Friday, October 5, 2012

An Unexpected Thrill - Ch. 1.5

Rosetta finished up the particular job she was working on for the Science Facility the next day. Her boss was very happy about it and gave her a promotion on the spot. In addition to the promotion, she also got a separate raise for her excellent work. Rosetta was now almost at the top of her career. In the long months that she worked there she was only one promotion away from being at the top.

Rosetta arrived at the pool house before Sonia did, changed clothes and met her friend at the door.

"Hey girl, good to see you. I'm so glad you could hang out with me today. How is everything?"

Sonia smiled, "Oh, you know. It's going. Actually I've been looking around town for a job, but haven't found too much available. That sucks, but whatever. I keep looking."

"You know, I think they are looking for someone part time at the Day Spa, maybe you could work there until you find something worth while, and full time?"

Sonia agreed, saying that she might consider that.

The two girls started in the direction of the outdoor pool. Sonia was on her way to change, and Rosetta was just about to jump in the water when Simon approached her and tapped her shoulder.

"Hey lady. What a surprise to see you again so soon. Great day for a swim." He said to her.

"Yes, the weather is great. Nice to see you. Were you coming to swim?" Rosetta glanced at his clothing, wondering if he would just swim in that, like David probably would, or if he was going to change.

"I sure am. I need some stress relief, and swimming is one of the best ways to do that. So long as you don't mind the company."

"Of course not, it's a public pool." Rosetta said, laughing lightly.

Rosetta watched Simon turn and walk toward the changing rooms for just a moment before jumping in the pool with Sonia, who had gotten in while the other two were talking.

Sonia and I swam for a few hours, we had a blast. The two of us laid out in the sun for a while, jumping in the pool every now and then to cool off. Simon stayed there the entire time we did, and it was actually the three of us most of the day. After the work I had been doing at the job, it felt awesome to relax with friends.

I'm looking forward to my new work schedule too. With the promotion my boss gave me I only work about three days a week. That will leave a lot of time open for studying, or whatever else I want to do. My garden hasn't been given as much attention as it deserves, and I think I'll start there with all my free time.

Sonia said goodbye to Rosetta and her new acquaintance, Simon, when the sun started to drop behind the distant mountains. She got out, dried off and left, leaving just Rosetta and Simon in the pool.

"That's just a beautiful sunset isn't it?" Simon said.

Rosetta looked at the horizon for a minute then nodded. When she looked back at him, she became acutely aware of his gaze. He looked like a man on the prowl, and she his only company. That made her a little uncomfortable. He was handsome, but she wasn't sure she liked him well enough to enhance their relationship in that way.

"Uh, well it is getting late, and I have some things to do, so I better be off myself. I had fun today Simon." Rosetta said as she climbed out of the pool.

"Have a good one then." Simon responded. He was slightly disappointed in her abrupt departure. He turned toward the other side of the pool, planning only to stay until she left.

Rosetta waved again as she climbed into the taxi that had arrived to pick her up. She breathed a sigh of relief as the car pulled away. When she arrived home, Rosetta made a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich with banana's from her own garden. She cleaned up the dishes and took a quick shower before getting in the bed. Swimming, especially for as long as she did, always tired her out. She fell fast asleep.

Rosetta was working on her front door the next afternoon, wanting to change the way the doorbell rang. She had only been working on the door for about 30 minutes when she heard Nicholas on the other side of it.

"Isn't the knocking supposed to come from this side?" He asked, chuckling.

Rosetta froze. She hadn't expected company, much less his company. It had been at least a week since she had even seen the man. If he was trying to surprise her, he succeeded. Rosetta took a deep breath in an attempt to steady herself before opening the door.

The moment he walked through my door, I knew something was different. I only saw his eyes for a moment, but that was all it took. He held that look that's always been present since I met him, though it's always been hiding behind his smile, his wink or his laugh. That hunger had fully surfaced, his carefully constructed walls had crumbled. Mine were falling fast.

I watched as he slowly closed the door behind him. Without a word, and before I could say anything, he kissed me. Dear spirits, it wasn't just a kiss, it was like he set my soul on fire. My normal reactions were nothing compared to what happened to me when his lips touched mine. I couldn't stop the shudders that raced through my body as unexpected jolts of pleasure rocked me to my core. I was instantly drunk on him. His kiss was fierce and strong, but not overwhelming. I don't think anything he could do would be too much.

My mind was a blank when it came to anything else, he was the only thing in the world right then. That and the ache deep within me. I wasn't going to be able to stop this. I didn't really want to, it had been so long...

His hands, oh, his hands, he slipped them up my shirt so easily. Like it wasn't even there. Then, all of the sudden, it wasn't. My shirt hit the floor. When his fingers found their way to the button on my jeans, trying to remove them, I heard a moan of acceptance and anticipation escape my own mouth.

We left a trail of clothing on the way to the couch, since that was the closest furniture.

My subconscious did pop out every few seconds, between the waves of pleasure, saying that I shouldn't be doing or allowing this. It was crazy, but I needed this, and wanted it badly.

Damn, he really does know what he's doing.

After we were spent, me for the second time, we lay there on the living room floor where we had fallen in the midst of our passion, catching our breath. I started kissing his throat and chin and felt his soft whiskers on my lips which soon found his. He responded in kind. I stood and grasped his hands, helping him up to his feet, then guiding him to my bed. I've already given in once, might as well do it again.

