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A new life - Ch. 5.1

Hidden Springs. It's a quiet town, nestled between a river and a mountain range, loaded with trees and not many people. As readers we will be following the life of Rosetta Nawn, a young woman new to this lovely town, and new to her own life.

Rosetta bought a plot of land in the middle of a woodsy and country housing area. There were quite a few houses, and they were pretty close to each other, but with all the trees there was plenty of privacy. Tucked away in the woods, the houses here had much wildlife around them. The deer roamed freely and even wild horses frequented the area. Close to the mountains, one main paved road cut back in the woods, but the remaining streets were dirt. Traffic was never heavy which was a lot better for the residents.

Rosetta was sure to visit her property a few times before setting out to have her house built. Being a woman fresh from college, and not much money filling her pockets, she only needed a single bedroom and not much else was required.

Finally, my new house is finished and I can move out of the cramped dorm room. It's not much but at least it's bigger than where I was, and even has a private bedroom. I plan on living here for quite a while, which is why I chose a plot of land big enough for some expanding later.

There isn't much to my furniture just yet, I don't like to spend money that I don't really have, so I got something on the cheap end. Unfortunately in addition to being cheaper, it's also ugly. I hate the pattern of my living room set. Not to mention the walls. Ugh. That is something I will definitely be changing as soon as I am able to.

I know I just got here, and am barely unpacked, but I just have to get out. I'm so excited about being in this new town, I just can't be confined to my house.

The houses surrounding Rosetta's home were mostly empty. There were only about four that had families living in them. One or two of the houses were very large and well established. Many were smaller though, more affordable to new homeowners.

Rosetta didn't have a car, and didn't want to go far, but she decided to venture out and meet her neighbors. She was a little apprehensive at first, especially when she noted that the closest house seeming to have people living in it was huge. Briefly she checked out her clothes, to make sure she didn't look like a complete slob before introducing herself.

As Rosetta approached the house, she heard voices and realized that the family who lives here was out in their front yard. That made it a little easier for her to be comfortable. Since Rosetta loved the outdoors, anything she did out there was better handled than when she was inside anywhere. It made her more nervous to think that there was no way out. Being outside got rid of that fear.

She took a breath as she stepped through the opening in the fence. She saw the people on the other side and smiled. There were two ladies and a man standing there, one of the ladies seemed to have a greenish type of skin and was walking away toward the house, looking a little frustrated. The other woman just stood there and looked at Rosetta. The man was the first to speak.

"Why hello! The name's Nicholas, you must be the one who moved into the new house down there." He said gesturing, toward her house, with his head and offering his hand.

Rosetta was slightly shaken, not because she was nervous but because the man before her had an air about him that commanded your attention. His voice was deep and struck a chord in Rosetta that made her heart tingle. She nodded as she approached him. "Yes, that's me, I'm Rosetta. My friends call me Rose." She failed to mention she didn't really have any friends, but if the opposite were true she would want them to call her that.

The man smiled. "Rose. How lovely. Well, Rose, why don't you come inside and hang out with us for a bit. Nothing like getting to know the friends next door." He smiled a second time, his grin made Rosetta's heart tingle slightly again. She marveled at how he could do that to her with just a look and if he could tell that he was having that affect on her. How silly, of course he couldn't.

Rosetta agreed to go in. The second woman that had been standing there butted in, "I'll be leaving then, Nicky. We'll talk later." She glanced at Rosetta and added, "Enjoy the company," before walking off.

When she stepped inside, Rosetta was greeted by the woman she had seen earlier. She was very pretty and her skin tone seemed so natural on her, that it was barely noticed.

"Hey. I'm Cassidy, Nicholas and I are roommates, and well - he's my boyfriend too, I guess." She said, giggling just a little.

"It's nice to meet you Cassidy, you have a wonderful home here. I'm Rose, and I just moved in down the hill."

"Yes, I remember the construction. It was kind of noisy." She laughed, "Don't worry, none of us hold it against you or anything. We're all happy to have a new neighbor around here."

The two ladies talked for a few minutes about the neighborhood. Rosetta was kind of nervous to hear that everyone knew she had moved in. She thought for a minute that maybe she should have just bought a house here, instead of having a new one built - it would have drawn less attention, but what's done is done. No need to worry about it further.

