Monday, November 26, 2012

Witness to a Surprise - Ch 5.9

We took about a two days to move David into my house, our house. He didn't have many things so it was a pretty quick transfer. He was sure to grab all of his family pictures, ribbons from school and magic equipment. Most of his stuff all fit in my room, which he would now share with me. He had sold all of his furniture because I already had everything we need.

It only took us about a week to fall into a pattern such as couples who have lived together for years have. David was very helpful around the house, and even helped me in the garden. Every morning I make breakfast and after we eat, while I put the leftovers away, he'd load the dishwasher. Then we both take to watering and weeding. Most times we're still in the garden when my carpool arrives for work. While I'm gone he practices his magic act. I come home and we have dinner together then normally get into a game or two of dominoes. A couple of times we went out to dinner or a movie, but most times just are together at home. It was almost too perfect. Kind of disturbingly so. I never really thought it would be this easy.

Rosetta came home from working late one day and when she walked through the door, David whipped his wand out and turned it into a bouquet of flowers. "Flowers my lady?" He asked her. "Lovely, but not as perfect as yourself."

She rolled her eyes, though couldn't help but smile and laugh. "Thank you sir."

When she walked up to take the flowers, David made them disappear and grabbed her hand instead, pulling her into his arms so he could kiss her. She hadn't stepped out of his arms yet when she looked at him, "You're simply the best guy ever."

"Well I'm glad I can please you so much." David said, then he chuckled under his breath, "Now, how about I saw you in half? I need practice on that. Care to be a lovely assistant?"

Rosetta looked a little leery, "I think I'll pass on that one, I like my body whole. It's been a tough and long day at work, I'm beat and ready for bed actually."

David smiled and hugged her. "Of course you are, by all means let's tuck ourselves in!"

David and Rosetta brushed their teeth and got into bed together. David slept shirtless this night because it was pretty warm out. The cool sheets felt very satisfying on his bare skin. Once his girl got into her spot and her favorite falling asleep position, he slid over and curled up behind her.

Rosetta let out a pleasurable sound and whispered, "I'm so glad you're sleeping in the bed with me. You feel fantastic."

"As do you my love. Truly." He whispered back. David kissed her shoulder gently then snuggled his head at the base of her neck.

Before they started living together, and even once afterward, Rosetta had tried to initiate a little woohoo between the two of them, but David avoided it. The truth was that he could have given in at any time, and actually wanted to, but he really just wanted to make sure that both of them were in it for the long run first. David had dated a couple of women in his life, though it never went that far. The girls he had been seeing tried a few times to get him between the sheets, but he never felt comfortable enough to give his full self to them. When he said that he wanted to wait, it wasn't much longer that the relationship ended and he was glad he hadn't given in.

As he was falling asleep David was thinking about Rosetta, how much he really did love her, and how she was the first one to stay with him even after he had denied her advances a few times. It pleased him to know that physical connection wasn't at the top of her list of importance in a relationship. The only people who had ever taught him about love were his parents, and he actually wanted nothing less than what they had together. He didn't want to settle, he wanted everything. From the beginning, he had felt that he could have it all with Rosetta and he was shooting for it. David drifted into sleep and dreamt of his family, of the love everyone had shared and of him having the same.

Rosetta dreamt of something entirely different. Hers were slightly disturbing. She dreamt of a large, long pool and herself standing on a diving board at one end of it. The sun shone down brightly and birds sung in the background. She was smiling as she dove off, head first, into the cool clear waters below. When she went under it felt great, refreshing yet shocking. She was attempting to swim the length of the pool underwater, trying to reach the wall beyond. Unfortunately she had to come up for air. Her head broke through the top of the water and as she gasped for a breath the entire scene changed. Clouds rolled in the sky and it started to rain. The walls of the pool were closer than before, and the water not so clear. Trying to get out, she started to swim toward the edge, but then realized it was right in front of her, the pool wasn't long anymore - it was a tiny square. That startled her awake, she sat up in the bed and checked for David, he was there right next to her, sound asleep.

