Monday, November 28, 2011

GEN IV: Chapter 23

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Adelaide's delivery was smooth and fast. A gurgling and nuzzling baby boy was born only six hours after entering the hospital. He was larger than most newborns, and overly happy. He was just three hours old and already smiling. The doctors told Adelaide that it was probably just gas and milk movement in the stomach, but Adelaide didn't believe it at all. She insisted that he was smiling. She named the baby David Alan, David after her father and Alan after his Great Great Grandfather.

Adelaide could not stop holding the infant the entire time the nurses were bustling in and out her room, checking vitals and cleaning up messes.

Even though Brian had gone through this all before - he was still amazed at the beautiful miracle lying in Adelaide's arms. He hadn't gotten to hold him yet because the newborns mother just wouldn't let go. He didn't push the issue because he knew, for certain, that soon enough she would be relinquishing her hold on the baby. At least long enough to take a long soothing shower.

Finally Adelaide and David were released from the hospital. When Adelaide, holding the baby of course,  walked out of the doors she over heard some whispering about 'wedlock' and 'disgusting'. She just knew they were talking about herself and Brian. That made her feel bad. She also wanted to protect Brian from ever finding out what people in town would now be saying. She knew that would be impossible though, especially in his line of work, he was bound to find out.

She got into the taxi that Brian had called and the two of them, plus their new addition, headed home.

Adelaide couldn't keep her eyes off her son, he was the only thing in the world important anymore, just him. Of course, the rest of the family would never be put on the back burner, but she couldn't help but feel just a little bit more love for her own flesh and blood. That made her feel like a horrible person in a way but she knew that she loved Jennifer and Logan as much as she possibly could, even if she wasn't technically their mother or stepmother yet.
Brian watched Adelaide holding and kissing David. His heart warmed at the sight of them, though he was still unsure how he would handle raising a baby at his age, Adelaide wasn't that far behind him either.

Brian and Adelaide, still carrying David, went upstairs to their room. Brian quickly set up a crib. They didn't have an extra room for the baby to stay in by himself, if Adelaide would even allow that, so they put David in their room with them. The little one could stay in here until he was old enough to need a bigger bed, which would be a while.

Adelaide felt more comfortable having David in there with her anyway.
Two hours passed and Brian sat there watching Adelaide play with David. As he watched his own arms started to ache to hold his baby. It had been quite a long time since he smelled that soothing baby smell.

After another hour, Brian was thrilled to hear that Adelaide wanted to garden. "I will only be gone a little bit, an hour at max." She looked at Brian, "Be sure to support his head, and at the first sign of wetness, change his diaper. I don't want him getting a diaper rash, not a bit of redness!"

Brian smiled. "You got it honey, sure."

"I mean it! Boys are sensitive, he's still healing, you know, from his snipping. Make sure to apply that ointment right after he goes, he needs it."

"Of course, you're right."

Adelaide hesitated an extra moment before turning to leave. "Okay, I'll go. Just, be careful."
Brian watched Adelaide leave and turned to David. He watched the baby in the crib for a minute before stooping to pick him up.

The first thing Brian did was snuggle the baby so close and take a deep breath through his nose. He loved and terribly missed that smell.
Brian fed David a bottle, burped him and place him back in the crib for a moment. Brian was overwhelmed, holding David reminded him of when both Jennifer and Logan were babies. Naturally that train of thought brought him to Rachel. He stared at his new son and thought of his late wife. All at once the emotion became too strong and he cried. His hands covered his face, tears soaking his palm, as he sobbed quietly.

When he had cried his fill, he washed his face in the bathroom before picking David up again to take him to his mother. As much as he was starting to adore this baby, in just a few short hours, he had to get out. He needed some fresh air.

Brian decided to do some work, there was a case he had been putting off because he wanted to be with Adelaide through her pregnancy. He picked back up on that case.

When Adelaide came in from the garden, she went up to tend to the baby. She played with him a few times, gave him a bottle, cuddled him and put him back in the crib so she could have dinner.

Jennifer met her at the bottom of the steps.

"I never actually congratulated you, he's a beautiful baby. You did a wonderful job." She said.

"Thank you Jenn!" Adelaide said as she hugged Jennifer. "That means a lot to me. You know I realise you haven't held him yet, he's not asleep if you want to."

"Aww, look at him, he really is the cutest little man." Jennifer cooed. She picked up David and looked at him, so cute. Walking over to Adelaide she was sure to carry him carefully.

Adelaide smiled. She was happy that Jennifer approved of her half brother, she was worried that Jennifer would not accept David.

The two of them stood and talked for a while. Jennifer mentioned in passing something about going to China and wishing she could take little David with her.
Brian came home not too long after the girls chat session, and immediately started to get ready for bed. Adelaide followed suit, and actually beat him into the bed. Unfortunately for both of them, David was still awake. Logan was just outside the master bedroom on the computer when Brian asked him to get the baby. He gladly accepted the babysitting job and picked up his little brother. To Logan, Adelaide was as much of a mother as he had, so David was more than his just his half brother. In his mind, they were full blood brothers and he silently promised himself that he would protect David.

