Sunday, November 28, 2010

GEN II: Chapter 15

Just a short trip across town and the Fuller Family pulled up to their new house. It was beautiful, just as Jenni imagined. Her favorite part was the garden, placed right out front. It fit so nicely. She really couldn't wait to start her own plants growing.

Jenni, Hayden and Isabel piled out of the car and went into their new home. Jenni's room was the only one downstairs, she liked that she didn't have to go up the stairs to get to her room. Jenni unpacked all of her things. Hayden and Isabel went to the second floor to inspect the boys' rooms and their own, also unpack all of their things.

The triplets had been at school during the move and came home to a new house. From what they were told of the new house though, it was a lot bigger. That made them happy because it seemed like there would be more room to get away from the parents. In the old house, each time they went to do something on their own there seemed to be an adult there too, because there was no where else to go.

James stayed after school to clean some bug cages, and Charlie stayed to help. Cedric came right home and sat down eat a piece of cake then do his homework. Jenni practiced on the piano they had purchased just that morning, before moving in. She had always wanted a piano just never had the room for it. Now they do. Hayden joined Cedric at the table with his own leftover cake.

"How do you like the new house son?" Hayden inquired.

Cedric shrugged. "I haven't had much time to look around, or even lay claim to my room yet. I was hungry when I got home, and now I'm doing homework. So far it's nice though a lot of room to run around." He told his father.

Hayden laughed. "There will be no running inside, you take that game of tag outdoors, you boys have a big yard to play in now."

Hayden finished his cake and left the table. Cedric was to tired to think about playing tag. Just then James and Charlie came home. Hayden was passing by again and told them to do their homework before getting into anything else. They did as they were told. Each one of them were too tired to complain. After homework they went upstairs to join their brother and play some video games until bedtime.

The first night in the house Hayden couldn't sleep well. He happened to be awake at one point and spotted a burglar sneaking across the front porch. Before she even made it inside to consider stealing anything Hayden confronted her and changed her mind. He was not too rough, but got his point across that she picked the wrong house. She gave up and ran off.

Before he went back to bed, Hayden installed an alarm system. Although he could handle a robber if he were here, Hayden worked a lot of nights, so he wanted his family to be safe even if he wasn't here.

The next morning, completely unaware of the nights activities, Jenni woke before the sun was up and went straight out to her garden. She worked in it, planting and watering, until the sun was coming up. Knowing the boys would be up soon, she went in washed up and made everyone a pancake breakfast.

Shortly after the triplets left for school Kenya and Chase came over to see the new house. Jenni talked to them outside, and showed them around the yard first. Afterward, Jenni gave them a tour of the inside. Kenya fell in love with the piano as soon as she set her eyes on it.

Hayden had gotten up and eaten his breakfast. He came down and said hello to Chase and Kenya and offered them something to eat. They accepted and went and got a plate of pancakes as well, Jenni joined them.

Hayden thought it a good time to go and put a fire in the fireplace. Though after lighting it, he stared at it for a moment, he couldn't resist the urge to play with it for a while before going back upstairs to wake his wife and work out for a little while.

While they were eating Kenya couldn't keep her eyes off of the piano. After she was done, that was the first thing she did. She started to play, even though she had never played before. Chase stood and watched his wife. All of a sudden they both heard Jenni scream.

There had been a carpet in front of the fireplace that shouldn't have been there. It caught on fire. The flames were getting really big, really quickly. Jenni had called the fire department already and they were on their way, but it didn't seem quick enough.

Finally the truck pulled up and the man ran inside. He put out the fire rather quickly and stayed for a moment to warn Jenni to be a little more careful next time, also not to place any highly flammable items close by. Kenya went back to the piano, and Chase followed.

Jenni and the firefighter stood talking for a little while. Soon enough Jenni was asking about the man himself, as opposed to talking about his job, fire. They talked for over an hour.

Then something came over Jenni, and she started flirting with him. She didn't even know this man's name yet, and she was complimenting him, and dropping pick up lines. He seemed to respond in kind though. Jenni realized what she was doing and quickly said goodbye to him. Not before giving him a very warm hug though. He promised he would call her, and left. Jenni stood for a minute alone, thinking about what just happened. Should she answer when he does call her? After all he was half her age, at least. When her phone rang, Jenni jumped. "No way, it can't be him already." She said to herself and picked up the call.

It was Crystal, she was inviting Jenni over for a few minutes. Jenni accepted and told Kenya and Chase to feel free to stay and look around.

