on his own brother Cedric. What better person to do it? So he worked on the article first, then the bio, though it was difficult when all he could think about was Daphne. Outside, he heard his mom call for Hayden, with a hint of panic in her voice. He briefly wondered what was happening before his mind went back to his original thoughts, Daphne.

Isabel had been enjoying some time in the hot tub when suddenly the water turned an ugly green and slightly solidified. The fountain stopped spraying water and the motor made a horrible lurching sound. Isabel jumped out of the water as quickly as she could and yelled for her husband.

Hayden came running when he heard her, and asked her what was wrong. By the sound of her voice something had been attacking her. Isabel told him that it was the hot tub, it had broken or something.

Hayden rolled his eyes and grinned, "Sweetheart, what would you ever do with out me?"

She reacted quickly to his question, "Hire a repairman!" She smiled back at him, "But I wouldn't enjoy the view so much if it wasn't you."

Charlie went out to the bookstore to offer for them to read his article before getting it published. They read and approved of it. They appreciated it so much they handed Charlie a handful of cash right there. He thanked them and went to give his boss the article. While he was out, he thought about calling Daphne but he did not want to disturb her.

When he got home, he even pulled out his cell and started to dial the number. He disconnected the line before it really dialed, and put his phone away. He didn't want to seem to eager to see her, and she did have things to do, so he would give her that time. Charlie looked up to see that Hayden had invited Crystal to come for a visit. He waved to her, then joined his brother in the sitting room for some quiet time.

"Did you know that Charlie has a girl in his life??" Hayden whispered to Crystal. "Of all three boys, I thought Cedric would be the one knocking them down. But here's Charlie, the first one to be in love!"

Crystal giggled at her uncle, "Shhh, Uncle Hayden your horrible. I'm happy for Charlie. I hope his girl is nice, maybe I'll meet her one day."

They talked for a short while more, then hugged and Crystal left.

In the morning, Charlie's obligation to give Daphne some time alone had expired. It took only about thirty minutes for him to be out of the bed and at her door. She invited him in at first but then looked around. She felt embarrassed by her small home, especially since there was nothing to do there. The only thing was a bed, and as much as they could do in that, she wanted to go somewhere else.

Charlie saw what looked like discomfort in her expression as she gazed around, "Would you like to go to Red Rendezvous with me? I'm in the mood for some Foosball!" Daphne seem relieved, and Charlie figured that he had solved the dilemma in her eyes.

At Red Rendezvous the two of them spent a few hours on the Foosball table before the music seeped into their bones. Charlie offered Daphne a dance and she gladly accepted. Charlie had served some virgin screwdrivers when they arrived, but neither of them had any. The other people in the hangout took advantage of the free drinks though, and pretty soon the four glasses were drained.

After some fast and thrilling dancing, Charlie had an idea. A nice soak in a hot tub would be great after a dance like that. He was sure Daphne would agree, but there wasn't a hot tub on the premises. Charlie offered Daphne to come back to the house with him and stay the night. Daphne seemed even more relieved by this offer than his idea to come out for the day. She really didn't want to be at home.

On the drive to Charlies house, she explained, "Sybil is back in town and staying with me for a few days. As much as I like my sister, she has problems. Also I just don't want to be crowded up. I have had a taste of living without her and Brooke, and I like it. I just didn't want to be around her right now." She paused and nearly under her breath she mumbled, "Also didn't want her around you."

Charlie heard her last comment and gave her a sideways glance and smiled. "You're not worried about her stealing me from you, are you?" He inquired, semi-sarcastically.

"No, I trust you one hundred and twenty percent! It's not really that, just ... weird things tend to happen around her."

They pulled up to the house, so that was the end of that conversation. When they walked in, James was just finishing up making a late lunch.