It was just a few hours later when David awoke and found Rosetta in the kitchen already making his favorite breakfast, pancakes. "You're up awful early. It's only 4:30am. I thought you were off work today?"

Rosetta put the plate of pancakes on the counter and turned to hug him. "I am. I just, had some weird dreams and couldn't sleep anymore. Are you ready to eat or would you like a shower first?"

David looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "You sayin' I stink lady?" He straightened up and then bowed to her, "If it is your wish, I shall bathe before eating your perfect breakfast."

Rosetta laughed aloud at him before saying, "No, not at all. You smell as wonderful as always, just asking. Let's eat."

Even though it's been a while since he moved in, I think I'm feeling the true differences only recently. I'm not saying that I mind him being here, I don't. I love it. Though I have to say, it's really different having to cook for two instead of just myself, or make sure I don't take forever in the shower because someone else needs it too. Maybe I just need to get out. It's been a while since we went out together.

"So I was thinking, since it is my day off, lets go somewhere. We haven't been to Mike's in a while. How about it?" Rosetta offered.

"Sure, that sounds great. I'll kick your butt in some pool." David glance out the window. "Of course, they don't open until 9 I think, so we have a good amount of time."

Rosetta looked a little disappointed, but suggested they spend that time in the garden taking care of the plants. If there was still time to waste after that they decided they'd go fishing at the little pond next to their house.

Rosetta and David were at Mike's Master Karaoke by noon, and planned to spend most of the day out. The two of them had a few juices downstairs, and listened to some singers, most of them were actually pretty good. The bad ones usually only come out at night, and only sing after they've  had a few too many drinks. A couple hours later they walked around the block to the diner to have a little lunch before going right back to Mike's.

When they came back they went upstairs to play pool for a little while. Both of them were having fun just being with each other, especially being out of the house, it seemed each of them was a little stir crazy. Rosetta was a bit more so than David. It felt good to be out.

"Hey, that's cheating. You're distracting me with your cuteness." Rosetta said to David. "Though I have to say, that is quite an interesting outfit you've chosen to play in. Maybe you did that on purpose?"

David smiled, "I'll never tell. Nice break by the way, my shot. Excuse me little lady, I need some room to perform my fabulous feats!"

'Fabulous feats' wasn't actually an exaggeration, David was really good at pool and Rosetta was truly impressed. He sunk four of his own before he missed and it was her turn. She was pretty sure that he missed on purpose, just so he wouldn't show her up too much. They played two full games, David winning both, before going off to do other things. Mike's had a photo booth and they couldn't resist taking some funny pictures before leaving. They also took some romantic shots and planned to hang both sets on the wall at home. David was big on having pictures, which Rosetta had discovered when he moved in.

A few weeks passed and David had gotten his first gig in town for a magic act. He was thrilled, and Rosetta shared his enthusiasm. She had tried to tell him at one point that it wasn't necessary for him to work, with the money she made from her job both of them lived comfortably. He had told her that it wasn't about the pay at all, he just really enjoyed pleasing a crowd and doing magic. It was about the fun.

Rosetta made sure she called her work and told them that she was leaving early so she could be there for his first performance. She wouldn't have missed it for the world. Unfortunately during his act she felt that she was more a distraction than a help.

She watched as he tried to pull something out of his hat, but there was nothing in there. His eyes kept falling on her. Rosetta smiled and cheered for him to keep going, that she wanted to see more, even though the rest of the crowd sighed whenever anything failed. David tried to make some doves appear and fly, but the only thing that showed up was a handful of feathers. He glanced at Rosetta and tried to smile. Again the crowd sighed, and one or two booed him. Rosetta threw her hands up and cheered anyway. Then he tried to turn his wand into flowers, the oldest trick in the book, but it just wouldn't do it. Aggravated the threw the wand down on the stage and stomped on it with his foot. The only thing that had worked properly for him was making some cards appear from thin air. He tried to do that same trick again, but the majority of the crowd was bored with that. Pretty soon watchers started to leave, saying it was the worst show they'd ever seen.

