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The Best Park - 5.15

Rylan always got up early enough to have a very thrilling adventure in his bathtub. He'd bring out his pretend periscope and dive under the 6 inch deep pool. When submerged it was no longer a bath but a large sea, full of interesting plants and creatures, one worthy of exploration. After a while, searching coral for treasures and fighting off squids got a bit boring, so Rylan would get out and get ready for school. More playtime followed after dressing, this time on his horse. At first he was just rocking back and forth, but soon it came to riding his steed at full gallop in an attempt to escape the fire breathing dragon that pursued him. The horse reared up on it's hind legs while Rylan pointed his imaginary sword at the sky and shouted his battle cry before once again hitting the ground again at full speed. He had just escaped the burning ruins when his mother called him for breakfast.

Rylan dismounted and bounded down the stairs. He sat at the table and munched down his French toast just in time. The school bus pulled up to the house and honked the horn. Rylan hugged his mother and ran out the door. He was highly enjoying school and loved going every day. He liked all his classmates, and admired his teachers. Though he didn't have a favorite friend yet, he did have a preferred lesson. He dealt with the reading, and went through the math without complaint, but when he finally got to his music class he sat with rapt attention. He had plans in his future to ask his parents for a instrument, but hadn't decided which one yet.


After Rylan was off to school and Rosetta out to work, David and the girls had the house to themselves. Just after kissing his wife goodbye, David would hop in the shower for a quick clean before the triplets woke. Once they did, he would get them out of their cribs and all of them would get to the den to play together for a while.

The girls had all learned most of the things they would need to get by with in life at this time. All three of them had learned to use the potty chairs instead of diapers, but Caylin still wore a pull up at night. Each girl had learned how to speak easily, but Caylin and Dayna had the most practice since they talked nearly all the time. Brenna spoke very well, but still kept quiet most of the time. Dayna was a little behind in learning to walk, still unable or maybe unwilling to keep her balance for more than a few steps. The other two were well on their way to running marathons.

When the toddlers were occupied, David would go downstairs to start making them some breakfast. The three ladies ate their French toast while watching their father clean up and organize the room. David found, in all his days of a stay at home father, that as long as you cleaned up throughout the day, there tended to be much less mess by the night. Even though he knew it was just going to get cluttered again, he kept up with it so he and Rosetta didn't have so much to do later. When the girls finished eating he pulled them out and set them on the floor to entertain themselves while he did their dishes. They spent the rest of the afternoon working on Dayna walking, building blocks or playing with stuffed animals, overall having a good time. By about 2 o'clock every day the girls were put in their favorite napping places - their swings.

Rosetta came home every day to a very happy home. Her husband was always at the door waiting with a hug and kiss as soon as her car pulled in.

"How are our babies?" Rosetta asked as she held him in her arms.

"Sleeping angels right now, but you wait till they get up." David rolled his eyes in mock annoyance, bringing a smile to his wife's face. "They are great as usual. It seems like that 'schedule' we always dreamed that we'd have has finally kicked in. Our first should be home any minute."

Rylan came home from school, when he walked through the door he saw no one, so went upstairs to play in his room until his mom got home and called him for dinner. Reaching the top of the stairs, his ears met silence. The triplets were all in their swings taking an afternoon nap. He tried to sneak by quietly but as soon as he was at his bedroom door Rosetta called him from his parents room.

"Hey honey, welcome home." She whispered, "I've got some time, do you need some help with your homework?"

"Yes yes. I have some math to do." He replied.

She smiled at him, "OK. Well grab it and we'll set down to do it, you and me kid."

Rylan nodded and pulled his notebook and met his mother on the other side of the room. "I've got division today."

When they finished. Rosetta changed clothes in her room while Rylan went off to play and wait for dinner. The triplets were all waking from their naps and asking to get out of their swings. Their mother would happily oblige the requests snuggled and tickled each of them in turn.

Rosetta set Dayna down on the floor and stepped back some, urging the little one to use her own legs to get here where she wanted to go. If she wanted hugs, she'd have to come get them. Rosetta was trying to crack down on her learning how to walk properly because the girls' birthday was coming up very soon. Once she was forced to walk more often, Dayna learned how to balance very quickly. It seems all she needed was a firmer hand than what she had been given before.