Jenni talked with her granddaughter for a while. When she asked how Crystal was doing, overall, Crystal started going off about her life. She talked about kids, and not knowing if she actually wanted any. Also the fact that she doesn't even have a boyfriend, nor any good suspects. She didn't seem to like any of the guys here. She loved her new house, though it needs a make over. Crystal told her grandmother everything. Then glancing at the clock Crystal said that she was going to get to bed. She hugged Jenni and kissed her goodbye. As Jenni was leaving she ran into Damien.

He said that he was just coming to visit. Jenni informed him that Crystal was in bed now. Jenni and her son stood on Crystals porch and talked. Even though Jenni wanted to go home and get to bed herself, she couldn't resist talking to her family. She loved them and missed them dearly. She has thought about inviting them back to live with her, but knows they would not.

Jenni finally gave in to her sleepiness and said goodbye to Damien. When she pulled into her new home, with garage, she just stared at it for a moment. She thought then of everything that had happened in her life. Her bad times, then meeting Alan. He made her life perfect. She was so happy now, and it was all because of Alan. She thanked her late husband quietly. "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, I love you honey, and miss you. Maybe I'll be with you soon."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The New House

The Front View

Basement - undecorated

^ First Floor ^

^ Second Floor ^

^ Sitting room ^
^ Entrance Way ^

^ Dining Room ^
^ Bar ^

What I call the Mother suite. The only bedroom downstairs.

^ 1/2 of The upstairs den ^
^ the other half ^

^ Charlie's Room ^
^ Cedric's Room ^

^ Hayden and Isabel's room ^

^ James's Room ^

All told the house cost about §54,000 I think. When Jenni sold her car, it was worth more than I thought and that brought them to §64,000 so they kept all of their previous furniture, and bought the grand piano!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GEN II: Chapter 14

**Please note: There were two updates today, read the previous one first :-)**

Every afternoon Isabel practices playing her guitar in the front yard. She has gotten very good at plucking those strings. It has helped her along in her job as well, getting multiple promotions and raises. She dreams of becoming a movie composer one day. Her family supports her with everything, and they tell her all the time she will reach her goal. Though Isabel still has doubts, because the kids take up a lot of her time, she still works as hard as she can.

The boys have each learned to walk. It took a while for James, he preferred to crawl around. Since they have learned to keep their balance and use their feet as they were meant to be used, Jenni has often just watched them. She really does not want them to grow anymore than they have already, but they have to. It was just about time for celebrating another milestone for them, the next day will be the boys' birthday.

This day though, was Hayden's birthday. He did not want to celebrate it much, not even with a cake. But Jenni insisted, she believes every birthday should be recognized, no matter how small you think it is. Having the triplets in her life made her realize how fleeting life actually was. To her, they should celebrate it as much as possible.

Hayden was entering full adult-hood. He did not look much different than he had before, just more mature. Sometimes anyway. He made a wish and blew out his candles. Isabel did nothing but laugh at him because he was getting older, Hayden knew it was all in fun though.

Hayden remembered that the television had broken just that morning and went to fix it. There was also a knock at the door, Jenni answered and was pleased to see Damien. She invited him inside, then they went upstairs to talk. Damien told his mother that he was doing well with his painting, almost at the top of his career. Jenni was so proud of him. She gave him a hug and asked if he wanted to stay for another birthday. He agreed to, and both of them went back downstairs.

Isabel was also getting older. Her and Hayden shared the same birthday. She thought that everyone had forgotten, and she was okay with that. When she was called into the kitchen to blow out her own candles, she was genuinely surprised. Isabel stood there in her nightgown just as proud as she could be. She was happy to be an adult, but she because she was one didn't mean she had to act like one. She was still very young in her own eyes.

That evening Hayden played with all three of his boys. They really loved the mummified teddy bear he had bought in Egypt. It was time for him to leave for work though, so he gave each of them a bottle to have just before bed, said "See ya later loves" and walked out the door.

When Hayden got home that night, he was alone. Jenni and the boys were in bed, and his wife was not home from her job yet. His work had been pretty rough on him lately, he was still a rookie and the games were getting tough against the opposing teams. It seems his teammates didn't really get along with one another. When your team doesn't like each other, there is a lack of trust. With no trust on a team, there is no teamwork and nothing works like it should. He was determined to help his work buddies get better at working together. For now though, there were more important things. He went to bed and dreamt of the triplets.

Bright and early Sunday morning, the adults of the house woke and readied themselves for the day. It was the boys' birthday today, everything was all set up and ready. Chase, Kenya, Damien and Crystal were all invited to come. Just to have a little fun with each other before the party started, Hayden, Isabel and Jenni sat down to some competitive video gaming. Chase and Kenya arrived for the triplets birthday party just as Hayden started to loose to the two girls. He was happy to drop his remote and answer the door. Crystal had to work so could not attend.

