Wednesday, January 18, 2012

GEN IV: Chapter 26: Part II

As Carla stared upward she heard a gasp behind her, followed directly by a loud statement.

"Carla, are you kidding me?" Dylan said to her, he then covered his face with his hands. Trying to speak through the tears he could feel coming he asked, "Why wouldn't you tell us Carla? How long has she been gone?"

Carla was shocked, she thought he had left or had at least been to far away to hear what she had said. "Oh no. Uncle Dylan, please. I'm sorry I didn't tell. I wasn't sure how, also Rachel's passing tore Uncle Brian to bits. I didn't think I could bring more bad news to him.
She stepped up to him and begged him to forgive her.

"What happened? I mean.. how?" Was all Dylan could say.

Carla slumped her shoulders. "Um. A few weeks ago, mom went to the local pool, and well." Carla sobbed. "She and her friend had a contest to see who could hold their breath longer." She stopped for a moment to try and keep her breath steady. "Mom never came back up. According to the doctors, she must have inhaled while she was down there or something, her lungs were full of water. She drown."

At that last word, Carla couldn't keep her composure any longer and she collapsed onto Dylan's shoulder.
After she had cried for a minute she pulled away and apologized.

"It's absolutely fine Carla, no problem. I understand. You really should have told us, I still don't get why you didn't. I mean I get what you said, but I just don't know why you would think that you should have kept it to yourself." Dylan looked at her, "Is there something else?"

"Please, please don't say anything to anyone else. I think I should do that. You are right, I was wrong to try and hide it. I just," Carla looked at her feet. "I didn't want to be taken away. I'm just a teenager, and my only parent just died."

"Oh!" Dylan understood. "Oh, Carla. Did you really think we would let that happen? Come on now, I would have gladly had you come live with me, without a problem. Brian would offer the same, and you should know that."

"I do, but I did not want to inconvenience anybody. I love you all, and I can manage on my own. I have for this long, and pretty soon I'll be old enough to be on my own anyway. Actually I should go now, I love you Uncle Dylan, and I'm glad you know now. It is easier to talk about it, and I promise I will tell Brian soon. Not tonight though and I beg of you the same. I'll tell him tomorrow."

Dylan hugged Carla tightly. "I'm so sorry about your mom Carla. Get your rest tonight, We'll talk tomorrow. You are more than welcome to come to my house to stay. I'm gonna stay here a bit, with your mom."

Carla said goodbye and left. She walked to the end of the road and then got a taxi back to her house.
Carla walked into the silent house that she used to call home. It didn't feel so homey anymore, since her mother was no longer around, but it was the only place she knew. She did realise that she would be leaving it soon, and that was okay with her.

She made her dinner, which Carla had done for many nights now. After she had eater her bland Macaroni and Cheese, she washed the dishes. Cleaning up her mess right away, always made it easier to keep the house tidy.

Just as she was walking through the living room to get to her bathroom, the doorbell rang.
Johanna considered not answering it for a moment before she noted that she was standing just in front of the window, with the woman looking in at her.

"Crap." Carla muttered as she walked to the door.

"Hello I'm Inspector Morris." The woman said. "I'm here to ask you a few questions about a robbery. The house just across from you was broken into last night, and I want to know if you saw anything."

"No, no I don't know anything. I did not see anything unusual last night." Carla said.

Okay, thank you. Is there anyone else in the house that I may interview?"

Carla nodded her head. "Yeah, my Mom, but she's in bed already and I am not waking her up for this."

Carla lied, but she just knew that if she had told the truth, then she would have been taken away that instant, giving her no time to talk to Brian and Dylan again. Her gaze shifted over the investigators shoulder and she spotted paparazzi coming this way. She rolled her eyes and instantly wanted to duck inside.

"Okay well, as I said, I don't know what you're talking about. So have a good night Inspector Morris."

"Alright, well if you do see anything, or remember anything, you give me a call." The inspector gave Carla a business card. "Have a nice night young lady."

Carla nodded. "Yeah, sure I will. Bye."