"I'm sorry, may I use your bathroom?" Rosetta inquired.

"Oh, of course, excuse my manners, I've just been chatting your ear off haven't I?" Cassidy took her by the arm and led her toward the restroom. "I'll be back there," she pointed, "In the living room when you come out okay? We'll sit and talk for a bit."

Rosetta wasn't in there long, she washed her hands and went back out to sit with Cassidy. She wasn't sure why, but she was a little shocked to see that Nicholas was there too, one leg crossed lazily over the other. He looked very relaxed. Cassidy was at one end of the couch, and he at the other, leaving her no option but to sit between them. Close to him. Her heart fluttered again.

Why is he staring at me? He's got an odd look in his eyes. Am I supposed to say something? Because I'm kind of struck speechless here. Why don't they sit together? Didn't Cassidy say they were seeing each other?

Okay, I'll sit. He's still looking at me. His eyes, oh man they have so much hidden in there. I could study them for hours. Did Cassidy just roll her eyes at him? I wonder if they were having a fight when I came over. Everyone did seem a little tense.

Rosetta took her seat, but just as Cassidy was starting to say something the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it, you ladies sit tight." Nicholas said, with a wink, as he got up and walked away. It was only a second later that he called for Cassidy to come, it was for her.

Rosetta stood up, planning to excuse herself and go home to get more settled in. She walked through the archway and gasped, finding Nicholas right in front of her.

Oh! Why did he have to be so close... and what is it about him that draws my breath short? He seems so cocky, but it's like he has a right to be. Like he really does know what he's doing, and not just assuming he does.

"Leaving so soon?" Nicholas smiled, not bothering to step back at all, but remaining close, "I know, you have things to unpack and put away. Would you like me to come help?"

Is he serious?

"Oh, no I think I can handle it. You wouldn't want to see all my girly stuff anyways." Rosetta said with a smile. He responded with a smile too, but it seemed like his smile was hiding a secret. "I do have to go though, and get some stuff done. Thank you so much for showing me your house. It's wonderful."

Nicholas put his hand on her back and walked her to the door. Even with a shirt between them her flesh warmed beneath his palm. "Don't worry dear, we were glad for your visit." Casually leaning against the door frame, he fixed her with a look very similar to his smile, one that held a secret, "If there is ever, ever, anything that you need, you just come visit me okay? I'll take care of you."

Rosetta couldn't help but notice that he said to visit him not them. She wondered if there was anything behind that, but dismissed it as a slip of the tongue.

Well the first week in my new house went as to be expected, mostly. There were some unexpected things that came my way. I didn't sleep much, but when I did I was flooded with dreams of my neighbor, Nicholas. How did he push himself so deep into my subconscious so fast?

I made waffles for my breakfast most mornings. I have to remind myself not to make much more than I would eat right then, because my refrigerator really sucks and doesn't keep things long.

There were some seeds right next to my house that I found while I was getting a package that I had delivered here. I don't know what they are or whatever, but I think I'll plant them. Just for fun. I've never had a garden before. This move was about new beginnings and learning new things though, so why not? Is it odd that I don't miss home yet? I also found an advertisement for a position in the Research center for some test subjects while I was clipping my coupons out. I will definitely go apply to that this week.

Rosetta planted the two seeds that she had found right next to her house, just about where she found them. She was excited to see her plants and watch them grow. It seemed actually, since she moved here that she had become excited about things that she never thought she would. It was all new to her, and thrilling. There was only one thing that she missed from her life before Hidden Springs, and that was fishing.

Just as she finished pushing her seeds into the ground, the mailman showed up to deliver her first bills.

"Oh hi." Rosetta said. "Thanks so much, I'll take them."

The mailman smiled and handed her the envelopes that he carried. His gaze took her in from head to toe before he said, "How's the country life going for you? You're new on my route, so I'm assuming new in town, and you don't look much like you're from the country."

Rosetta smiled, "Yeah, I'm not, you've got that right. Though I've always hated the city, so I feel quite comfortable here thank you. I have a question though, you might know the answer to. Can you tell me where the nicest place to fish is here?"

"Oh," he look kind of disappointed in her question, "Yeah I guess, well if you're looking for lots of fish, the river is best. If you're looking for quiet, " he pointed to the edge of the hill that her house was on top of, "there are two ponds that way that are perfect for that."