Rosetta made her way up to the stage. She wasn't blind to the fact that he was highly nervous and expected that it was mostly her fault. Maybe she shouldn't have come to watch, or at least shouldn't have let him know she was there.

"Man I sucked..."

Before he could continue she pressed her lips to his, kissing him until he relaxed in her arms. "No honey, you were just nervous. Everything will be perfect. You were perfect. I'm sorry if I made you uneasy."

David smiled. "Thanks Rose, you're sweet. No, I'm really glad you were here. Though, yes, you made me a little nervous, but it wasn't your fault that none of my things worked. I'll have to inspect it all before trying this again."

Some of my favorite times are my days off just sitting with David on the couch. We do that quite often. We don't even need to fill the silence with mindless babble either. It's always nice when you find someone you can just be with and not feel obligated to talk to. Of course it's not silent every time, we can always find something to talk about.

"Oh, I forgot, I invited Sonia over today. She hasn't actually met you yet and she wanted to, so, anyway she'll be here soon. "

"Okay, cool. Should I go put some sandwiches together?"

"No, I've got plans to make spaghetti after she comes, she likes that." Rosetta said.

"Well who wouldn't like your spaghetti? Who wouldn't like your anything? You're an amazing cook." David complimented. He looked at Rosetta for a moment, then suddenly his cheeks got slightly red and he looked a bit nervous.

Rosetta looked at him curiously. Just as she was about to ask what was wrong the doorbell rang. "Oh, that'll be her. Be right back."

David said "Okay," and watched her walk toward the door. He let out a breath in a big sigh. 'It's okay dude, chill. It'll be alright.' He told himself.

"Hey Sonia! I'm glad you could come over. Come on, I'll introduce you to him. He's in the den." Rosetta told her best friend.

Sonia and David shook hands and started with the usual small talk. Rosetta offered a game of dominoes with the two of them, and both agreed that it sounded great. After an hour or so, Rosetta excused herself from the game, leaving David and Sonia to finish up while she made dinner.

"Actually I'm not in the mood to play anymore," David said. "Let's go in the kitchen with her."

The two of them sat at the table to talk while Rosetta finished up cooking. During dinner Rosetta told David all about when she first moved in here and didn't really know anyone, then Sonia moved in and the two girls became friends almost instantly. Sonia asked David if she knew any eligible men in town.

"Well, no actually, the only guys I know are married. Sorry, Sonia." David said, then he smiled, "Of course you might find someone who's not in a happy marriage." He winked at her.

Sonia laughed and nodded, "Yeah I'll get right on that."

When they finished eating, Sonia and David went to watch television in the den while Rosetta cleaned up the kitchen a little bit.

"You doing okay man? You look a little nervous." Sonia asked David. "Sorry if I'm prying,"

David smiled at her, "It's okay, you're not, and I'm fine. Thanks."

Rosetta came into the den to join her best friend and boyfriend in watching a movie. When she stepped in front of the couch, David popped up to his feet and stopped her from sitting down.

"Hang on a sec. I have, well I have something for you."

As quick as a flash David hit one knee and popped a box open in front of Rosetta. "This wasn't originally the setting I intended, but I just don't want to wait anymore."

"Rosetta, will you marry me? I want to be with you forever, I've known that for a long time. I want to be your husband and be there for you always. Marry me?" The ring sparkled in it's puffy pillow nestled inside the black box.

Rosetta's mouth dropped open as far as it could. "Dear spirits! Marry.. oh... David wow. Husband? Marry.." She realised she was stuttering and not making any sense, so she closed her eyes and mouth and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes David looked a little concerned. She nodded vigorously, "Yes. Yes!"

David smiled pulled the ring from the box, gently he placed it on her finger. He hugged her hard and kissed her lips.

