Thursday, June 30, 2011

G III: Chapter 27

Before the sun had even touched her doorstep, Brian was knocking on Rachel's door.

"I came to invite you to spend the day at my house." He said with a smile. "I want to introduce you to my family."

"Are you serious?" Rachel said. She giggled, "Isn't it a little early for all this? I haven't even had my coffee yet."

Brian smiled. "I am sorry it's so early, but I couldn't wait."

She agreed to his proposal and the two headed out.

"I should warn you, my family can be a little nuts at times. Just thought I'd let you know." Brian whispered when they walked in the door.

Rachel playfully pushed Brian's shoulder, "Oh knock it off, I'm sure they're great. This is a fabulous house by the way. Lots of room."

"Yeah, it's not bad. I don't like it as much as our house in Twinbrook, which was a little smaller. It was more home like though. Maybe this one is a little too big."

Brian brought Rachel in to meed his mom and uncle. They were both happy meet someone new and also glad to see that little twinkle in Brian's eyes when he said her name.

They stood in the kitchen after breakfast and talked for a while - about everything and nothing in particular.

"Are you single?" Daphne asked without hesitation.

Rachel couldn't hide her smile. She knew that look, her mother had that look when she introduced Rachel to Ted Rollins. Rachel could tell that Daphne was hoping her son would fall madly in love with her. She took a quick glance at Brian, then back to Daphne "Yes, I am. Very single."

Daphne grinned. "Good, good. Though you're very pretty, I would wonder why."

"I just moved here, I hadn't met anyone yet worth my attention."

Daphne smiled again.

Brian overheard this conversation and couldn't help but roll his eyes. He knew what his mother was up to just as well as Rachel. He also caught that glance from Rachel and, uncontrolled by him, his heart fluttered when she said she was single. He turned away from the crowd as he felt himself blush slightly. 'Okay yes, I admit, I'd like to date her. I hope bringing her here didn't ruin those chances, Moms embarrasing me!' He thought to himself.

Rachel said her goodbyes, it was time for her to get to work. A quick hug to Brian, and even Daphne, and she walked out the door.

Brian looked at Daphne. "Really mom?"

Daphne chuckled and went out to the garden to take care of her other babies.

Later that afternoon, over some leftover pancakes, Brian was talking to his mother.

"Did you really have to be that forward Mom? I'm trying not to rush things here."

Daphne smiled, she watched James come in. "Sometime you can't help who you love honey, and sometimes you have to love what's in front of you."

"Who said anything about love?" Brian said a little astonished. He was just getting to know this girl.

"Don't you think so James? Wasn't she adorable?" Daphne asked.

"Yes, but Daph, you can't push the boy. He doesn't see what we do. I'm sure he feels it, but if he's trying not to rush it - don't make him." James was a little forceful, but he also smiled at her. "It was there, they'll find it. Don't worry."

Daphne giggled. "Of course. I just .. well nevermind."

"Hey, lets go to the park when your done. Johanna's prom is monday, and she needs a new dress. Maybe you can do that. I've never been to good in the style department." James said to Daphne.

When they got to one of the local parks, there was a gentleman playing the guitar. He stopped playing and talked to James for a little bit.

Daphne talked to Johanna, "So I hear that your Prom is coming up soon! Big night, Prom night. Mine was a disaster which is why I've never mentioned it."

"Oh yes! Prom, I'm so excited!" Johanna's smile vanished, "but I don't have a dress! What am I going to do?"

"Relax honey, it's only Friday. I'm sure we can get a dress for you. Let's go."

The man James was talking to watched Johanna as she walked away. James didn't miss that.

"What do you think you're looking at? She is a baby and NOT your concern! If I ever catch you looking at her or any other teenager like that I'll take this cane and wack you over the head so hard your toes will bleed!"

"Well, lets see what we can do here. You have a great figure, no doubt, but I think your father will go nuts if you get a dress too short. Or too flashy. I think it should go to at least your shins, if not your ankles."

"I don't want anything to show my pouchy stomach either, so keep that in mind."

"You don't have a pouchy stomach! What are you talking about?" Daphne laughed.

Johanna smiled, "Thanks Mother Daphne. Okay, what do you have in mind?"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

G III: Chapter 26

Brian went to pick up Rachel for their very informal date. She was dressed in her very formal clothes again, Brian briefly wondered why - it was still very early in the morning. Either way, he complimented her on how great she looked and asked if she was ready to go.