Rosetta glanced in the direction that he indicated and didn't see anything, she guessed she'd have to go explore. "Thanks so much, you have a great day now." She told the mailman.

He saluted her and looked her up and down again before walking away.

Wow, when the mailman said 'perfect' I didn't think he really meant it. This place though, definitely perfect. So quiet. I love it. There aren't many fish, but that just makes it a challenge for me and that's fine. It's so nice here it make me want to come every day. I wonder where that other pond was that he mentioned?

Over the next week I just did things around the house and spent my evenings fishing. Nicholas visited me twice, with his girl Cassidy, he never fails to make my heart beat faster and my palms sweat a little bit when he talks to me. I don't know what it is about him in particular. Cassidy is a good woman, she's really nice and has a great sense of humor. Both of them are very good friends of mine now and I look forward to them coming over when they call and ask if they can. I haven't been to their house since I moved in though.

The third time Nicholas came to visit, which was just a day ago, it was only him. He had come to make sure I was doing well but also I guess to 'subtely' tell me that he and Cassidy had broken up. I'm not sure why he had to tell me, probably because that's the kind of news that you share with good friends. I'm also not sure why my heartbeat started to race faster when he mentioned it to me. Oh, to hell with it, I know why, I want him and I want him badly. Dear spirits, what I could do with that man. But I can't establish a reputation like that in this town, I may be coming into my own, but is that what I want to be seen as? I've only been here a few weeks, I don't need to start sleeping around. I don't think so. Besides, Cassidy is my friend too, and what if ... well never mind. After he left I needed to get out, with my heart beating as it was, and the cold sweat I had broken out into, I needed to leave. It felt like I couldn't breathe properly. I had heard earlier in the week about a great diner in town, so that's where I went.

Rosetta made her way to the diner, having called a taxi to pick her up. She went inside and had a great burger, with cheese and bacon. A side of french fries with ranch accompanied her meal, and to drink was an ice cold sweet tea. The waitress was really nice, and she was given a great tip by Rosetta before she left.

Not quite ready to go home yet, Rosetta looked around. There were a couple of people sitting on the benches that neighbored the restaurant. One man and one woman to be precise. Since the man looked to be pretty involved in his book, Rosetta decided to introduce herself to the woman. Her name was Velina.

"Nice to meet you Rose, when did you move here?" Velina asked. "Do you have a job yet? I'm asking because I am apparently in charge of hiring someone where I work, so yeah I was curious."

Rosetta smiled, "I moved in just a few weeks ago, and actually no I don't have a job yet. I'm in the market for one. Where do you work, what are they hiring for?"

"Oh, I don't know if you'd be interested. They need a test subject at the Science Facility."

"I read about that in the paper, I was actually going to apply. That's where I want to work. I'll take the lowest position, so long as there is room to move up. So they still need someone?"

Velina looked a little surprised. "Yes, they do. Well I guess I can tell them about you, can you come in tomorrow at 8am?"

Rosetta said that she could, and Velina smiled then said her goodbyes.

My garden is growing! I've never been so proud of something I've done. I just have two little plants for now, one looks to be sprouting into a tree, the other hasn't come out of the ground just yet.

I am so happy to have acquired this job, today is my first day. This town really is working out great for me so far. Everyone seems so nice and willing to help. I can't wait to see what the facility has in store for me, and I hope they recognize my potential for more than a test subject. Velina met me there like she promised, and introduced me to the people I would need to know to get started. My lab partner (the one doing the experiments on me) was called O'Dourke. Kind of a funny name if you ask me. He's a real nerd, much nerdier than I am. He doesn't seem to have any sense of humor at all, and he's strictly business. Once or twice I took something that made me feel very odd, but most stuff didn't have an affect.

When Rosetta left work, Velina caught up with her to walk with her. "How was your first day?" She asked.

"Oh it was actually remarkable. I really like it here, and hope I can stay for a long time. I could see myself retiring from this place." Rosetta replied jovially.

Velina looked shocked, and it seemed to Rosetta that the woman also seemed a bit, disheartened. Rosetta wasn't sure she really liked this woman, she appeared to be quite stuck up.

"Well, have a good night." Velina said, then vanished into a limousine that was waiting for her.

Rosetta's eyes went wide.