Logan took David downstairs and watched some TV, when David fell asleep in his arms though, Logan put the baby in the crib they have downstairs. Pretty soon he was asleep on the couch next to David.
A few days passed, full of work for Brian and Jennifer, school for Logan, and mothering for Adelaide. David was quite active and almost always awake, so it kept her quite busy.

One morning, Brian woke and immediately dressed for work. He looked for an available case on the computer, had breakfast, and was out the door before anyone even got up.
Adelaide morning routine was the same as usual, she woke just before David and took a shower. Right when she came out of the bathroom, David was waking. She pulled him out and played with him, changed his diaper, fed him and snuggled him. She had gotten this little trick down so well that David fell right back asleep. She used this time to do her gardening.

When Logan and Jennifer got home, Jennifer helped her brother with his homework and then the two of them sat down together to study a cooking book.

Brian had come home from work so that Adelaide could go out and get her hair done, go shopping and visit a friend. As much as she loved her new baby, she was dying to get some fresh air, she felt too confined, a little stir crazy.

Logan decided to try his new found skill and recipe this evening. He made spaghetti for everyone for dinner, though it was just he and Jennifer that sat down to eat. Brian was taking care of David and said that he would be down soon.

"You know, I think you should go to China with me." Jennifer said to Logan.

"China? Me? That would be so awesome!!" Logan replied, with his mouth full. A tiny bit of sauce splashed out of his mouth and hit the table.

The two of them laughed.

"Well it's settled then. At least some of the way." Jennifer smiled, "I still have to ask dad."

To be continued...

Monday, November 21, 2011

GEN IV: Chapter 22

This particular week in the Fuller family started off on a high note. Jennifer's graduation day. She was so happy that she finally put her high school life behind her. The ceremony did not take long, Jennifer didn't have too many classmates.

Even though it didn't last long, Jennifer was itching to finally get it done. As soon as she left those doors she looked at her diploma, wrapped in a silky red ribbon, and said, "Yes! Finally." She tossed that brilliant piece of parchment into the air as she cheered. Everyone cheered with her, Brian cheering the loudest.

To celebrate further, the whole family went to dinner at the Bistro, they included dessert. After eating everyone was so full they could barely move, even their clothes seemed too tight. Especially Adelaide, she ate way more than her normal portions.

When everyone got home they still felt they could hardly move, for being so stuffed. Brian decided to get to work on a police report from his most recent stakeout. Adelaide and Logan settled down to some video games while Jennifer went upstairs to read.

The rest of the night went smoothly, Logan went to bed early because it was a school night and Jennifer also went to bed early because she had plans early in the morning.

The next morning, Brian made waffles. He had his finished by the time the kids came down to eat and he was in fixing the dishwasher as they finished up.

Upstairs Adelaide was getting dressed. She paused as she began to put on her clothes. She found that she couldn't. Her shirt was way to tight and her pants wouldn't button. It was then that she realised that her clothes had been getting tighter over the past few weeks, and now they have reached the point of no fastening.
She wondered why she had gained so much weight. When she looked at her naked body in the mirror to judge herself, she gasped. It wasn't until then that she saw that the weight she had gained was really centered around her belly only, no where else. Adelaide forgot to breathe. She was pregnant, she knew it, but she couldn't believe it. She couldn't. Now she was slightly worried. She found some old clothes in a dresser and slipped them on, finding them comfortable.

Adelaide walked down the stairs, her footsteps slow and concentrated. How was she going to tell him? She stopped walking just after she left the foyer. She heard Jennifer and Logan in the dining room, their silverware clinking on mostly empty plates. She heard Brian curse from the kitchen, in an instant she assumed that the dishwasher was broken again. In the next moment, her mind was brought back to the situation.

Unconsciously, Adelaide dropped her hand to her stomach she held it there for a moment feeling that defined protrusion. Then she took a deep breath, figured it was not a good time to share the surprising news and went to get some waffles.

She greeted Brian's back as she walked into the kitchen and received a muffled 'Good morning sweetie', in return, between the clanks and bangs of fixing the dishwasher.

She got her own waffles from the counter and went to the table to eat, and think. Before she got too happy about this pregnancy, she wanted to know how Brian felt about it. She feared that he would reject the baby, and therefore her, when he found out. What would she do then? Move back home sure, but she didn't want to be without Brian, ever.

When she finished her waffles she got up and washed her plate in the sink. Brian was still fixing that crazy machine. She went to join the kids in the living room to watch them play games. She hid her stomach as much as she could, of course she wanted Brian to know before them.

