Thursday, September 30, 2010

GEN II: Chapter 3

One morning, Hayden decided that he wanted to start his day off at the graveyard. While there an odd urge came over him to swim in the water. So he did.

Feeling refreshed, Hayden got out, got dressed, and wandered around looking at the gravestones. He even visited his grand mother and father on his moms side for a short time.

After the graves got boring, he rode over to the stadium to apply for a job. The only position available was a snack hawker, but he took it anyway. Hayden at least wanted to get his foot in the door, and an opportunity to show someone higher up what he was capable of. In the end he wants to be a superstar athlete. Athleticism is in his blood after all.

After applying and getting accepted he went home. As soon as he walked in the door he ran into his father and told him the news.

Alan realized then, that his son was growing up. Hayden is now a young adult, and still has a lot of life ahead of him, but he is starting his own life. Alan felt a little disturbed about his first born moving on, he didn't really want him too. This was their home, together. It took a lot to get here, and
build the life they have. Someone has to keep it going.

"Hayden, I know your coming into your own now, being engaged and with a new job, and I'm so proud of you for that." Alan began "I also know you want to start your own life, but... and I'm sure I speak for your mother too, we do not want you to move out. We want you to stay here and inherit everything we, as a family, have come to acquire. Please stay here." he finished. Alan really hoped that Hayden would choose to stay, but wasn't going to force him into anything. It was his own decision to make.

"Oh, you know, I haven't thought much about it. Thank you very much for the offer. I'd love to stay, but since it is not just me in this relationship and future. I'll have to talk to Isabel, and make sure she does not mind." Hayden replied "But, dad, I would love to stay. I'm happy you want me to."

Alan's phone rang at that time, and he took the call. Hayden looked over to see his mother playing their new video game and decided not to disturb her.

Hayden then went out to do his favorite hobby. Invent things. Soon though, he ran out of scrap and had to go dig through the trash piles at the dump to get some more.

Chase was in the living room talking to himself when there was a knock at the door. Since he was the closest, he assumed he should get it.

When he answered it, Chase was happy he did. This was a lovely girl, and he wanted to know her. Before she even told him why she was visiting, he ran into conversation.

Pretty soon, before he really noticed it himself, he was asking if she was married, and even throwing out a pick up line at her. She was just so easy to talk to, he got a little carried away. Chase then invited her inside for some dessert.

During their dessert she introduced herself as Emerald Greenwood, and that she was a new neighbor. She had just come to say hello. She also thanked Chase afterward, for inviting her in. Parfait was actually her favorite dessert, and she really enjoyed herself. She thanked the family and left for her own home.

That evening, everyone settled down and most of the family played games together. Chase was just wandering around in his swimming trunks, and Alan and Crystal were out fishing together again. It got dark pretty quick though, and not catching anything, Crystal and Alan came home.

Crystal wanted to play on the jungle gym for a while before she turned in. It wasn't too late to do so. Her birthday is fast approaching, and she knows she won't be able to play on this much longer, soon she'll be to big. She was excited about growing into a teen, but she also knows she'll miss being a little kid.

Friday, September 24, 2010

GEN II: Chapter 2

The Fuller family happened to be surprised one night by a sneaky burglar! Alan, Hayden and Kenya were the only ones awoken by suspicious noises. Everyone else stayed sound asleep. The three of them ran out onto the porch just in time to see a policeman tackling the robber. He won that fight thankfully.

She was cuffed and escorted to the squad car. After the officer did a sweep of the house to make sure nothing was missing, he took her downtown. She would be spending a while in jail, she had a few warrants out for her arrest.

Kenya and Alan went back to bed, but Hayden chose to stay awake. He took a shower and ate some breakfast, then even did a little inventing. After a while, just as the sun was coming up he decided to go to the park.

When he arrived he realised that he was the only one there. Hayden sat on the fountain for a while, but got bored quickly. He thought about calling his girlfriend Isabel. He did, and was told that she would be there shortly. She'd be happy to see him.