"Well, naturally I have to change, but that will only be a moment." Rachel had been out late looking for a bathing suit. Apparently it was late in the season and most places were picked clean. When she got home she was so tired of walking she just fell asleep in her dress on top of her blankets. While she changed into her suit, Brian sat on the couch.

At the pool Rachel challenged Brian to a breath holding contest. She stayed down as long as she could, but he still won. She broke the surface of the water and took a huge breath. Then she waited for him to come back up. "Show off," she mumbled, but smiled. He came up for air but didn't intake as desperately as she did. Rachel waited though, until he was fully aware of his surroundings. Then she splashed a huge wave of water in his face and laughed.

"You're supposed to let the girl win!" She reprimanded lightly.

Brian rubbed the water out of his now reddening eyes and chuckled. "Oh yes, right. Sorry I'll remember that in the future."

A little while later, Rachel had to say goodbye. She was headed to an interview for a job in the Political career. Brian got a call just after she left, it was a client looking for help. He accepted it and went off to meet them.

At home, Dylan was finally telling Daphne that he was planning to move to Shang Simla for a while.

"Don't you like it here with us?" Daphne asked. She was almost crying. She didn't want her family to be broken up, especially with one of them so far away. "I mean..."

"Yes, of course I do. I'll just be moving there to study for a while. There are many distractions here, and I can't seem to keep on the track that I want to be on. I'll be back, there's nothing that would keep me away."

Daphne sniffed. "I get it. I do. I'll just miss you that's all. When... uh, when are you leaving?"

"That I'm not sure about yet. Not quite ready at the moment, but I'll want to go soon."

That was the end of that conversation for now, Daphne wasn't sure of what else to say. Neither was Dylan.

The client that contacted Brian had an odd request. He needed to search someones home and get fingerprints to compare to a recent robbery in town. Brian guessed that his client was on the police force but couldn't get the information in a legal way - so he consults a PI.
Brian accepted the job even though it was 'outside the lines'.

He arrived at the house and took a deep breath. Big house, huge actually. These people were rich, why would someone here have to steal anything?

"Okay," Brian sighed. "Let's do this."

Brian knelt in front of the door, talking to himself made it feel less like he was breaking the law, though he wasn't sure why. "Alright, this one goes here... this one here... annnnnnd twist like this." Click. "Alright, I'm in, I am so the best."

Silently, just in case someone was still actually home, he opened the door and crept inside. The house had wood floors, which wasn't good, but there were space rugs so that made it better.

He made his way to the dining room table. Everyone in the household touches the table, a guarantee to get the prints of everyone in the house.

When he was finished he packed up his kit and snuck back outside.

Just as he was stepping off the porch and letting out his breath in a sigh of relief - he looked up. There was someone walking up the yard.

It only took a second. The man looked up and saw Brian sneaking off, and he didn't hesitate. He jumped Brian.

The fight was over pretty quickly as well and Brian won. The guy stood up after being thrown on his bottom and looked at Brian.

"Get off my lawn, I don't know what your here for but GET AWAY before I call the cops!"

Even though a surge of adrenaline was still rushing through him, Brian did as the guy suggested. He didn't want to involve the cops. He was the one breaking the law here, that guy didn't know the extent of it.

Brian drove to the local police station so he could scan the prints he'd acquired and compare them. His client was there as well. Brian found out that he was right to assume that he was on the force.

One of the prints matched up positive. It turns out the man that jumped Brian was the thief. Brian turned in the evidence and the guy was arrested a few hours later.

James and Daphne were at the house talking.

"So Dylan said he was moving, had he told you that?" Daphne asked, she had been crying and James could tell.

"No, but I had suspicions, I think everyone did." James admitted. "You know he won't disappear."

"Yeah, yeah I know, I guess I am just not ready for one of my babies to move. Yours is still just a teen," Daphne laughed. "You don't have to worry about that yet."

"Yes but I'll have to worry when she meets a boy you know, I'll worry about her all the time. It's quite alright Daphne, this will be fine."

Daphne nodded, "I'm going to go make dinner. Is spaghetti okay?"

James nodded and patted Daphne's shoulder, "Sure, sounds great."

