Tuesday, May 17, 2011

G III: Chapter 22

In the morning, Johanna awoke and went about her morning routine. After her shower she gazed at herself in the mirror.

"I'm so bored with my look. I need something new." With that, she pulled out some scissors and started to cut her hair. She paused briefly after the first snip, it had taken her a long time to grow her hair out like it was, she was going to miss it. That didn't stop her need for difference though so she continued chopping away. When she finished she jumped back in the shower just to wash off any extra hairs. After blow drying, she looked in the mirror again.

"There now. I feel like a different woman!" Johanna was very pleased with the results. "Maybe I should get a job as a stylist." She added to herself.

Johanna went down to get breakfast and passed Dylan sitting at the table, doing homework. Dylan was so involved in a problem he was working on that he didn't even see Johanna until his work was complete. She had already finished her pancakes.

When he looked up, he was surprised. "Wow! Your hair! It's gone."

"Yeah, I thought it was time for a change, besides you know how annoying long hair can be."

Dylan nodded, "Yes I do, I was thinking of cutting mine too, but now that I see yours maybe I'll get you to do it." He smiled at Johanna, "I'm not sure yet though. The only thing I do know, is that I need change too. I'll be considered a young adult soon, graduating from school and everything and my life is still an unwritten book. I don't really have any plans either, maybe I should work on that." When Dylan said that he didn't really have any plans, he sort of fibbed. He did have a few thoughts on his future. Unfortunately he wasn't sure how to bring it up. He was sure that his ideas for his life would upset his family.

Dylan's thoughts were interrupted by Johanna, "I guess I haven't thought that far ahead either. The only thing I am planning is a trip to Egypt. I got a job at the local spa to save up some money, but so far... I don't like the work." She and Dylan stood up from the table.

Dylan told Johanna that he had some research to do upstairs and he would see her later. Johanna went outside to get the mail, but the garden captured her attention and she soon found herself harvesting the goods.

Upstairs, Dylan browsed on the Internet. He was looking up the cost of plane tickets and also the cost of living in Shang Simla.


Brian had already been up, dressed and out before his siblings had even thought about rolling out of bed. He had recently seen some strange activities around the local pool and decided to do a stakeout and find out more.

He tucked himself into the bushes nearby and pulled a few branches off to hold in front of him for camouflage. It seemed to work, he didn't have to wait long before two suspicious characters were standing in front of him talking.

"Do you have it?" The man asked.

"Of course, but have you held up your end of the bargain?"

"It's a done deal. We'll be out in no time. Now hand it over."

Brian watched as the woman passed an envelope over to her partner, and he remained still and quiet as the two of them turned and walked away. 'Nice doing business with you' the man had said. Brian had no idea what the two were up to, but it was suspicious enough to capture his attention. As soon as he was free to move without being seen, Brian got into his car and headed for home. He was going to write this up as a report and send it in to the local police department. They could do whatever necessary with the information.

Outside, Daphne was finishing up in the garden. Johanna had been doing the harvesting, but she still didn't know how to weed the plants - nor water them properly - and Daphne appreciated the help. She always came in after Johanna and finished up what needed to be done.

Today her mind was not completely on her plants. Just like Johanna and Dylan - Daphne wanted a change. Though what she wanted was bigger than just a haircut.

Daphne had grown bored of Twinbrook, and the house. She wanted to move, since Charlie was gone there was nothing really holding her here anyway. She did consider her family, and what effect it would have on them, but she would never know until she asked. Before she did that though, she must know a little more about her plans. For starters, she didn't have a clue where she would want to go, or if there would be a house with enough room for the whole family. If they all went. So, after her garden was cared for and she was showered, that is just what she did - researched available towns and houses. It didn't take long for her to stumble onto a town called 'Riverview'. It seemed perfect. Mostly it was a farming town, but there were some 'city' things about it as well. She loved all the pictures, but she wanted to go and visit for herself. That would be the best way to find what she was looking for.

Daphne decided to leave right then. No point in putting off the future. She made a call to make arrangements for a place to stay, just temporarily. Then She phoned James, and left a not for the kids telling them she was going on a short trip - though not giving anything else away. Hoping not to be gone long, she left Twinbrook in her trusty truck.


It was night by the time she arrived in Riverview. She pulled to the side of the road and read the directions to her home away from home carefully.

Tired from the trip, she entered the small house and found the bedroom right away. Daphne collapsed on the bed, above the blankets, and fell asleep quickly.

Morning dawned and Daphne awoke, for a moment she had forgotten where she was. Then she smiled and got up to shower. It felt a little odd not to have a garden to tend before bathing. She dressed and went to the kitchen hoping the fridge was stocked. Thankfully it was.

After breakfast, Daphne went out on the town. She wanted to explore and get a feel for the place. There were : 
Lots of things to do, and parks to visit.

Beautiful homes, and friendly people.

More parks, for adult enjoyment as well as child.

Streets lined with many trees, and fenced in yards.

Daphne's favorite place was a beautiful farm, with a garden bigger than she had ever imagined, just outside of town.

 While walking around, Daphne even found a seed that she didn't recognize. She had planted many many things, and had learned to distinguish many plants just by the seed alone. It intrigued her to find one she didn't know. She picked it up and stared at it. Right then, she knew that Riverview was the best place for her and her family. She wasn't sure why this seed helped her to make that decision, but it did. Now she would just need to find a house.

While Daphne had been walking around at one of the parks, she had overheard a group of girls discussing a 'ghost' problem they had at their house. Daphne politely interrupted their conversation and offered her assistance as a ghost hunter. The girls gladly accepted and requested that she come by that night.


After the long day of walking around and exploring, Daphne dressed in her work uniform and went to the girls' house. It was a nice looking place, as all homes in this town seemed to be. She was invited in and shown around. The ghosts residing here made their presence known quickly.

Daphne got to work.

The first, a female, talked willingly to Daphne. She was convinced to move on quite easily. Apparently she was bored with haunting the house anyway.

The second was male, and he was not so easily swayed. He argued and screamed at Daphne. He didn't believe a word she was saying. When he turned to look for the female, Daphne told him that she left - crossed over. That made the ghost stop and think twice. He had been in love with her and only stayed to be with her. Now that she was gone, there was no reason he couldn't go too. So he did.

The house was calm and free again. The girls cheered for Daphne, and for themselves. "Finally! We can have a good nights sleep in our own home!"

Daphne realized how hungry she was. The girls she had helped directed her to a diner that was open late. Daphne thanked them, got in her truck and changed clothes, then went to eat.

The quality of the food wasn't quite as good as she was used to, but the waitress recognized her name. The meal was comped and Daphne also got dessert.

Her stomach full and her brain exhausted, Daphne went back to her temporary home. She actually made it under the blankets this time, but fell asleep just as fast as the prior night. She would continue her search for a house tomorrow.