When the woman was gone, Carla went back to her routine. She was shaken slightly by the investigator's appearance. For a moment, Carla thought she might have been there to take her away because the cops had found out that she has no guardian.

Carla showered and changed into her pajamas. She set her alarm for school the next day and crawled into bed. Before she fell asleep she cried again over the loss of her mother whom she missed her dearly. Some of her tears were also dedicated to Dylan and Brian, she felt bad for not telling them right away. After all, they were all family and she should have known better.

Eventually she fell into a sleep full of pleasant dreams, dreams consisting of herself and her mother just hanging out together. 

To be continued...

Friday, January 6, 2012

GEN IV: Chapter 26: Part I

**Meanwhile: back at home...**

After Logan and Jennifer left for China, Carla stayed as she had told Logan she would. Even though Jennifer's bed and Logan's were both open for her, she requested that Brian put together the guest bed. He did so happily, putting it in Logan's room which had the most space available. With the bed together and not much else to do, because it was so late, Carla went to bed.

Brian and Adelaide followed behind her about two hours later. Brian stopped by the bedroom Carla was occupying to check on her. She may be old enough not to need that, but Brian was a father, and always checked on his babies before tucking himself in. This also being her first time sleeping over, he wanted to make sure she had everything she needed. He stepped in the room and looked at her lying in the bed. He heard her soft breath and guessed that she was already asleep. While he stood there watching her his mind fell upon Johanna. Where are you Jo-Jo, why are you doing this to your little girl? He thought. Brian sighed. He was confused, the 'sister' he knew wouldn't be like this. he went to bed wondering what was going on.

Adelaide had been in bed when Brian finally came in, but as soon the door opened, David woke with a cry.

Adelaide popped out of the bed quicker than a flash, thinking something was wrong.

"I'm sorry honey, I forgot you guys were already in here." Brian said, frowning. "Want me to take care of him?"

Adelaide smiled at Brian, "Oh, no dear. It's okay. I'm not too tired anyway."

Brian nodded, kissed Adelaide's cheek and went to bed. Adelaide stayed up to soothe David for about an hour before getting back into bed for the night, at least until David awoke again.

Lucky for Adelaide, David didn't wake up again for 4 hours. It was 5am when she heard his whimpers to come out of his crib. When he woke without crying, Adelaide loved to listen to him. He didn't do that often and she took advantage of it when he did. She lay in bed listening to his cooing and gurgling for just a minute before she got going with the day.

Brian had already gotten up, showered and went off to work so silently that no one had woken up.

After David was fed he fell back asleep. Adelaide left him upstairs in the crib and, carrying the baby monitor with her, went to make breakfast for herself and Carla.

Carla woke just as Adelaide was putting the waffles in the oven to bake. She walked toward the kitchen in her sleepwear just going to get some water. Adelaide saw her and came out to talk and to give her a gift. She had seen some very cute house shoes the last time she'd been and thought of Carla when she purchased them. She had been keeping it in the cupboard until Carla had come over again, she had forgotten about them until she was mixing her batter for waffles this morning.

"Here, from me to you." She said to Carla, "I hope you like them."

Carla opened the box happily and loved the gift. Even though she and Adelaide weren't the best of friends yet, Carla did like her a lot. Adelaide was a nurturing person by nature, and it was easy for Carla to see that. She knew that Addy would love, unconditionally, any child in her life, her own or not. That in itself made Carla wish that she lived with them. On the other hand, did she really want to devote herself to another woman that might not stick around?

Carla shook her thoughts clear and thanked Adelaide with a smile.

"Oh hey, you doing anything later?" Adelaide asked Carla, "I was hoping you would go to the store with me."

"Well, I do have to go to school soon," Carla said, she looked at her feet for a brief moment then looked back up and added, "then yes I do have something to do. Sorry, but I'll take a rain check."

Adelaide was taken slightly aback by the look on Carla's face. She could see that Carla was very sad, but seemed to not want to let on that she was. Like she was trying to hide it. Why would she do that? Adelaide briefly wondered.

"Okay well, no biggie. Just a thought. Give me a call or whatever if you want to do something." Adelaide laughed, "That is if you're not busy hanging with your teen buddies, partying all night."