Rosetta entered Rylans room one night so she could tuck him into bed and found him riding his rocking horse. He hopped off the moment she came in and made a silly face at her. She smiled, giggled and made one right back at him. Rylan doubled over in laughter. One thing he loved about his parents were the fact that they were always loose and fun. From his times at school he's learned that some parents don't play with their kids like his did.

"Okay big guy, time for sleeping. You ready?"

"Yes yes. Oh wait mommy! I need to check for monsters, since daddy's not here to do it for me." Rylan said.

"Okay. Go ahead."

David was at a gig this night, and would be missing the nightly activities of his family. Usually, since he was brave, he would usually check under beds and in closets for any hidden beasts. None were ever found, though once there was a stuffed snake that made an appearance.

Rylan had inherited his fathers braveness which inspirited him to check things out for himself when he had the chance. Rosetta happily walked with him and smiled as he got down on his hands and knees to inspect the depths of the shadows under his bed. A short moment later she was startled as Rylan jumped back up to his feet with a gasp of shock. He turned on his heel and sprinted toward the door.

Quickly, Rosetta stepped in front of her fleeing child. She put her hands on his arms to stay him. "Whoa. Where you going? What's wrong?" She dropped her arms.

"Momma there's something under there! I saw it!" Rylan exclaimed.

"Oh no, no. There's nothing there hon I'll show you." She turned toward the bed and started to get down, but he pulled her arm.

"No momma don't. It's there it's big and green, there's smoke and everything! It reached for me! He'll get you! Please mommy don't look."

"Oh, honey. Okay." She could see he was truly panicked about something and didn't want him to worry further. She wrapped him in a big hug. "Okay I won't. So I suppose you won't want to sleep in here tonight."

"NO. No way momma. Not with that there, it'll get me for sure! Can I sleep with you tonight? Please?"

Normally Rosetta and David had a strict 'no sleeping with  mommy and daddy' policy because they didn't want it to become a habit. As she looked at her frantic son though, normally so brave, she consented to just one night only. She wasn't sure how David would feel about it, but maybe they could move him to his own bed once he was deep asleep.

David came home and had a small snack and sat listening to the silence of the house. It was still a little unnerving to hear nothing when he was home, there was normally noise somewhere. Since everyone was in bed this late night though, he embraced the quiet. Soon though, sleepiness overcame him and he climbed the stairs to crawl in the sheets.

When David got into his bedroom he was shocked to see his spot filled with a much smaller body. He glanced at the other side to see his wife sound asleep. David wondered if she knew that Rylan was in the bed with her. He shrugged, something must have happened. He smiled when Rylan, in his sleep, threw his arm up over his head. Though he didn't want to wake him, David slipped his arms under the child and lifted him. Shifting Rylan's weight to achieve a more comfortable position, he carried his first born back to his own room before getting into his pajamas.

One bright and sunny Saturday brought a birthday among the family. While waiting for his mom to come pull the girls out of the swing, Rylan talked to them as they swung. He was making them all giggle when Rosetta came up to get them ready. It was early morning and she had been cooking the triplets' breakfast while her son humored them. David had been up early this day and was at the park performing for tips, something he did every morning on the weekends for a few hours.

After the girls ate, Rylan wanted to play with them. His mother had taken care of Caylin already and he sat on the floor with her playing his old favorite game - peek-a-boo. Brenna was off by herself, as she often was, playing with something, most likely her favorite doll. Dayna was being  tossed around in the air by her mother when Sonia appeared at the top of the steps.

"Hey girl. Hope you don't mind, your door was unlocked and no one answered my knock. How have you been?"  She inquired.

Rosetta smiled and placed Dayna securely on a hip before greeting her friend. "I've been good, working and daily life keeps me busy though. How's it going with Steve?"

It was Sonia's turn to smile. "Oh we're so great. Actually, big news, big surprise: We eloped two days ago. We're married now, and starting to try for a baby!"

"That's great honey. I'm happy to hear that." Rosetta tried to give Sonia a disappointed look but she could barely contain a the smile within. "Kinda mean not to let me be your maid of honor but hey, I can look past that."

Both girls laughed. David walked by then, having come home from working, on his way to the bedroom to change clothes. Rosetta flashed a warm smile in his direction before he disappeared through the doorway. She turned and set Dayna on the floor to play and offered the couch for a more comfortable place to chat.