To pass the time, Hayden caught a few butterflies. He never had a real interest in any insects before, but it was fun to catch them on occasion.

Hayden looked up from his second butterfly catch to notice Isabel had arrived. She had apparently not seen him and sat down to read a book. He approached and asked what she was reading. "Actually it is a book about charisma, I'm learning as much as I can about speech making." she replied.
"Awesome! That is a nice skill to have," Hayden told her. Then he remembered something else.

Hayden told her all about the robbery, and although nothing was taken, because of him, a well known criminal was in jail. He also made sure to tell her that he was not afraid of a silly old burglar, no matter how dangerous.
Leading right from the story of the dangerous criminal Hayden started flirting about taking her around the world, discovering new things. She flirted back in kind for a few minutes, then challenged him to a game of chess.

They played for one game, and Hayden won.

She said she needed to go home and cook some dinner, and they kissed goodbye. Just as she was leaving though, Hayden caught her wrist and offered to take her out. She accepted, leaving her family to fend for themselves.

They went to the Bistro together and ordered their favorite dishes. Small talk got them through the meal nicely, Isabel was telling Hayden all about her new car. She was very excited to have it, and happy she didn't have to take taxi's anymore.

The two finished their dinners and stood to say farewell, again.

Isabel wrapped Hayden in a very warm hug. Before she knew it, or could blink. He was on one knee in front of her asking her to be his wife.

"Isabel, I've known you since I was little," Hayden told her "and I could never see myself with anyone but you. Would you marry me?"
Without hesitation, or even caring if her family would approve or not, she accepted his proposal. "I would love to marry you Hayden. You were my first crush, and I love you still, even more deeply."

The newly engaged couple stood and embraced. After a little more conversation, mostly about when the wedding would be, they departed company.
Hayden arrived home to find his father reading a book and his mother was no where to be seen. He interrupted Alan and said that he had important news for him and mom. Hayden then called for Jenni. He wanted to tell them both at the same time.
Jenni came from upstairs.
"What is so urgent Hayden? Are you alright?" She asked, a little worried.
"Oh I'm great, nothings wrong!" Hayden told his mother, to calm her. "I have asked Isabel to be my wife and she accepted. We are going to be married!"

Alan and Jenni were a little shocked, they hadn't even known he was thinking about it. The truth is, he hadn't been thinking about it, it was a spur of the moment action. Both parents were very happy for Hayden, they congratulated their son and hugged him. Jenni started asking about plans right away. "When is it going to be? Were you planning a small family ceremony like your brother? Or maybe a big party, we could rent a place!"
Hayden asked her to take a breath, and advised her there were no plans at the moment. But there will be. Alan was glad to see his son so excited about his life. "Have you met her parents yet son?"

Hayden thought for a moment. "Actually no, you have a point there. Maybe I should do that."

Monday, September 13, 2010

GEN II: Chapter 1

It's early morning at the Fullers' home and they are celebrating a birthday. Little Crystal is growing into child hood. She has learned everything she can from toddler hood, and it's time to grow up. The family gathers in the kitchen for her to blow out her candles. Her daddy gets the honor of holding her for the wish.

1...2...3... blow out those candles Crystal!

Chase sets his angel daughter down to do her growing.

Just Crystal and Alan get a piece of cake, everyone else had to leave for work or school. It was that time. While they were enjoying pure sugar for breakfast Alan wished her a happy birthday. "I have a special surprise for you just from me, honey." He said to her "We'll see it when you are done."
"Oooo Grampa, what is it?!" Crystal asked excitedly.
"Well if I tell you now it won't be a surprise now will it?" Grampa Alan joked. "You'll have to see your bedroom before I give you my gift."

They both finished up their cake and Alan showed Crystal her new bed. She loved it, but wanted to know what her Grampa wanted to give her.
Pretty soon Alan stepped outside and told her to come get in the car, they had to go somewhere. She did as she was asked, still curious.