Wow, she must be a real big shot, riding around in one of those. I didn't even know. No wonder she seems kind of full of herself. She probably thinks she's better than most people.

Coming home, Rosetta was rather exhausted. She looked around at her small home and picked up anything that needed to be put away. There wasn't much, since she hadn't been home all day. There also wasn't much in the fridge for dinner either. She made a mental note to go shopping the next day off that she had.

Rosetta went to her room and started to pull her dresser drawer open to get out her pajamas, when the drawer stuck.

What the hell? Come ON.  She pulled hard on the handle, leaning back and putting her full body weight into it. Damnit, what is making this... POP. The pesky thing popped open and flung Rosetta backward. She landed on her butt with a big thump. Ohhh. That really hurt. I'll be sure to have a big bruise on my tailbone now! Well I guess it's a good thing no one's planning to see me naked. I wouldn't want to have to explain this, how embarrassing.

Rosetta stood up and gave the dresser a little kick before changing clothes and crawling into bed. After her long day's work, the sheets felt amazing and the bed very soft. She fell asleep quickly, but still awoke many times during the night. Rosetta still hadn't gotten used to the country sounds outside her window. Aside from the crickets, and the occasional rustle of a bush, it was amazingly quiet here. She wasn't used to that, she was used to hearing cars and honking while she fell asleep.

To be continued on the 7th...

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A new legacy comes along

This is Rosetta Nawn. She's a young lady just into her 20's, starting her own life in a town called Hidden Springs. All through middle and high school, Rosetta was the 'nerdy' type. Never very popular, but always dreamed of having lots of friends. She always tried to be outgoing, but didn't really get the hang of it until she was just about to graduate college. Mostly school was her main focus, science being her strong suit. Rosetta attended about two years of college before earning her Associates degree in Science, planning on a  Bachelor's in Biology.

Before she moved, she hired contractors to build her a small house. She only had a little money because she spent most of it on school supplies and books, but she had enough for a one bedroom. She was very excited to be moving out of her college dorm.
A little more about Rosetta:
A 'smarty pants' on the outside, and a firecracker on the inside. She does wish one day for a family, but is in no rush to settle down. Finally breaking out of her shell and putting away the books temporarily, she looks forward to making many friends in her new home. While she had been in school, Rosetta - with her nose buried in a book - never noticed how much the guys around her stared. How much attention they payed to her. She always thought she was invisible. Girls in her classes were always jealous of the looks she received, and never offered friendship because of it. Now that her eyes are more open to the world around her, maybe she'll find that she's not as invisible as she thought.


Great Kisser
Loves the Outdoors
Natural Cook


Food is Stu Surprise
Color is Purple
Music is Classical

Rosetta's Life time wish is to become a Culinary Librarian, learning every recipe she can learn.

A little bit from the author:

I will be trying to release a new chapter every Friday, at 7am, but we all know how that goes. Sometimes life just is too busy to sit and do what you want to.

The writing style, at first, might be a little different than you are used to in my stories. It will be half narrative, and half first person. Rosetta's POV (point of view) will be written in Italic style and also bold, so it's easier to read. The narrative will be written in this normal format.

Everyone (maybe) knows the rules of my legacies:

1) The only cheat used is 'hideheadlineeffects on' so it doesn't show thought bubbles or plumbobs. I think that's better for photo's personally. (Sometimes I forget to turn it on though, so if you see a photo with a thought bubble - please forgive me.)

2) I do not pose anything. What happens happens. I may try and make things happen on occasion, or omit part of what really happens, but neither of those things occur very often. I do not have any MoD's, Hacks, poses or player content of any kind, and each picture is genuine in game posing or actions. (I know, I'm a rare breed of Simmer.)

3) Each heir must be related by blood to the founder (Rosetta). There will be no adopted children becoming sole heir. Regarding the last name - I am not sure what will happen there, if she will take on her husbands name or not.

4) There will be sexual content. That's why there's a warning. Skip that paragraph if you do not want to read it.

That is about it for now.

All of that being said (if not read) - I think some of you will be surprised and delighted about what's to happen in this generation. I know I love her to pieces already, and have only played her for one full day (real life day). I also love what's happening in her story, and can not wait to share it with you! I fully adore comments and even suggestions - so do not hold back!! Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoy this legacy as much as I do.

First chapter will be released next Friday. (The 31st)

Any questions or comments?