Carla chuckled, "Naw, of course not. I don't do that stuff."

"Oh, my waffles! I forgot. Are you hungry?" Adelaide offered.


Carla watched Adelaide go to the stove and pull out some steaming waffles. The smell of them wafted through the archway and made her hungrier. Her mind wandered trying to remember the last meal her mom had made for her. She couldn't. Carla's gaze drifted to the large window in the dining room.

What am I doing? Why am I hiding this from family? They will know sooner or later. Also, they'll be so mad at me for keeping it from them. They just don't understand. Carla looked at Adelaide, serving two plates of still hot waffles, with butter. Maybe they would. I shouldn't keep this much longer. They're affected too.


Adelaide's voice brought Carla's attention back to breakfast. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was... thinking about mom." She said as she sat down. "Thanks for breakfast, it smells awesome."

"No problem honey. You know, I know you might not want to now, but I just wanted you to know that if you want to talk - you've got someone to listen. Okay?"

Carla nodded, but didn't volunteer anything further and they finished their breakfast in silence.

Adelaide picked up the plates the two of them had cleared, and took them to the kitchen to wash. After she had loaded them in the dishwasher she stopped and thought of Carla. She put her hand on her face and sighed. I hope she talks soon, I'm getting worried about her. I know Brian is too. It's not quite my place to speak to her though, so I won't. She breathed and sighed again before walking out to the dining room again.

Carla had gotten dressed and was leaving for school, she said goodbye and started toward the door.

"Oh, hey Uncle Brian. I'm just off to school. Good morning."

"Heya, good luck, I'm just here for food." Brian said with a smile.

The two of them passed each other and went their separate ways, their minds on one track.

Carla caught a taxi to school. When she got out of the car, she walked slowly toward the building. She didn't really want to be here. She hesitated at the bottom of the stair, watching the other students go in. She knew both girls, but couldn't recall their names with her mind as scattered as it was.

Well lets get this over with. She thought.

Carla walked up the steps and sat through 6 boring classes with her mind somewhere else. The day passed by very slowly for her.

When Carla left the campus she took a taxi, not going home, but somewhere else. When she was close, she asked to get out. The cabbie unlocked the doors and let her out. Carla walked the last bit of the distance. Trying to keep her composure was tough though, and she started to cry.

Just then she heard something following her. Footsteps, but they weren't normal. When she turned, she saw a beautiful white horse, with no rider, just standing there watching her. Just standing there, seeming to study her.

Carla stared back at the horse, tears streaking her cheeks. As she looked into the dark eyes of the mare, she started to calm. The moment between girl and beast lasted for what seemed like an hour, though it was only about five minutes. The longer Carla watched the horse, the calmer she felt. At one point, very briefly, she had forgotten why she had come here.
The horse reared up on her back legs suddenly, and that made Carla jump slightly, but she did not fear it. She even smiled when the animal came back down to all fours, and bowed her head at Carla. The mare then huffed and slowly turned to walk away.

Carla watched the magnificent creature for just another minute before turning back to her task. Her smile faltered a little but her mood, lightened by the appearance of the horse, stayed mostly the same.

Carla took a deep breath and stepped through the gates.

"Hey Carla!" She heard Dylan shout. She turned toward his voice and saw him waving her over, smiling. She went to him.

"Hey Uncle Dylan. What's up?"

"Actually, I was just wondering what you were doing here? I mean... I know it's our family cemetery and all, but it's odd to see you here." Dylan said.

"Uh. I'm just, well. Visiting, you know." Carla replied.

Dylan nodded and accepted her explanation, but there seemed to be more behind that statement. He left it alone though and didn't ask anymore questions.

"Well, it's good to see you dear. I was just going. I'll leave you to it - and tell your mom 'Hi' from me okay?" He said, then he turned and left.

Carla only watched him for a second before turning away. She couldn't hold it anymore, she started to cry again.

There I go again. Hiding it. Why? I know why.

She placed something at her feet and looked toward the sky. Her eyes glistened in the setting sun's light.

"Dylan says Hi Momma." She said to the sky.

To be continued...