They drove for about five minutes before Alan stopped the car on the side of the road. With a quick "Follow me" to his granddaughter he jumped out of the car and ran into the woods. Crystal smiled and followed him as quickly as she could. The further they went into the trees the more interested Crystal became as to where they were headed. Finally she saw Grampa Alan again and smiled as she approached him.

"I love it!" She exclaimed. "I just love it."
Crystal had become quite a fan of fishing, although she had never been. As a toddler, she loved to watch the fishing channel and her favorite picture was of someone fishing at a lake. Since she had seen so much fishing stuff when she was little, now as a child she feels like quite an angler.

They had arrived at a small lake buried deep in the woods, it seemed like it was forgotten. Maybe nobody knew about this place. There were two fishing poles waiting there for her and her grandfather.
"I figured you'd like it" Alan said "I know your into fishing."
The two of them got the bait on the line and casted. It was so peaceful here, so quiet. Crystal was glad to spend time with just her and her Grampa. Pretty soon she caught her first fish. It was just a minnow, but to Crystal it was a great joy to even catch that.

After a few minutes, Crystal looked at Alan and said "Thank you so much for bringing me here, it's so lovely. The best birthday gift ever!" Alan smiled and told her that it was his pleasure, and he was glad she was enjoying herself. They continued to fish well into the afternoon catching bigger and bigger fish each time.


Hayden and Damien had caught the bus. When the pulled up the school, Hayden ran inside right away. Damien took his time, and walked. Then he decided he didn't want to go to school today. It just did not appeal to him. When the bus pulled away he ran off.

"Spending the day at the pool is better than school any day of the week!" Damien thought to himself as he ran to the public pool.
There was only one other person there, and he was happy about that. He still was not fond of big crowds.

Quickly he changed into his swimming trunks and got into the pool. The water felt great. He swam a few laps, and just floated for a while. Damien sighed a big sigh and said aloud "This is great."
The woman swimming with him couldn't help but hear, "Yeah it is isn't it?" she said, "Sometimes you just have to get away from real life don't you?" The woman had a certain tone to her voice that made Damien look at her. She was smiling but Damien could tell that she knew he should be at school. She introduced herself as Chase. Damien was a little shocked to find a woman named the same as his half-brother, but took it as a popular name. Lady Chase and Damien splashed each other and swam together, they even had a contest of who could hold their breath longer. She won.

Since he was only just across the street, when the bus pulled up to take the children home, he got right on it. Hayden didn't even realize that his brother had not attended school with him.

When Hayden got home from school, and Damien got home from cutting, they went in to have some lunch. Hayden was nice enough to bring Crystals homework home with him, because she did not attend her first day of school. She got started on that right away. After eating, Damien went up to his room to paint, and everyone else got into the living room to watch a little TV. Chase noticed that there was not enough seating for everyone and vowed to remedy that. At the moment there are not enough funds to buy a new couch, so that will have to wait.

Right now, it is time for another birthday. The family gathers outside to celebrate.

Hayden is entering his young adult stage. He has graduated high school today and is ready to move onward and hopefully upward. He laughed when someone said "Make a wish!" because he considered himself too old for that nonsense.

But he made one anyway.

He blew out his candles quickly, then grew.. just a little bit. He didn't feel much different, just now he didn't have to go to school. That was a relief. The first thing he did was tossed out his old homework folder and then went to change his hairstyle. Hayden knew from last time, that his mother didn't like this look, and he wasn't to fond of it either.

Hayden will get on with his new life tomorrow. For today he, just like everyone else, is sleepy. So it is time for bed.

Most everyone gets ready for bed at about the same time. Alan stayed to clean up after the party, as well as Hayden's friend from school who also attended.

She helped do the dishes while Alan collected and took out all of the trash. Alan said goodbye to her, then put the fish that he and Crystal had caught into the fridge for keeping. Maybe they would make some sushi for dinner one day. As for this busy day, it is over.

Hayden wonders what tomorrow may bring, not having to go to school and not having any other demands on him. He may go look for a job, or may not.