"So, trying for a baby. Big thing. I really hope things go well for you." Rosetta said.

"Yeah, me too. I want a girl, but of course would be happy with either. I think every soon to be mother says the same thing." She laughed lightly and changed the subject. "Big day today huh? Girls birthday, I saw all the things out there, it looks great. Makes me want to be a kid again!"

David came out of the bedroom holding Brenna. "Look who I found curled up on our bed?"

Rosetta was shocked. "She got up there all by herself? I wonder how. Getting good at climbing I guess." She laughed, joined by David and Sonia. "Well, it's getting late, let's go set up for the party! I'll clean up here first. Sonia, thanks for your help with this, you're a party savior."

 Even though it was going to be presented on their birthday, the equipment in the backyard was for all the kids, not just the girls. Rosetta and David had been saving up for a while to get stuff for the kids. They knew it as basically unnecessary, since the kids would outgrow it so quickly, but they wanted to spoil them as much as they could. Besides that, there were always the times when grand kids would be coming over.

There were two swings, a jungle gym, slide and a couple things to ride on. Not to mention the other random toys meant for outdoor use stored in the toy box. A table was set out to hold the three birthday cakes, one for each girl. The only thing missing was the party people.

As she said, Rosetta cleaned upstairs, and even started packing things away that the girls didn't play with anymore. She scrubbed the highchairs, took them apart and put them away since her daughters were too big for them now. Even the potty chairs were emptied, cleaned well and stored. As soon as she was done, she brought the girls downstairs. Rosetta and David took their kids outside to show them the gifts and play on them a while before the party started. Sonia was sitting on the porch watching the family.

As they played, the guests started to arrive. Logan came, bringing Velina and Olivia with him. Layla also showed up, happy to see Rylan and the girls. Nicholas came too, he had entered his elder years and apparently had put his feelings for Rosetta way on the back burner, since he had made close to no contact over the last few years. Layla had also brought a friend with her that no one else knew.

At first, most of the guests went inside for a drink or to sit and chat for a while. Outside, Brenna was having a blast as her father stood by her and watched her ride on the new rocket ship. Rylan was thoroughly enjoying the new slide and Caylin was in the grass playing with a doll. Dayna was with Rosetta at first, riding a ship next to her sister, until Layla scooped her up to play with so Rosetta could take care of party business.

After a little bit more playtime, Rosetta started to bring the babies, one at a time, to their cakes so they could blow out the candles themselves. Logan was still in the house, as were Velina, Nicholas and Olivia. Most of the guests actually missed this part of the party, but it didn't seem to bother anyone.

Each of the girls happily made wishes and blew out candles. They opened their gifts, which were some more dolls, a pack of flying discs and a baseball. They also got a couple of decorations for their new room, a bunk-bed and a loft bed.

After admiring their presents and thanking the gift givers, the girls went back to playing on their new playground for a while. Everyone else had a piece of cake, played games and mingled until, one after another, each visitor when back home.

That night, each child fell asleep fast and slept hard. School was coming up in just two days for the girls and they looked to their big brother for some support in this matter. He was happy to tell some things but he advised them to just 'go with the flow'. It would be easier not knowing.

To be continued...

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More to handle - 5.14 pt2

::Authors note:: I sincerely apologize for the long wait. Seriously - I just couldn't write anything! Huge and annoying writers block I guess. Just as a reminder, time passage over the last few and next few posts is very fast! And can someone tell me WHY the triplets (all born the same day/hour) do not have the same astrological sign??

I can't believe our girls are a full year old already. It seems like just a month ago we were still pregnant and waiting for their arrival! Now they're ready to branch out, start walking and make new discoveries on their own. It makes me sad to think that they might not need me, or rely on my so much for what they need. They're growing up. Pretty soon they'll be nearly taking care of themselves! Oh... I don't want them to grow up anymore. Maybe I can head to the Science Facility and do some research on an anti aging device...

Rosetta's mind was thinking of unlikely and improbable things as she went to open the door for the only guest that could actually make it to the party. Olivia had come to see her cousins grow up. The rest of the family were too busy, but they sent their love with Olivia and she passed it on.

Soon after her arrival; Olivia, Sonia, the triplets, Rylan and his parents all gathered in the kitchen to have a small salad and some vanilla cake. The triplets had gotten very big. They also showed a lot more of their personalities as they grew.