Daphne her own grown tomatoes and onions from the fridge and started cooking. Soon the scent was permeating the house , and it smelled delicious. Before long the whole family sat down at the table and finished up every bite.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank you!!!

Thank you for the gift!! I love it.

Decorations and furniture - that's my thing. I love this, its so cute and it will be placed in the Fuller home (and many others) as soon as I can manage!

I just wanted to post this to show my appreciation. Thanks again!

Monday, June 20, 2011

G III: Chapter 25

Bright and early James and Daphne hit the garden. Bran new plants need extra attention. James was getting better and better at weeding and watering. There was nothing to harvest at this time, but he was sure he could handle that when the time came.
James rather enjoyed working out here in the sun and dirt. It made him feel at ease.


James decided to take a page from Daphne's book. He wanted to retire too. A new town deserves a new way of life, and he didn't want to be woken up anymore at 2AM to check or collect evidence. He made the call while his family gathered around to cheer for him. James was happy he made it far enough to retire - he had never thought he would work there that long.

Brian finished up another case that came in that morning. All he needed to do was hack into someones database and find out some small bit of information. He wanted to get done quickly so he had some free time. After visiting the client and closing the case he stopped at Rachel's doorstep.

Brian paused at the bottom step. 'Do I really want to get involved with a previously married woman?' He took a step up, 'Nothing wrong with the fact she was married before, just I don't want her ex hanging around.' Another step. 'She was a client. Was being the operative word here.' Two steps. 'Of course her ex is remarried, and doesn't seem to know she lives here.' Two more steps. While he was at war with himself he managed to get up the stairs and ring her bell before he knew it. 'Ah well, I guess subconscious makes the decision for me.' He smiled as she opened the door. 'Wow, she looks ... formal.'

The two of them talked in her living room for a little while. Brian even complimented her on her dress. Rachel told him that she had just gotten back from the Bistro and hadn't changed yet.
"How's the job going? Any good cases?" Rachel asked.

Brian smiled at her, "I've had better, but it's going good. Actually I got promoted today!"

Rachel was genuinely happy for Brian and she congratulated him with a hug.

"Well, I have to get going. Got another mystery to solve today, but..." Brian hesitated for a moment, then said to himself 'what the hell, why not? I mean, she hugged me - the ball is in my court now.' He continued, "Will you go to the pool with me tomorrow?"

Rachel didn't answer at first. She didn't own a bathing suit. How was she supposed to meet him at the pool? She didn't want to turn him down though. 'Okay I'll go buy one tonight.' She thought. "Yeah, yes we can do that. I haven't been there yet."

Brian noticed her hesitation but didn't say anything. Maybe pools weren't her thing, but she did say yes. He said goodbye and left her house.

Rachel watched Brian leave, then dropped onto the couch and let out a big breath. "Oh, he's so cute!" she said aloud.

At the house, Johanna had brought a friend home from school. Laurel Grisby was the first girl to approach Johanna in school. Johanna was thankful she did because she needed someone to get to know in this new place. She was the youngest in her family now, and she knew no other teenagers in this town yet. The two of them became friends quickly.

While the girls ate salads for lunch they could hear someone practicing on the piano. They playing wasn't very good.

Daphne watched Dylan for a while as he learned a new song. She loved that he apparently inherited his grandmothers talent for making music. 'Maybe he would like to start jumping on the Rock Star career track? He's doing very well with the guitar too.' Daphne thought.

"Mother Daphne, will you help me with my homework? It's my Chemistry work, and I'm not very good at it." Johanna interrupted Daphne's train of thought.

"Of course sweetie. Let's get to it."

Dylan stopped playing the piano, he figured it wouldn't help Johanna study any. Too noisy. He went outside to break some boards, and finish honing his skills with a little meditation. Dylan was probably more relaxed than Brian, who was enjoying a nice night in the new hot tub.

The hot bubbling water swirled around Brian as his mind swirled around in his own head. His thoughts were on Susan, and Rachel. He thought maybe that he would move back to Twinbrook when everyone settled in here, but now he was considering staying here. Getting to know Rachel didn't seem like such a bad idea.

Inside, Daphne was getting ready for bed. She dressed in her night gown and started toward her bed, but the nursery attached to her room caught her attention. She stood in there for a while and looked around. She hoped one day she'd be able to put her grand baby in this crib. She hoped she wouldn't be gone by the time there was a grand baby.