Thursday, July 14, 2011

G III: Chapter 30

**Writers note: This post is a tiny bit longer than the past few have been. Just wanted to let you know.**

After school, Johanna came home and started readying herself for Prom. She didn't have a date, but she was going anyway. She redid her hair, blow drying and straightening with a small flip at the bottom. Lots of hairspray to hold it down. She looked beautiful, and older.

She was surprised still  her family wasn't home when she got back from school. That kind of upset her, but she wasn't going to let it get to her. She didn't want to cry and mess up her eyeliner.

Johanna walked downstairs and smiled.

They were back. Dylan, Brian, James and Mother Daphne were home. Johanna passed out hugs and hellos.

"I'm so glad you guys made it back today." Johanna looked at her shoes, "I thought you wouldn't make it to see my leave for prom."

"Oh honey, we wouldn't miss this for the world." James said. "Not a chance, and might I say you look very, very lovely. I might have to follow you and keep an eye on everyone!"

Johanna giggled. "Nah, I'll be fine don't worry."

"While we were gone, did you get all your homework done?" Daphne asked. "I was hoping some quiet time would help you concentrate."

Johanna blushed a little. "Uh, yeah. I did get a lot done in the quiet. It was quite lonely here without you guys. Anyway I have to go, my ride is here. I love you dad, and you too Mother Daphne."

"Alright, you go and have fun honey, but be safe okay?"  

Johanna left the house and got into the white limo waiting for her. She was very excited about Prom.

During the dance, Johanna asked someone to join her on the floor. They said no and that hurt her feelings for a while, but then Dallas showed up, took her hand and danced the night away. He never left her side. At the end of the night Dallas asked to go steady with Johanna, and she said yes.

Brian left right after seeing Johanna off. He went to see Rachel.

When he got there, it seemed like he had interrupted her workout. She was okay with that.

Without a word, Brian walked into Rachel's living room, took her right hand and looked at the floor. He waited. She took the bait, she thought something might be wrong so she turned her head to look at him better.

"Wha..." She started to ask what was wrong, but Brian looked up and pressed his lips to hers in their first kiss.

Rachel smiled, he did surprise her. As much as that little kiss pleased her, it made her want more. She put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him again, a long and lingering kiss.

Brian moaned very quietly. She felt good to him and so warm. He wanted more opportunities to do this.

"Hey. Do you want to go to a movie with me? Go out with me." He started it off as a question, but then he thought about not giving her the option to say no. So he framed it more like a gentle demand.

She agreed to go with him and went to change clothes. Brian heard her behind her bedroom door changing and his imagination went into overdrive. He tried to keep it under control, but he was still young after all and he couldn't help it.

They left for the movie when she came out, Brian's thoughts slightly chilled.

At the house, the rest of the family was in the basement. Daphne and Dylan were experimenting with the chemistry sets, Dylan wasn't so lucky mixing his ingredients. His blew up in front of him, he took a few minutes to meditate and get back into control of himself before he showering and going to bed.

James was working out his nervousness. He was worried about Johanna, he couldn't stop thinking about those teenage boys that were probably chasing her. He ran to try and keep his mind more occupied, but it didn't work.

Pretty soon James and Daphne gave up on waiting for Johanna to get home, and went to bed. James barely slept, it was more like he was dozing in and out of consciousness.

Brian and Rachel watched the movie holding hands the whole time.

After the show they said "I had a great time" with another heart-stopping kiss. Brian took Rachel home and walked her to her door. They embraced again and he went home.

Even though he was still running on some adrenaline from his evening with Rachel, Brian went straight to his room to settle in for the night. He saw Johanna slip into her own room just as he closed the door to his.

James felt uncomfortable. It seemed like there was nothing he could do to get settled down either. He stood up, thinking about getting something to eat. That's when it happened.

James had a heart attack. The pain only lasted a minute or two before he moved on and no longer felt any.

His family heard him cry out and rushed to his room as quickly as they could.

Daphne walked in just as James was shaking hands with the Angel of Death. He was going willingly. James's spirit looked at Johanna.