James, Cedric and Charlie reached their childhood years. They grew to be such cute kids. Jenni cried a little at their birthday party, she really wanted them to stop growing. She wanted to be able to hold and snuggle them forever, and they were getting to big for that already.

As was tradition, each got a new bedroom set for their birthday gift. They also received a couple of toys, as all kids should have. There was a baseball, and a chessboard. Charlie got a bookcase, with some books because he had become quite a little bookworm. Cedric mainly played with the chessboard, since he was the genius of the family. James had turned out to be a little neat freak. He loves to keep things tidy, and always washes the dishes when he is done eating.

Monday morning is the first day of school for the triplets. Jenni got up early so she could make a good breakfast for them and tend to her garden. The boys got up in time, they all had showers and came down for pancakes.

After breakfast they still had some time to spare. Cedric and Charlie started to play video games with each other. Pretty soon they were joined by James and Jenni. They talked of their party and what a good time everyone had. They even thanked Jenni for throwing it for them.

A bus horn honked outside. Each of the boys kissed their grandmother goodbye and went off to school.

Jenni waved goodbye to them and turned just in time to see Hayden and Isabel standing behind her waving too. They all retreated inside to have their own breakfast.

"First day of school," Hayden said "can you believe they are so big now?"

Jenni replied, "Yeah, I know they grow so fast."

"I'm thankful it is quiet in the house right now, listen." Isabel got everyone to listen to the silence. "Nothing."

Jenni laughed and then said, "Trust me, you'll miss it really soon. You will want to hear the banging of blocks, or the sweet sounds of the little xylophone. Even the crying. You'll miss it."

"Maybe, but right now, I'm enjoying the alone time." Isabel said. Hayden knew his mother was right, already to some extent he wanted his boys back here. It was definitely different knowing they were gone.

"Have I told you I love you lately?" Isabel asked Hayden. He laughed and said she had not. They shared a hug and kiss, getting some adult time in while the kids were away. It seemed they hadn't shown each other affection like this in a while, though it really hadn't been that long.

Isabel had the sudden urge to play her guitar and headed outside to do so. Jenni joined her to listen for a while. Hayden stayed to clean up the kitchen and do some laundry.

While she was out there, Jenni took a step back to look at the house. She had sold her car the previous day so they could afford to get the boys' the new bedroom sets. She got more money than she expected from that sale. A lot more. Jenni was thinking of giving the house a makeover. Then another thought came to her all together.

She paid the bills that were sitting in the mailbox and picked up her phone to call the contractor that had built the house. She came over right away. Jenni asked a few questions and Contractor Michele said that Jenni could easily get §20,000 for the house if she sold it. Jenni took Michele, Hayden and Isabel next door to the family cemetery. She asked Michele how much it would be to have everything there moved to a different plot.

"We could do that for you, no fee." Michele said.

"Wonderful! Okay let me get back to you then okay?" Jenni asked. Michele agreed to await Jenni's call and left the family to talk it over.

"I want to move," Jenni said.

"Wow, but mom you love this place, you picked it out yourself." Hayden was kind of shocked to hear that his mother wanted to move out of the home she had built for them. "Where would you want to go?"

"Hayden, I would be sad to see this house go, really I would, but we need more room." Jenni explained. "The boys are getting bigger, and they are very active. They need room to run and play. You and your brother were always satisfied playing with toys or reading books. But your sons like to run around more than you did. They need a bigger yard, and house." Jenni's reasoning could not be argued. Although Hayden did not want her to have to move out of her home, she seemed to want too. Hayden realized then how far along in age his mother actually was. She was already older than his father when they wed, and she is still there with them. Would the stress of moving be too much for her? He could tell though, that there was no changing her mind.

"Okay then mother. Do what you have to. We'll help you find a place." Hayden gave in. Isabel wasn't sure where she could chime in her opinion, this was really between them. She didn't mind living here but she would love to have room for her soon to be hobby of nectar making. She remained silent for the time.

Jenni, Hayden and Isabel all went for a drive to look for a good spot, and found it. Isabel noticed it first, and thought it perfect. It was a very good size plot, and empty so Jenni could have a house built to her liking. Jenni fell in love with the area as well. She called up the contractor and made arrangements for them to build a house and move the cemetery right next to it.

A week later they waved goodbye to the house they have lived in for what seemed like an eternity. The whole family was off to a new start. The move took place while the kids were at school. Hayden had given the bus driver instructions to bring them home to the new house.