After a few more curses and groans of pain, Brian finished banging around in the kitchen and came to the living room. When he entered he looked at the family sitting together. First at Logan, and he smiled at his son. His gaze shifted to Jennifer, she was truly involved in fending off some beasts in her game. Then his eyes fell upon Adelaide, she looked strange, slightly pale and; he looked her up and down, gaining weight. He studied her more closely. No, not gaining weight. Her face was normal, as were her arms and legs. Her hips, though, were wider, and her stomach - her stomach appeared like she had eaten a whole turkey all by herself. Brian's mouth dropped open.

Adelaide had felt Brian's eyes on her and had tried hard not to look at him. Under his scrutiny, she felt cold beads of sweat starting to appear on her forehead when he said "Addy. Come here for a moment."

The silence in the room had been deafening, even though the TV was going and Logan and Jennifer were laughing, Adelaide had been wrapped up in her own thoughts and nerves as Brian was as well. When Brian spoke, Adelaide snapped her head up and said "Sure, yeah okay." probably a little quicker than would be natural.

The two of them went to the closest next room, which happened to be the bathroom.

"Um. Is there something you want to tell me?" Brian said to her.

"Yes, yes. I do. I am about 99% sure that we are expecting a baby." She placed her hands on her hips and waited, while he absorbed the news, she nearly cried while waiting for him to respond.

He gently lay his hand upon her stomach and looked at her. "Honey. Yes I'm shocked - truly - and I'm not sure I can handle it, I'm getting pretty old you know," He chuckled, but it was a slightly nervous laugh. He wrapped her then in a tight and warm embrace. "But I'm more than willing to go through this, and I hope you are too."
She nodded silently as a single tear fell down her cheek and soaked into his gray sweater.

"Now come on," he said with a smile, "I know this is your first baby, so let's go read a book about it."
The two of them went upstairs and sat together to read the same book. Over the years the family had acquired a few extra copies of some books. It was hard to keep track of which ones you already had when you own so many.

They finished the books quickly, kissed and hugged one another, then Adelaide went out into the garden.

Brian went around the house cleaning, doing laundry and finding more messes than he thought there could be in a household.

The rest of the day passed pretty quickly, Logan was at school and Jennifer was out on the town finding a job. She had one place in mind, the hospital. Her mom worked there and since Rachel's death, Jennifer decided that she was going to follow in her footsteps and head toward the goal of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon.

When the kids got home, both Adelaide and Brian told Jennifer and Logan the news of the pregnancy. Logan was thrilled, though immediately said that he would not be changing diapers. Jennifer looked shocked, and happy for her father and Adelaide.
Logan did some homework while Jennifer had some cake, then the two of them went off to study. Jennifer had become very fond of playing chess and of course, Logan was reading a book.

The two of them were always learning in one way or another. Most of their free time was spent studying instead of goofing around.

Weeks flew by full of work, study and school. For Adelaide, those weeks were full of heartburn, sleepless nights and frequent bathroom visits. Brian shared her sleepless nights, he could hardly sleep with her tossing and turning, she constantly had to get up and down trying to deal with her restless leg syndrome. Finally one night he got really tired of it and started sleeping on the couch. Adelaide missed him at night, but she had more room in the bed to sprawl out and that made her legs feel better.

One morning, after only about an hour or two of sleep, Adelaide woke up and didn't even change into her clothes. She had breakfast and sat down to watch TV, she didn't feel like doing anything today and planned on doing just that - nothing.

Jennifer and Logan stood in the dining room waiting for their dad to finish the waffles. When Brian finished he brought his own plate to the table and told his kids to grab them while they were hot.

When he passed by them though the seemed very quiet. He sat down anyway and dug in.

"Did you hear that?" Logan asked Jennifer.

"I did, what was it?"

They heard it again, coming from the living room. It was a small squeak.

In the living room, Adelaide began to panic. She felt horrible cramps and thought something must be wrong with the baby. Then she quickly counted the weeks that had passed. She couldn't be due already, could she? Oh, she had planned to do nothing today too. Now she knew she would be delivering a baby.
Just then another cramp came, which she was now positive were contractions. It felt to her that someone was slicing her belly in half lengthwise starting just below her breastplate and moving down, very slowly. When that contraction passed she walked to the dining room, where she saw Jennifer, Logan and Brian standing and seemingly listening for something.
"It's time Brian, the baby's coming. Lets get to the hospital." She seemed remarkably calm as she spoke, although inside her head she was screaming. She wasn't ready for this was she? What was coming? Yes she had read the books, but nothing had prepared her as much as she thought for this moment.

Jennifer smiled. "Alright! Dad, Addy get dressed and get in the car, I'll drive. I work there so I'll get you in very quickly. Let's go."

The three adults went to the hospital and checked in. Jennifer kept her promises and got her into a bed quicker than you could imagine. Adelaide was settled in nicely when the nurses came to giver her the I.V. needed to keep her fluids up.

Logan got onto the bus directly after the rest of his family left. He was very excited to see the new baby, and hoped it was a boy, though he was really concerned about Adelaide. Also he hoped his father wasn't too stressed out.

To be continued...