In a whisper he said "I am glad to see that you're safe my dear. I know you're young, but don't let this hold you back. Go into life smiling okay? Promise me."

Johanna couldn't say anything, she was too shocked and if she tried to vocalize all she would do was scream, and she knew it. She tried to nod but she didn't think it came across properly. She broke down into tears with the rest of her family.

Daphne was devastated, as were Brian and Dylan. The whole family was shaken by the tragic event.

One by one the family cried themselves out, it was hours before they started to get so tired they couldn't stand up anymore. Brian and Dylan fell first into their own beds, then Johanna. She cried more when she hit the pillow, cried until she passed out.

Daphne didn't make it to her bed, she fell onto James's and went to sleep there. Tears soaked the pillow.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

G III: Chapter 29

Johanna called the only three teenagers she knew. She invited them over for a party. She was going to take advantage of the lack of adults in the house. She was looking for an outlet to really start enjoying her life here in Riverview.

Each of her friends accepted the invitation, they would be there at 7PM.

Johanna poured some drinks for herself and her friend, not much alcohol, but some. She also brought out the family's buffet table and set out some food. She was getting a little excited about hanging out with her peers.


Then she thought about pizza. That sounded a lot better than turkey, a salad, or cookies. It fit a teenage party better anyway. She called and put in the order for one large.

Pretty soon her guests were arriving and the party commenced.

Some kids went upstairs to play games and dance, but Johanna and her best friend (of the ones that were there) stayed out to play on the water slide. Johanna slipped when she started to dive, and she did a skid more than a slide. Her nose hurt for ten minutes after that.

Johanna spotted the pizza delivery car pull up and went to accept the order. She paid the lady and took the food to the kitchen to serve it. Just as she was pulling the box open, her phone rang.

"Hey, I'm calling to tell you that I see what your doing, and I called the cops. You guys are too noisy and I know that party isn't authorized. You better break it up." It was a nosey neighbor calling.

Johanna thought about it for a minute. Yes she wanted this party, she wanted to get to know the teens here. Fit in some. On the other hand she didn't want to get into trouble. She decided to try and break up the party before the police got there.

She ran upstairs to the other half of the party and started to attempt to usher everyone out, including Dallas. Johanna had a secret crush on him and wanted him to stay longer, but he couldn't.

"My neighbor called the cops, lets go we have to go! Get out of here or you'll be reported too."

At first her friends looked at her like they didn't believe her. After they really looked at her, they got it and all bolted for the door. "Nice party but I'm outta here, can't get in trouble. Maybe we can do this again sometime!"

When she heard the police cruiser out front, Johanna thought it best to act like nothing was happening - like she wasn't expecting the police. She sat at the table with a slice of pizza. After the first bite she realized how hungry she actually was.

Before she knew it the cop was in front of her asking questions.

"I got a call from someone nearby this house. They said there was an unauthorized and loud party. Now, currently I don't see anyone. I don't know what you're doing around here but keep it down okay?"

"Yes sir, I guess I had my music a little loud, that's all. I'll try and keep that under control, sir."

"Sure, sure. Okay well I am sorry to have disturbed your night. Please stay safe. Goodbye Ma'am."

Sunday for Johanna was boring. She seemed to have gotten over her teenage rebellion. Most of it anyway. She had her shower and breakfast. Checked on her Prom dress again. The rest of the day was spent catching up on homework, reading her high school books. She spent some time studying and practicing Chemistry for class, and playing video games. Alone.

Monday morning came and went with no signs of the rest of her family returning. No call or anything to her. It was Prom day, they wouldn't leave her alone on such an important night would they?

Johanna half-heartedly got on the school bus and spent the day thinking about when her family would be home.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

G III: Chapter 28

The next morning Johanna woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It didn't help that when she tried to change her outfit her drawer got stuck. She pulled hard and when it finally released she busted her butt. She let out a groan of defeat as she stood up. Then the mood swing hit and she felt very aggressive, angry even.

Before she even had breakfast she was trying to work out that anger. The training dummy did help a lot with the aggression, but not the rebelliousness she was also feeling. She felt like getting someone, with something. Anything. Then she had an idea.