To be started Friday the 31st...

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The Final Chapter

The month started off as any other month would, but it didn't end that way.

Adelaide looked at all the pictures in the house and smiled at the captured memories. She thought that her family was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was so glad she moved here. Now, her adopted son Logan was grown, with his own children, as was her adopted daughter. Her own baby boy was approaching on coming into his own life too. Time was such a slippery substance.

Brian and Adelaide spent quite a lot of their time in the basement these days, concocting potions or just  honing their skills. Brian did well in all of his potion making and chemistry, but Adelaide didn't do so perfectly. Frequently, her experiments blew up in her face. She always showered and went right back to it though - determined not to be out done. Brian was the first to make something that actually worked anyway.

Nearly every day, Adelaide made sure to spend quality time with David. She didn't want him to grow up thinking that she was too old for fun, or not someone that he could talk to. So far he shared everything with her though, and she was happy about that. Video games were a great way for them to bond, but his reflexes were a little quicker than her own.

One morning, Adelaide and Brian were sitting at the dining table eating Brian's famous pancakes when Addy mentioned having a family reunion.

"I think it'd be fun to get everyone together. It's been quite a long time since we've all seen each other." She had said.

Brian finished his last few before replying, "That is a pretty good idea. Why haven't we done that before?"

His wife smiled. "Well, I'm not sure, but maybe we could make it a frequent occurrence? I was thinking of booking the park for a day. Exclusive access of course, we could bring some hot dogs and hamburgers or something to eat."

Right after breakfast Brian made all the arrangements to have the reunion at Central Park in two weeks. He then called all the family to inform them of the date and place they were planning on. Everyone seemed excited to come.

While David was at school this day, Brian and Adelaide were in the basement as usual. This time Adelaide was toning her muscles as Brian played Foosball. No matter what they did during the day, and no matter how long, they were always together. Every day was spent with each of them in sight of the other. The couple seemed inseparable.

Adelaide heard the phone ring upstairs just as she pulled herself off of the bench. She answered it to hear the principle on the other end.

"Mrs. Fuller, I'd like you or your husband to come to the school and pick up your son please. He's been suspended temporarily."

She promised he'd be right there, and told Brian about the call before she left. A little worried, she drove a little too fast to get there.

After a meeting with the principle, which David also attended. Adelaide stepped outside the school and laid into her son.

"What is the matter with you! Where did you even get the idea to toilet paper the principles office? What were you thinking? Boy, not only are you suspended from school but you are restricted to your house. You won't even be coming to the reunion! I am so mad at you, but more than that - I'm disappointed. So very disappointed in you David."

At first David carried a defiant look and demeanor while she ranted at him. When she said she was mad, he just rolled his eyes. He knew she never got mad at him, at least not for more than a minute. Nothing he ever did actually made her angry. Though when she told him that she was disappointed, and he saw the look on her face, that really made his attitude falter. He could tell that she meant every word. He realised then that it hadn't been that she didn't want to see his faults and his misbehavior. It was that she really didn't see it. He was her angel, and could do no wrong. It came to him that he just ruined her trust, her perfect vision of him was now tainted. He was truly sorry for that. He tried to apologise and put that smile that he knew so well back on her face, but she wouldn't accept it. She just shook her head and pointed toward the car. David hung his head and obeyed her silent signal.

The morning of the family reunion dawned and everyone met at the park. They spent the entire day mingling with each other and just having a great time. Logan and Velina had come, but the twin girls couldn't make it. Velina explained that she and Logan had put the girls into preschool. They had just started that week and didn't want to mess up the schedule they were just coming to get used to. Adelaide was slightly put out that the grand babies couldn't come, but it wasn't the end of the world. It also wouldn't be the last reunion. She made a mental not though to make sure and hold these in late afternoon from now on - after school.

The food that was brought was all cooked by Brian, he even brought dessert but everyone was too full after his hamburgers to eat any more. After eating, Logan and Adelaide carried on a simple game of catch while Carla played chess and the rest of the family conversed at the picnic tables.

While they sat, Jennifer had some news to share.

"Ron and I are going to be getting married!" She enthused. Everyone smiled and gave her congratulations. "Oh that's not the end of it." Jennifer glanced around the table. "We'll be moving too, too. We're going to settle down in a town called Lunar Lakes. It's a really awesome place. Ron got an offer for a job there that he just can't turn down. Personally I welcome that change, I'm so sick of Sunset Valley."