Rosetta and Nicholas lay atop the sheets on her bed and explored one another, eagerly and completely. His hands left goosebumps on her flesh wherever he touched and with every kiss she gave him, he felt a tightening in his loins. She moaned and sighed with pleasure with every caress of his fingers and brush of his lips on her skin. Nicholas paid attention to her every move, and every response. He knew within minutes what made her shiver or squirm, what made her gasp or cry out and what didn't. She reveled in his attentiveness. Never before had she a lover that pleasured her so well.

Rosetta straddled him and looked down into his eyes. He smiled at her. His smile no longer held a secret, but said plainly 'I told you so.' Like, since the day they met, he had known that they would be where they were some day. That infuriated, yet more so impassioned her with a new fervor. She bent down and kissed him wildly, hating him for making her feel like she had lost control, and at the same time loving the release. She had never been so open before, so unrestrained, and she marveled in the feeling.

They shared their pleasures again and by the time they were fully exhausted it was 11pm. Nicholas had been there, with her, for about six hours. He started to get out of her bed and redress himself. She was nearly asleep already, but noted his preparations.

Nicholas bent over to her and kissed her again, then leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "Sleep well, my Rosebud. Until we see each other again," before he walked out the door.

Rosetta fell asleep fast, and slept hard, but woke early. It was only 4:30am by the time she was in the shower.

Before the sun was up, Rosetta was in her garden. As much as she tried concentrating on them, her mind wasn't on her plants. Flashes of the previous night were before her eyes. One or two of her greens were over watered because she was thinking of some specific, and fabulous, detail and not paying attention. Rosetta took a deep breath and covered her face with her hands, as if trying to put the memories back in her head. She smiled once, then shook her head before putting her mind back on task. When she squatted down to pick some weeds from her potato plant, she realized she had a few slightly sore muscles in her legs. She couldn't help but grin again at the reason behind that.

What was I thinking? Well, forget that. I know what I was thinking. Why do I feel guilty about this? I know that too, though I'm not sure why. It's not like I've declared myself to anyone, or promised anything. I'm a free agent. 'On the market' as it were.

That was so amazing. The way he... oh stop it! As thrilling as it was, I can't do that again.

"Why not?" She asked herself.

"Because, I like someone else." Was her reply.

"You don't even know if he likes you." That little voice spoke again. It just wouldn't go away.

"I feel it." ... Great, now I'm standing here talking to myself. Whatever. I'll just have to break it off with Nicholas tomorrow after work. Whatever 'it' is.

Rosetta spent most of the day at home, picking up the house and cleaning bathrooms. She tried to sit down and study for a little bit, but found her mind wandering. That happened any time she sat still. She decided that she should get out of the house for a while and checked the newspaper for anything interesting going on in town. She found that the 'Flying V', a local restaurant, was hosting a performance show, so she made plans to go.

Everyone was filing in, and gathering around the stage waiting for the show to start. Rosetta was just staring at the stage when David walked right in front of her. Shock crossed her face for a moment before she smiled.

"Hi David! What are you doing..." She started to ask, but stopped mid-question, "Oh, well I guess I could assume you'd probably be at every show wouldn't you?"

David smiled back at her. "Yeah, pretty much. Unless I'm really busy, which I never am, I will probably be at all of them."

Without warning, David reached out and grasped Rosetta's hands. "I'm so glad you're here. It's great to see you."

Rosetta smiled sheepishly at him. His hands felt warm on her own. Blush flushed her cheeks before she replied, "It's really good to see you too."

Inwardly, she felt like wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him tight.

By this time the first performer had set up the stage and was calling every one's attention. Rosetta and David stood side by side and watched the show together. They laughed together and awed at the performers when an awesome feat was accomplished. Rosetta always found it easy and refreshing to hang out with David.

Later that evening, Rosetta phoned Sonia and invited her over for a bit. She needed to confide in someone, maybe even get some feedback.

"Girl, I don't know what's going on in this brain of mine, I must be going crazy, but let me tell you.." Rosetta stated. She proceeded to tell Sonia some of her experiences with Nicholas the night before, mostly her feelings about it. Then also tell her of the feelings she had only recently come to discover that she had for David as well.

Sonia listened intently to the full story before offering what she had to say. "Well, it sounds like two different types of 'love' have fallen into you Rose. Though, if you think about it, and recount everything you've told me - to yourself again. You'd probably see what I do. Nicholas, well he may be fun for a night or two, maybe more, but he doesn't seem to be the marrying type. I know you're not planning on marriage anytime soon, but still. David though, he seems more caring. He seems to want to make sure there is something between you before he puts himself out there, or takes anything further. If you ask me, there would be more love there, with him. There would be mostly lust with Nicholas. There is a difference. One lasts and one doesn't."

Rosetta stared at her. "Boy, that was deep Sonia." Both girls laughed aloud.

After the laughter faded, Rosetta looked at Sonia. "Hey, thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. You've basically just voiced what I haven't been able to put together in my mind. I've actually already promised myself to go break it off with Nicholas. Tell him that I'm not available."

To be continued...

I recommend listening to Maroon 5, 'Moves Like Jagger' to understand Nicholas better. ;-) (Link to song provided.)