Charlie and Daphne accepted the invitation to eat with James. Afterward they made their way out to the backyard for the soak they had been looking forward to. At first they tried to keep it as casual as possible. Before he really knew what had happened he was holding her in his arms and kissing her. Things really started to heat up in that water. Without warning, Charlie climbed out of the steaming hot tub and pulled Daphne up with him. She mentally noted that he was stronger than he really appeared.

Charlie looked at the paparazzi, he had gotten so used to them he normally didn't think of their annoying appearences. He really didn't want Daphne any unwanted attention out in public, so he whispered in her ear an invitation for a massage - inside. She smiled, knowing that it was just a ploy. She knew where he really wanted to be with her, she had gotten him pretty worked up with her teasing. Daphne took him by the hand and they walked inside, where he gladly rubbed her back, which was pink from the hot water.

After the back rub and a few more passionate kisses, Daphne and Charlie went to the closest double bed. This room would be better anyway, it was away from James, Isabel and Hayden upstairs. They wouldn't have to be as quiet down here.

Daphne laid in Charlies arms after their tumble and just smiled to herself. She was so happy to have found Charlie when she did. She inwardly thanked her sister for sending her to meet him that first night.

Charlie had different things on his mind. He lay next to Daphne and inhaled the scent that he loved, which made him smile. Then his happiness faded quickly when he remembered he had to work the next day. He didn't want to leave her, so this time he decided he would ask her to stay here and wait for him. That way she wouldn't have to go home and be confined with Sybil. He wondered if she would accept and stay.

The next morning, Charlie woke with an empty bed. He frowned at the fact that she wasn't there, but she had a habit of getting up really early when she stayed here, so his distress didn't last long. He went in search of Daphne and found her upstairs on the computer. When she heard him coming up she shut it off and stood to greet him.

Charlie had not told Daphne that he had to work today, and his alarm was in his own room - which they didn't sleep in the night prior - so he slept way to late. Charlie didn't even have time to take a shower before his carpool was there to take him to work.

"I have to go in today, but Daphne please, I know you don't want to be at home," Charlie started, "so please make yourself comfortable here. I want you to stay. Will you be here when I get back?" Chalrie asked her, he couldn't help keep the hope from his eyes.

Daphne smiled wide and nodded her head. Then she leaned into the kiss Charlie placed on her lips. Charlie dressed and walked away, leaving Daphne standing behind him. He smiled as he left, now he had a better reason to come home.

Daphne watched him go, he left her kind of stunned with that kiss. Maybe that was the point. Those kisses from him always left her slightly dazed, and she did enjoy them so.

Daphne spent most of the morning in the hot tub, skinny dipping. She was slightly shocked when Isabel joined her, and just a tiny bit embarrased by her nudeness. She kept her body concealed under the water though, which helped.

Isabel didn't seem bothered by the skinny dipping and held polite conversation with Daphne. She was happy that Daphne made her self at home here, and was even more thrilled when she learned that Charlie had asked her to stay and wait for him to come home. She couldn't help but wonder if her son was ready to settle down with Daphne. His birthday was only a week or so away, and she was hoping he would leave some time for grandchildren.

Upstairs, Hayden watched the news on his new television set.
"... out just buying a book when he was held at knifepoint and escorted down an alley. It is assumed that the assailant then took the victims wallet, since it has yet to be recovered. At this point we are unaware of what occured to instigate such violent behavior. The body was discovered this morning, a local has identified the victim as Leonard Campbell. A memorial service will be held at..."

Hayden said aloud to nobody, "What is this world coming to?" He then flipped the channel to sports, something not quite so depressing. Unless of course his team was losing.

When Charlie walked in the door a huge smile broke his face as he saw Daphne sitting at the piano. He had wondered all day, while he was working, if she did actually stay. He hoped she did. At that moment when he saw her, he knew what he wanted to do. What he felt he needed to. Charlie wanted it like this every day.

Isabel called the family to dinner, and everyone gathered around ot eat.

Just as Charlie was finishing up, he thought about the garden. Daphne hadn't seen it yet... that would be perfect.

To be continued...