Brian was shocked. All this news at once wasn't good on an old mans heart and brain. They talked about it for a bit sitting there together. Eventually he came to terms with it, knowing that she was going to do it no matter what and it was better to separate on a good note, as opposed to arguing about it.

When that conversation was starting to drift off, Velina brought up her own family news. Much similar to Jennifer's, Velina disclosed that she and Logan would be moving with the girls as well. "It's a town about 90 miles north of here, 'Hidden Springs'. Really, really nice place. We just love it. We were planning on coming over tomorrow to break the news, but now is as good of a time as any."

Brian felt his heart flutter all over again. There was no way he was going to let his son take his grand babies that far away without following them. No way. He wondered if Adelaide would feel the same way. It didn't matter, if Logan, his wife and his babies were moving, so was Brian. That was final. He got all the information he could from Velina while sitting there, though tried not to let on what he was thinking at first. He didn't want to make Jennifer upset, or jealous, that he would move with Velina and Logan, but not her. It wasn't really like that. If it wasn't for the twins, he'd stay right here in Sunset Valley. He had to see his grand babies though - had to watch them grow.

Only a few short weeks later, Brian, Adelaide and David were settling into their new home in Hidden Springs. Velina hadn't been exaggerating when she told them how beautiful the place was. It was near perfect. A great place to live and raise a family. They had hired contractors to build a house for them, and that was just as perfect as the town in which it was placed.

Pretty soon after they moved in, David celebrated his birthday, becoming a very handsome young adult. He told his parents about his dreams to become a magician. Something he had wanted since before he had even become a teen. He loved magic, real and fake, and would love to make a living doing it. Brian gave him a hard time about doing something more 'real' than that, but of course he would let last son live his own life and learn his own lessons. David moved out and got his own place. He lived only about 5 blocks away though, and came frequently to visit.

One morning, early, Adelaide woke and got out of bed to shower, just like she always did. When she came out though, Brian was still in the bed. That was unusual, he normally got up while she was bathing. Gently she tried to wake him, but he never awoke. Brian had passed away in his sleep. When she realised this, Adelaide froze in terror unable to speak or move. Finally she begged him to come back to her, not to leave her alone in this new place. When he didn't comply she hit her knees and pulled out her phone to call 911. Maybe it wasn't too late. The ambulance got there but declared him deceased, and offered their condolences to the grieving widow.

Only one day later, Adelaide was sitting on the porch when she had her heart attack. There was no one nearby to help early enough and she passed on while thinking of her late husband. She had felt the pain, but there was no fear as she faded into her next life. She would be with him again at least.

David and Logan were devastated by the loss of both parents so close together. They phoned Jennifer and had her come for the services. The funeral was to be held the same day for each of them, and they were going to be sent back to be buried in the Sunset Valley family cemetery.

Life slowly went back to normal for the remaining family members, the new town made it a little easier than it would have been if they were still at home. Hidden springs didn't carry the memories that Sunset Valley did, and life was easier to bear. Even for David. He threw himself into his work and spent his days doing nothing but practicing.

Emma, Logan's dog, had two adorable girl puppies. The family kept one, and David actually showed up to adopt the second. Logan and Emma both seemed happy to give the pup to someone they knew and trusted.

Life continued in Hidden Springs, though the memories would never fade.

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Heart Broken

Okay, I have come to discover that I cannot play the Fuller family. At all. I don't know what it is, but no matter what I do - they are glitched. I even seperated David from the family and moved him to a new town and new house. Still glitched.

I can play other games without any issues. I've been fighting these problems with them for a long time now, but they've gotten too out of hand. So I am forced to ... stop playing them.

My question to you is...

Should I start another? Would you read it?

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I've been having some serious issues with my Fuller family. Until I get those fixed, I am unable to play them. I WILL get them fixed though! (Positive thinking)

The story will resume exactly where we left off, though there might be some other changes. Such as; a new house, some other characters may be missing, things along those lines.

I just wanted to tell you, the Fuller family hasn't been forgotten - by any means, but they are ... unable to share their story at the present time.

I hope you stick around. If by any chance I am unable to continue with the story (highly unlikely) I will start a new!