I turned to look at Sonia, but realised that she was gone. Then I heard the front door close, and knew that she had left to give us some privacy. So I took advantage of it, I wrapped him in my arms and kissed him again. It's odd, I'd never even thought about marrying him before this moment. Even though I'd not considered it yet, I knew instantly that I wanted to. It felt now like more of my life was complete. We stood there for a while in the den, just holding each other. Smiling, laughing and kissing. It wasn't too much longer though, that we realized the time was about 2am and we should get to sleep.

The two of us went to the bedroom to get ready for the night. I was choosing my pajamas when from behind me David hit me with a pillow. He burst into laughter as I regained my balance, tears of hilarity formed in his eyes. Of course, while his vision was blurry, I grabbed my own pillow and whacked him right back. He was a bit surprised by that, I guess he wasn't expecting it. Pretty soon feathers were flying and the giggles were spreading as we had our first pillow fight. He got me good a few times, and I him. Somewhere amidst the down flying all over David grabbed me around the waist and basically tossed me on the bed. Still giggling but my senses shocked, I looked at him with surprise. He joined me on the bed, and hovered over me for a moment before leaning down to kiss me.

David had never kissed me quite like that before, the man could have melted ice. We've kissed many times before but something about this was different. He may not have been all the way with a woman before, but apparently he's had plenty of practice in every other way. I hated to think about it but even Nicholas with all his knowledge didn't kiss quite this good. David was more gentle, thorough, pleasurable. Every organ in my body rose in temperature. Then, his hand squeezed my hip as he pulled away from the kiss. Actually he was acting like he was a little frustrated, like he wanted to go further but was restraining himself. To be honest I could have ripped his clothes off right then and there, of course out of respect, I didn't. He helped me into a sitting position before lightly kissing me again.

"I'm sorry to distract you," David said with a grin, "You were changing, my love?"

Rosetta let out a puff of breath as she got to her feet, "Yeah I guess I was."

To be continued...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another step - Ch 1.8

By the next morning, my mind was reeling with nothing but sexual thoughts. I had a fitful night even though it was full of very pleasurable dreams - starring David. I was introduced to how frustrating it is to have a man that you feel you need lying in your room but still not quite fully available. It's annoying. The first thing I did when my eyes opened to the 4am clock I normally get up to, was step out from my intensely warm blankets and head toward the bathroom. David was still asleep when I passed by and I tried hard to stay quiet enough not to wake him. While turning on the water I attempted to shake the thoughts from my head. Then I did my level best to lower my body temperature in a very long, very cold shower. It helped quite a bit actually. I thought that cold water thing was a myth.

Rosetta blow dried her hair, dried off and got dressed. She checked herself in the mirror and applied her makeup. Her thoughts were pretty much back on track to daily life. She didn't have to work this morning but she was due to give a lesson at the high school about chemistry and she had to get to that pretty soon. When she came out she found David in the living room reading a book. He smiled at her when she came in.

"I thought you'd never come out of that bathroom. I got a call from one of the places I perform for and they want to book me for tomorrow night. They are less than a days drive away, I'm gonna take the job so I'll be leaving shortly. Of course, I wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye though." David gave her the most romantic hug he had ever given her, his fingers laced through her hair and he pulled her close to him. He smelled what had become his most favorite scent, vanilla.

"I really don't want to go, but no one's hiring locally yet so I kind of have to. I have to go to my house first to get some things though." David said. Then he smiled and winked,  "Hey, don't freak out those students today, and don't give them any information on stink bombs. If you do it'll all be on your hands when the school gets pranked."

Rosetta laughed and hugged him again before calling a cab and sitting with him while he waited for it. They went their seperate ways when the car arrived.

Chemistry wasn't one of her favorite topics but she knew enough about it to talk to some students. The dialog didn't take long, but the question and answer time took quite a while. School actually let out at the same time her lecture ended. Rosetta packed up her things while the students filed out. She thought that it went pretty well and hoped that the kids had learned something from her. When she left the school she saw Simon coming up the steps.