David was quick to find that Caylin was like him in many ways. Like him, She loved to be outside, and she seemed to stem from the same nutty tree as he did. She was just as crazy. Also, like her father, her food of choice was pancakes. Her favorite color was Aqua, but she would settle for almost any light blue colors.

Caylin's Traits:

Loves the Outdoors

Astrological sign - Taurus

Brenna, as her parents discovered, was completely different than the other two. She seemed to be more of a silent type. More thoughtful than chatty. She adored her sisters, and brother, but always preferred to be alone. Her favorite food was a light Autumn salad which she could eat almost every day. She didn't seem to be big on meat, but was not a vegetarian. Though she loved all shades of green, she seemed to like Lime best.

Brenna's Traits:


Astrological sign - Aquarius


Dayna appeared to be the most tomboyish of the three girls. She loved hanging out with Rylan, and tried to mimic him in many ways. She liked finding and playing with bugs and she was always drawn to the more dangerous things around the house. Though she was not a vegetarian either, she cherished having Veggie Grilled Salmon for dinner any night. Her favorite color was grey, she really didn't seem to like bright colors at all.

Dayna's traits:

Heavy Sleeper

Astrological sign - Libra

The months following the girls' birthday were quite busy for David and Rosetta. Both of them had put their jobs on hold. David's job was completely open hours, so it was easy for him to just not go. Rosetta, even though she changed jobs when she had left home for a while, hadn't even made her first appearance. A couple of days after she got her new job, she found out she was pregnant and they put her on maternity leave, which she was still on. It wouldn't be much longer though, before she was going to attend her first day as a simple coffee courier in her new business career. If she was being honest with herself, now that her midlife crisis had passed, she didn't even want to work there. She could see nothing good stemming from it, but she wasn't going to quit yet.

Rylan had been happier since his sisters had grown up some and were able to crawl around with him. They played side by side often with blocks or stuffed animals. Though he had been potty trained already, he watched as his mother and father did the same lessons with the girls. Sometimes his parents could hear him trying to boss the girls around a little bit by telling them to get a toy, or even telling them to go potty. He was also very informative. He tended to tell Rosetta anytime the girls did anything, or needed something. She didn't want to think of this as 'tattling' but more so 'reporting'.

The first lessons Rosetta and David covered with the girls was eating solid food and using a potty chair. Three highchairs were purchased, and sometimes, the girls were on a good schedule. They would be put in their chairs for food, then brought straight to a potty. The three of them seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly and using the bathroom was one of the first things the girls learned.

Early one morning, Rosetta readied herself for her first day at her job. As she dressed, she watched her little boy sleeping. She was going to miss him, the girls too. David was laying on the bed watching his love prepare herself, he tried to talk to her but she seemed quite distracted, which was perfectly normal.

"Hon, you're going to do a wonderful job, don't worry about that. I know you're thinking of the kids, but they're only a phone call away. You should call during your breaks. Hell, take extra breaks so you can talk to them more!"

"Yeah, I know." She replied, sticking her leg in the wrong side of her pants. She sighed and pulled them on right. "I just, I don't want to leave them. There are four toddlers in this house! Even with two adults it's been tough. Busy and tough."

David watched his wife's face crinkle up in a worried frown. "We'll be fine. I've got it all planned out."

Not meaning too, Rosetta laughed out loud. "Oh David. Really? That's what we say almost every morning, 'we've got a plan', 'follow the schedule'. Since when does that work?"

David smiled back at her. "It won't, yeah I know. But, we'll still be fine. It'll work itself out."

Rylan, who still slept in his parents bedroom, stirred in his crib. He had heard his mothers laughter and it roused him from his dreams. "Momma? Where you going? Hi daddy!" He stood up to watch his parents and ask to be let out.

Rosetta grinned at her little man. "Momma has to go out for a bit today okay? It'll be just you, your sisters and your daddy. I'll be home though, later today. I'll miss you like crazy!" She leaned over to kiss him. Glancing at her watch she said goodbye, ran to David to kiss him too, and ran out the door for the carpool waiting for her. The girls were sleeping still, so she was unable to say a farewell to them which brought a small wave of sadness and wet eyes.

Her first day of work went well for the most part, and she did just as David had suggested. She took more breaks than was allotted and called them every opportunity. Most times they didn't even want to talk to her because they were busy playing, but it brought a smile to her anxious face just hearing them in the background.