Brian and Daphne sat down to their favorite meal. Pancakes.

"Are you going to see Rachel today?" Daphne asked.


"Well, I was just wondering!" Daphne laughed.

"I wasn't planning on it. I don't really know what I'm doing today."

Johanna was in the guest bathroom rigging the sink. The next helpless victim to wash their hands here would get a big surprise. She chuckled a maniacal chuckle. "It'll probably be dad, he uses this bathroom a lot." Then she had another idea, the upstairs computer. I'll get someone with that too. She ran up there and set it to do what it needed to. Then she waited. Someone was always on this computer. Everyday each family member checked their email. So she waited.

Before long she heard Dylan coming up the stairs. 'Haha! He's gonna do it!' she thought. She pulled out her homework and started to walk away as nonchalantly as she could.

Dylan turned on the computer and brought up the email screen, but before he could click another button a horrid face came on the screen and let out a gurgly growl. It made Dylan jump.

There was no denying it, he knew Johanna had done that.

"What are you doing! That's rude, and you shouldn't be pranking people like that. Now I can't ground you because I'm not your father, but I'm you brother and I can suggest you help clean up this house to get on my good side! I'm mad at you."

"Oh c'mon man, if I can't prank my own brother without getting yelled at, who can I prank?" She sighed, "Ooo Instead of cleaning, how about we duke it out? C'mon bro, lets spar!"

Dylan's stern expression faltered, then he grinned. "Alright you asked for it, but remember I'm like way better at this than you."

"Yes, but your angry. HA, your anger may get in the way."

Johanna was better than Dylan thought. She dodged many of his attacks, and even struck him once. Maybe she was right, was he just a little to 'put out' to practice? Martial Arts isn't about anger, it's about being centered and strong in your mind, not body. Thinking of this automatically calmed him.

He struck one last time. She didn't block in time, but of course he didn't hit her hard. He kept his contact in check.

Johanna laughed. She felt better now. Not quite so agitated, or rebellious. Maybe because she knew her butt would be kicked again if she kept stepping out.

"Hey Dylan, would you do me another favor? Teach me to drive. I haven't learned yet, and no one else is available. Besides, I think I would be less nervous with you teaching me."

"Sure, I can do that. Are you ready now?"

Johanna smiled brightly, "Yes. Totally, let's go."

Before long they two of them were in the truck for lesson one.

Brian gave in to his urge and stopped by Rachel's house. After Daphne had mentioned it, that's all he wanted to do. Though he only had a few minutes, he wanted her to be the last thing he saw before he left.

"I just came to bring you these." He popped out a bouquet of roses for her.

Rachel was shocked, and she showed it. She also blushed, getting to be just about the same color as the roses she was smelling. 'How sweet of him' she thought. She put the flowers to the side and put her hands on Brian's face.

"You're so sweet." She said quietly.

Brian thought that she was about to kiss him. 'No, that's not how it's supposed to go. I'm supposed to do that'. He felt his heart flutter again as he thought these words. 'Not to quick though'. He put his hands on her elbows and gently caressed her all the way up to her hands, and pulled them down but still held them.

"Well, you know. I try my best. I also came by to tell you that I have to go away for a few days. Nothing big, just a vacation. I wanted to see you before I left, and ask you," He paused. He felt like a teenager asking this question. "I wanted to make sure you would be here when I come back."

Rachel smiled making Brian's heart skip a beat again. She put her arms around his waist. "Oh I'll be here. Don't forget it. I want to see you as soon as you get back, too."

Brian said goodbye and walked out the door.

Due to his pit stop, Brian was late. The taxi was already at the house waiting for Dylan, Brian, James and Daphne to get in. Early in the day James had gotten a call for a free vacation. Johanna couldn't come because she was still a teen, but everyone else was invited. So Johanna was to be left alone for a couple of days.

As soon as Brian was back at the house, he got in the taxi and they drove away.

Johanna stood in the front yard and waved. When the car was out of sight, she stretched.

"Well. I have the house to myself huh?"