"Hey Rosetta. How have you been? Wow, you look great." He said. "Nice to see you."

"You too Simon, it's been a while. How are you?"

"Actually I came here to see you, I heard you were lecturing today so I knew where to find you. I came to see if you wanted go to a movie with me tonight. How about it?"

"Oh. Oh. Actually, I'm going to have to say no, I'm seeing someone right now." She was shocked at his sudden interest in dating her, but smiled at him. "Thanks for thinking of me though, I'm flattered."

"Ah, so Rose is off the market." Simon smiled back, "I hope he treats you well, you're worth it. Hey, how did the lecture go anyway?"

Rosetta talked to him briefly before she said that she had to go. She wanted to get to the bookstore before it closed. She gave him a friendly hug before departing his company.

So I went into the bookstore to find a new romance novel. I think it's pretty obvious why I would be looking for that kind of book. I need some kind of outlet, some place to channel my thoughts. Anyway I was also looking for a book called "Game of Thorns". Not a romance but I've heard it was a really great mystery. So now I'll have two new books, one to use as a tool to release pent up thoughts, and one to maybe get my mind OFF those thoughts. I had just checked out and walked out of the door when my cell phone rang. It startled me actually. What surprised me more was that it was David.
"David! Hey. I guess you must be on your way to your show right now." Rosetta said.
"Actually I'm not. I got all packed and ready, but realized that I am really hungry. So, would you go to dinner with me?"

"Yeah, yes I will. I'm actually in town at the bookstore, so I'll meet you at the diner? Is that okay?"

David agreed to meet her, saying that he would be there within ten minutes. Since Rosetta was only a block away, she walked to the restaurant.


The two of them had a great dinner of cheese burgers and fries, both with a side of ranch. The waiter dropped the milkshake they were going to share. He offered to pay for a new one for them, but they told him not to, that they had to get going. David took care of the check and left the tip on the table and the two of them left the building.

"Wow I'm stuffed, that was great though." David said. "Thanks for coming out with me, I was hoping you would."

Rosetta looked at David. "You know, I've been wanting to do something for a while, and actually have stopped myself many times because I thought you might want to wait or something. Well if you do, stop me but I'm not going to wait anymore."

Rosetta leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, finally giving in to that kiss she's been dying to feel. She could feel his surprise, but thankfully after that she felt a response. She was happy he didn't stop her, that he kissed her back.

Once David realized what she was intending he smiled internally, feeling a small release of tension he didn't notice he had been carrying. He had been thinking of ways to make her smile every day, make her feel wanted and make her feel that he's the one who wants her, but he had forgotten the one thing that might do that best. When she pulled away he smiled and put his hands along her jawline, then he pulled her closer and kissed her more deeply.

I'm as giddy as a school girl. He finally kissed me. Grant it I did have to give him a little push, as my best friend had said he might have needed, but that's okay. His lips are so soft, so perfect. We've been dating a few months now, and since that first ice-breaking kiss we've shared many many more. I am happy to admit, to only myself for the time being, that I am totally in love with this man and want to marry him. I would be more than happy to tell him, I just need that right moment.

Velina dropped by the house one afternoon, surprising Rosetta. These two girls had become very good friends through their job and hung out together often outside of the work place. Velina had taken a while to open up, but once she did she was quite likable. She wasn't really as stuck up as Rosetta had originally thought. Rosetta offered to make a light lunch while the two of them visited. She had started making a salad when Velina spoke.

"I came by to talk to you about your bad attitude." Velina said, then she laughed at Rosetta's shocked expression. "Honey, don't try and deny it. You've been quite a grump at work, or I should say you get angered easily. You're so... uh, what's the word I'm looking for... Touchy? On edge, easily irritable?"

Rosetta sighed, "Oh, that. Yeah I know. Really, I'm sorry. I can't help it. I'm not sure what's come over me."

Velina looked at her friend and smiled. "I think I know exactly what's 'come over you'. You're dating my brother in law. That's what it is."