As David knew, Rosetta had been right about the 'schedule' not being followed. It was near impossible to have order in a house with four toddlers. Not to mention all the noise you have to deal with. David wasn't sure how many times he said 'No, no honey, don't do that.' or 'Stop yelling.' or maybe 'Share please!' to the kids.

One at a time David put the toddlers in their highchair, and fed them their meal. As they were eating, he would empty the potty seats if they needed to be, or pick up some toys, even though the room would be filthy again soon. When the kids had finished eating, He would, again, pull one out at a time, tickle and snuggle them before putting them down to play. Most times, by the time he got to the last toddler, the first one he had let out was wanting something. He never seemed to stop moving.

The swings they had picked up for the triplets were a huge help. Sometimes David would put a toddler or two in the swings and turn them on slow so they would fall asleep while he did walking or talking lessons with the other two.

It was a rare moment when all the babies were busy doing something and David had time to use the bathroom. His showers had turned into 2 minute rushes instead of a soothing clean. If he had a shower at all. A relaxing bubble bath was definitely out of the question. By the time he was out of the restroom (where no 'rest' was achieved) and pulling on his clothes, someone was always crying for him. He would answer the call and the chaos would start all over again.

The moment Rosetta came home, she was upstairs helping out. She missed them dearly every hour she was away. She always rushed right up to help out her husband and snuggle her babies. Trying to be understanding, Rosetta would insist that David go to the pond down the hill and try to relax a little while she took over. He always said that it sounded great, but the farthest he ever got was to the downstairs couch before he collapsed into a dreamless slumber for a few hours. Before he did that though, he would always clean up the messes that were around first. Be it a spilled bottle, overflowed potty seat, or just random toys, he would clean up the floor before passing over the babysitting job.

This day, Rylan's favorite stuffed animal - a bear knight in shining armor - was sitting in a puddle of milk so it would need to be washed. He cried when his father put it in the washer, but when it came out of the dryer fluffy and soft, the tears went away just as fast as they had come. David had felt really bad about that and tried to never let it happen again. He hated to see any of his children crying. Their tears were like acid melting his heart.

Over the next few months Rylan seemed to be getting a little to old to hang out with his sisters so much. Dayna seemed to be an exception, he still liked playing with her a lot. Rosetta and David assumed it was because she played the same games as he did, or like the same things. He appeared to be trying to help his parents with the girls more than just play with them anymore. It looked like he was trying to mature before his time and his parents wondered what could have brought it on.

 Oh my stars, how did time go by so quick? Didn't we just have a birthday for the girls last week? Okay yeah I know it was way more than a week. It just seems like all my days are running together anymore. Like there's no separation at all. It's crazy. Now it's Rylan's birthday. He's grown up so fast. Our little man. It's kind of weird that he asked if it could be just us and his Auntie for his birthday, but I was happy to oblige that request. The house is in NO shape for visitors. Sonia's seen it like this though, many, many times. she's probably used to it.

Rylan's birthday was fast approaching. He had grown so big, it was time to be thrown into the schooling system. He looked forward to it, but he would miss his family during the time he was gone. With Rosetta's encouragement though, he put on his brave face and strutted about like he owned the world, and he was ready to take it on.
His favorite food remained to be Sushi, though his second favorite was grilled cheese. Rylan liked almost all the colors of the rainbow, but black seemed to be the best to him.

Rylan's traits:


Astrological Sign - Virgo

Sonia was happy to attend the small gathering for her favorite boy and tactfully didn't mention the mess in the rest of the house. She brought the birthday boy a MultiTab 600, newest edition, so he could do his homework on it. He loved it. In addition to this, he received a baseball, new bed and clothes, and a 'future claim' on almost anything he wished. The future claim could be anything too, like a favor asked of his parents or something he sees in the store that he wants.

The small get together lasted well into the evening, and Rylan had a very fun time. He rather enjoyed all his gifts, but mostly enjoyed becoming a child. That night, Rosetta and David tucked him into his new bed and Rylan fell asleep quicker than ever before. Great dreams were had, including memories from his past and thoughts for his future. What will it hold? How will school be? Should he use his 'future claim' on a guitar, or keyboard? Maybe a Violin?

To Be Continued...