Rosetta looked questioningly at Velina while handing her a plate of salad. The two girls had sat down to eat when she said, "I'm confused. What does that have to do with anything?"

Velina grinned again, then shook her head. "David is old fashioned. Really old fashioned in certain ways. Since I know him, and I know that - I also know he hasn't taken you to bed yet." She watched blush rise to Rosetta's cheeks and embarrassment cross her face. Velina swallowed a bite of her food before continuing, "He won't either, you know. Not until you share some wedding vows. So don't look for it. I'm trying not to blurt this out, but it's coming out that way anyway, sorry about that."

Rosetta tried to say something but nothing came out. She wasn't really sure what to say, but then she chuckled a little. "It all makes sense now. I guess I should have figured that out sooner."

"What I'm saying is - if you are going to continue seeing him - you better find some way to um, 'entertain' yourself  before you become more of a timebomb. At least for myself and your workmates sake!" Velina smiled at Rosetta, "Just trying to help. I know you like him, a lot, and I don't think you'd leave over something so small but I also know from stuff you've told me that you've been active before. I know it's hard to give it up once you've experienced it in full, you know? Which is probably why you've been irritable. So... yeah." She laughed aloud, "Sorry, I'm really not sure what to say past that point."

A few weeks have passed since my conversation with Velina and now that I understood more what David was about, something that I had actually been to afraid to approach, it was easier to handle. At least now I know it's not me. I thought for a bit that maybe he didn't want me in that way, but now I get it. He's actually coming over to my house today and I have a big surprise for him. I hope he says yes.

David came to Rosetta's house as planned and he told her all about his latest tour. He also told her that it would be his last out of town. He found some new places around that need entertainers and he already spoke to them about being in their lineup.

"So I'm really thrilled that I don't have to travel so much! I'll save on gas for sure but more importantly, I'll see you way more often." David was all smiles, he was truly happy that he could finally work in town.

"That is awesome. I'm happy for you. Happy for me too, because we'll see each other more." Rosetta giggled. "It did bug me when you had to leave."

David jumped up and down on the spot for a second then said, "Let me take you out to dinner to celebrate."

Rosetta laughed and told him that she had already cooked dinner and dessert for him, but if he would rather, they could go to the Bistro. "Besides, it's your accomplishment, shouldn't I take you out to dinner?"

"Oh no, no, no. A home cooked meal from you would be so much better anyway. You hungry? Let's get to it."

"Well wait, David, I have a question for you first." Rosetta said hesitantly, grabbing his hand.

The sudden change of mood made David weary. Slightly concerned, he asked, "Sure, okay. Is everything alright?"

Rosetta smiled, "Yes, perfect. I was wondering though," Rosetta paused as she looked down at her feet for a moment. She looked back at him so she could see his reaction, "Would you like to... would you consider moving in with me?"

David blinked. Only a moment passed before a grin broke his face, "Yeah, yeah I would. That would be.. yes, yes I will. I want to." He sputtered out the words so quickly that he barely heard them himself. David knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and this was just another step toward that. He was ready to start that part of his life.

Rosetta smiled wide and wrapped him in a hug. "I love you, David."

He kissed her passionately before looking in her eyes. "I love you too, Rosetta."

To be continued...

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Date - Ch 1.7

After work one day, my taxi had almost arrived at my place when I told the cabbie to stop and let me out. I had seen David on the side of the road and couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk to him. It took me three times of telling that driver to stop before his deaf self heard me. I guess I was just impatiently excited. I threw some money at the guy and hopped out of the car quicker than a bunny avoiding a fox to meet David.

The last time I saw him was when he stayed at my house. Oh, that night was fabulous. Except when I got sick. That wasn't so great. I'm thinking it was some bad meat or something in my stew surprise. I did get worried enough to take a test, man was I relieved when that stick said 'not pregnant'! I have no clue what I would have done in that situation.

"Hey Rose!" David said happily. "Hey, you know... We made a date once a while back that we haven't fulfilled yet! I was just there but I can always go back." Rose looked at him with confusion. "The graveyard silly, I told you once that I'd take you fishing in the graveyard. Come on lets go now. You're not busy are you?"

Rose laughed. "Oh yes, yes, I remember now. We did agree on that didn't we? Well might as well, we're right here, no I'm not busy at all."

"I'll race you!" David said immediately taking off at a dead run toward the cemetery.

Rosetta and David entered the gates and walked to the mausoleum. David offered his hand and said, "Shall I give you a tour Madame?" In his best french accent.

She nodded and took his hand. The two walked in together to take a look around. While they were in there David showed her around looking at random things. There were gems in there and of course Urns and coffins. Spider webs and spiders galore and even a bat or two. The bats actually dropped down off of the ceiling and made Rosetta jump. David chuckled at her just a little before giving her a reassuring squeeze of his hand which did make her feel better. After that though, he started to take her to the exit.

"Wow. That was... something." Rosetta said when they left. "Did you see all those mice!? I don't like mice much. Well, I'm okay with them as long as they don't come near me. That was fun though." She smiled at David.

"Yeah, I go in there pretty often. Even so, being in there so much, there are still things that make me jump." He winked at her and smiled, "You ready to go fishing now? I know you know how. There's some cool fish in that pond back there." He gestured with his thumb to the area behind the mausoleum, "Especially after dark."

"Yes I am. I guess some abnormal fish come out after dark then." Rosetta laughed as she walked by his side.

The two of them pulled out some fishing poles and cast their lines into the water. They talked, but only a little so as not to scare any fish away. Standing there, changing bait every 10 minutes or so and casting back in, they didn't even get one bite. David was disappointed in the severe lack of interesting fish, but still was highly enjoying himself.

"You know, this stinks. I think I must have cleaned it out already." David admitted. Then he laughed, "Well I guess I'll have to give the ones left some time to make more, yeah?"

Rosetta giggled as she pulled her fishing line back so she could put her pole away. "Ah, no big deal I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll come."

David came up to her and put his hands on hers. "I hope not."

Standing there with him was so enjoyable. I never thought having a date in a graveyard could be so special to me, romantic even. I was having so much fun, and didn't want to leave at all. All good things must come to and end though right? Yeah. Work sucks. I thought for a second about staying with him and calling out the next day, but I really need the money. I've had quite a few things done to my house and had a very large bill racked up to pay.

Rosetta sighed, looking at David adoringly yet sorrowfully. "Well I really hate to go, but I do have work in the morning and it's gotten pretty late." She stepped a little closer to him, "Can I call you tomorrow?"

"I would hate it if you didn't." David said to her. He reache up and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "In the morning I'll be leaving on a tour for a few days - possibly a week. I'll have my cell of course though, so you can call anytime."

Rosetta nodded and smiled. The two embraced in a warm hug, squeezing tight before bidding each other goodnight.

A few days later, on her next day off, Rosetta went to see her best friend. Sonia was happy to see her and even more thrilled to hear that Rosetta and David had had their first 'date'.

"Sonia I want so much to kiss him, or something like that. You just don't know. I just wanted to take this a little differently though. Almost all of my previous relationships I've been the one to make the first real move, you know? Except for... well I don't wanna talk about him. That wasn't even a relationship." She scoffed, "Anyway, all those previous relationships didn't last. I don't want to mess this up, so I'm going to wait for him to do it."

Sonia considered what her friend said. "Well it's always good to take it slow, but sometimes guys need just a little push. Maybe he's afraid you aren't ready or something."

"I am pretty sure he knows I'm interested in him. I don't think even the blindest bat could miss that. Honestly I think he has more patience then me though."

The only thing I didn't tell Sonia about was my more private urges. Oh man. The longest I had been without any physical activities, was when i moved here. I had basically gotten over that when Nicholas came barging into my house, not complaining, but he woke those sensations up. Now, with David being so amazing and emotionally fulfilling I'm feeling those urges and I just don't know how to lock them up again! I want him, I want to know him physically as well as intellectually I'm not sure how long I can keep up the 'waiting for him to move first' thing. It's getting frustrating.

Six days after David went on his tour he called Rosetta and told her that he was on his way back home. Rosetta was very happy to get his call, and also happy to realize that she was the first thing on his mind when he was off work. Only a few hours after the phone call, Rosetta was out getting a few groceries. She had finished her shopping and had just hailed a cab when she spotted David running down the other side of the street. He saw her at the same time and stopped.

"Hey, I figured you wouldn't be home for another couple of hours. It's great to see you." She said after crossing the street to meet him. The two shared a hug. Rosetta felt his strong hands on her back and reveled in the affection and safety that she felt.

David pulled her tight to him and breathed in her scent. She always smelt so good to him, reminding him of vanilla. The evening air had a slight chill, and her body felt warm against his. He could have held that hug for an hour if she'd let him, but he let her go.

"Hey, I was wondering, would you come to a movie with me tonight?" Rosetta asked David.

David smiled at her. "Of course I would. As long as you don't mind me crunching on some nachos. They're my favorite movie snack!"

Laughing with David, Rosetta agreed. "My favorite happen to be those Buncha Crunch things, I just love them."

"I'll have to remember that."

Since the theater wasn't that far, Rosetta and David walked down the street side by side, just enjoying each others presence. After the movie, they went to dinner and David drove Rosetta home.

During the drive, David was sure to point out the moon coming up over the horizon. He was always a big fan of full moon nights. They always filled him with a vigor he couldn't find anywhere else. Sharing a night such as this with Rosetta made it even better than usual.

"Look at that! It's so beautiful!" Rosetta exclaimed. "I don't think I've ever paid attention before. That's so amazing." Her eyes were fixed on the moon until the car stopped.

"Would you like to sit out here and look at it for a while with me?" David asked, "I do it often and enjoy it a lot, you will too."

Rosetta was pulled along by him, but went willingly. Both of them sat in the grass.

David spoke up after they got comfortable, "So long as you don't mind the freaks and creepy creatures that come out on these nights you'll be fine."

Rosetta looked at him, "You're joking right? Do you believe that stuff?"

"Hey, I'm one of those freaks." David winked and smiled wide, "Maybe only on the light side of course, just a little nutty. Nothing compared to a werewolf or zombie or anything!"

Rosetta didn't say that she didn't believe in werewolves and witches and things, because she really didn't have an opinion on them - she had never seen any though. She smiled, and just a bit sarcastically replied, "Well you're really scaring me, what am I do to? How am I to sleep?"

David smiled and scooted a little closer, "Don't worry. I'll protect you my lady, I'll stay here all night if you want."

He did just that too. He did actually get me a little nervous to be on my own. I had heard tales of zombies or werewolves around this town coming out on certain nights, plenty of them. Of course, I'm a firm believer in proof and, having none, it's hard for me to think such things exist. After all I'm a science nerd, I like hard facts. I can't help that. Oh, but with him saying these things, he makes me want to believe them. He makes me want to need him. Need him here with me to protect me.

We played Dominoes that night. I feel like that's '
our' game. Something we share. We talked well into the night. He told me stories that he had heard about the random creatures on full moon nights, spooky stories and also just tales of his tours to other places. By the end of the night, we pulled out his sleeping bag and I put it in my bedroom next to my bed just so he could be closer to me. He didn't actually want to sleep in the bed, or I would have let him do that. When he said goodnight to me he put his hands on my hips and he felt so good. I ran my fingers through his hair and wanted to kiss him so bad, but I didn't. I'm sticking to my guns on this one. I think.

What another great night. This man I spend these wonderful nights with has stolen my heart right from my chest.

To be continued...

Revisions to the house!! 
Outside view
The Den, tv section
The Den, dominoes section
The dining/kitchen (stolen stove)
The living room
The entryway
Floor layout- front door to the left.