Monday, June 30, 2014

Rylan's College Poll!

Hello friends!

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Since Rylan is getting older, he'll be headed off to college pretty soon! *sniff sniff* Baby is all grown up and stuff. I'd love to know if you want to follow him in his college years or just stay at home with the rest of the family whilst he is away.

Thank you for taking the time to vote! Well wishes to you.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting Out Again - 5.23

Previously in the Fuller Family: A devastating park trip in spring leaves the family in shambles, slowly picking up the pieces. A funeral has been held for the dearly departed and time is continuing on, though it is heartbreaking.


"I heard mom up early this morning, showering even. I was surprised. What's going on?" Rylan asked his father.

David let out a little sigh and smiled slightly. "She's in the kitchen making some French toast this morning. She said to me when she woke that 'She was the mayor, she can't just disappear from the town for weeks.' I guess she's getting ready to go back to work."

Rylan stared, open mouthed, at his dad. "Are you serious? Wow, that's good for her. It'll be good for her to get out. I know how she feels though. It's time for the girls and I to go back to school too." He sighed. "I'm not sure how well they will handle it. They know I'm there though and I think that helps."

David smiled. "I'm sure they will be alright. It'll be different of course, and they'll have to brace for the questions that the other kids will ask, but it will be fine. I actually have to work tonight too and I'm not really looking forward to it, but we all have to do what we have to do."

In the kitchen, Rosetta had indeed been preparing French toast. She stood by the oven while the bread baked and smiled at her family when they all came in to sit down and wait.

"Smells delish mom." Rylan said to her. Everyone else agreed.

Rosetta pulled it out of the oven and sprinkled the toast with powdered sugar. Setting it on the counter she announced that it was ready and everyone could grab a plate. She got her own and sat to down to eat.

Rylan sat nearby and said, "Dad says you're going in to work today. That's good. I hope your day is perfect."

"Thanks dear. I'm sure I'll be loaded with paperwork actually. My inbox is probably overflowing, but I'm hoping to get through it. At least most of it. Back to school for you. Keep an eye on your sisters okay and..."

Dayna interrupted here, "Oh mom, Caylin and I are big girls, almost teenagers you know. We'll be alright."

Rosetta smiled at her girls. "Yes I suppose so. Speaking of which, with your birthday approaching and all, I want you two to think about how you'd like to celebrate it. Okay?"

Caylin and Dayna both looked at her, unsure of what to say. They nodded. "Okay mom."

The family finished the rest of breakfast in silence, each dwelling on their own thoughts and feelings. Rosetta finished first and dressed quickly since her limo would arrive at any moment.

As soon as she came back to the kitchen and said her goodbyes she heard the horn. "Well I'm off to take care of a town. You know my number if you need to call me for anything. I'm sure I'll be at my desk." With that she walked out the door.

The school bus wasn't far behind. Soon enough the house was empty except for David. He let out a big sigh and went about the things he wanted to do this day. Mostly cleaning up and fixing broken things in the house. By noon though, he had to get ready for his gig.

David left the house at about one o'clock. On his way to Mick's Master Karaoke, he actually waved to Rosetta's limo, which was taking her home, even though he knew she most likely hadn't seen him. Their timing was off just enough, when David worked, that they passed each other on the streets. Rosetta was always home alone for an hour before the kids started getting home. During that time, she went up to her bedroom and talk to Brenna's picture. She told her little one all about her day, what she did and what she didn't do, things she thought of and what she had for lunch, anything, just to talk to her - to feel close to her daughter.

At Mick's, the show was just beginning. David had plans this night. He set up the stage and waited for his show to begin. When the crowd arrived and seemed to be waiting on him, he began. David spent time working his viewers up and asking what they wanted. Everything they asked for, he delivered. He was pretty sure he'd almost worn out ever trick he had when he heard the timer bell indicating to bring his performance to an end. He gave a shout out to everyone and a very large bow. Then told the crowd that, unfortunately, that would actually be his last show. The crown groaned and a few people offered him two thumbs down. Others, like Layla and closer friends, nodded their understanding and gave him a small smile.

After leaving the stage, he moved through the crowd. Many people shook hands with him and patted his back. Everyone stated that it was a wonderful show and they were sorry he was leaving the business. He was told he'd be missed and that he had set the bar pretty high for other performers. David smiled and thanked everyone. When it quieted down and the fans departed, he pulled out his phone and dialed his manager. All future gigs were canceled and the proprietor paid him handsomely, wishing him a good life.

Rosetta was sitting in what had become labeled as 'her chair' in the living room when Rylan arrived home from school. She smiled at her son and asked how his day was.

"Mostly quiet. No one really talked to me, which was fine. The teachers didn't give me too much homework but I have a little. Actually Prom night is coming up, though I am not sure I want to go."

Rosetta nodded. "I get that. Why don't you sit here and do your homework. I'd like you to help the girls when they get home though, okay?"

"Sure momma."

She smiled at the way he still called her that. He's the only one of her 4 babies that ever did. It was like their special thing.

He had finished up just as Caylin and Dayna had walked in. The girls hugged their mother and went upstairs with Rylan to do their own work. Rosetta sat, staring at the pictures on the walls, and waited for David to come home.

David came in and grinned at his waiting wife, he wondered how long she'd been sitting there. He said in a mocking voice, "Honey. I'm home." He saw her small smile as he closed the door.

"Welcome home." She stood and pulled him close. "How was your evening dear? I'm sure you did splendidly."

David nodded. "Yeah, actually, it was great. Everyone was really thrilled the whole time. That is until I told them that I wouldn't be doing it anymore. I quit today."

Rosetta was shocked for just a moment. "Oh wow. I'm sure they were disappointed." She kissed him then. She wasn't about to ask him why he quit, or even ask if he thought it a good idea. After all, she had the same thoughts today and kind of wished she had done it too.

The following weekend, the girls were enjoying a quiet game of chess. Caylin sighed. "You always win. When are you going to teach me to be better?"

Dayna chuckled. "I don't know. Why would I anyway, when I enjoy beating you?" She got a sour look from her sister.

"Alright, one more game?" Caylin conceded with a grin. "I'll just have to study your tactics."

They had just set up the board again when Rylan came walking in playing his guitar. The songs he had been playing lately were a little more lively than they had been over the last month. Most times he was trying to make everyone smile.

Dayna shot him an ugly look. "Do you really have to do that here? We're trying to think. You're distracting me."

Rylan laughed. "Actually I was sent in here by dad. He says to get ready, we're going to the park for the summer festival. So, put your pieces away and get off your duffs. We're leaving in ten minutes."

Caylin instantly scooped up her pieces and threw them in the hidden cubby under the playing board. She was excited. Dayna followed suit. Rylan wasn't far behind, he just had to put his guitar away before leaving.

A few minutes later they were all meeting out front. Dayna walked through the living room and was a little surprised to see her mother sitting there, in her chair, reading a book. She guessed her mom wasn't coming, that made her a little sad. "You're not coming? Do you want me to stay home with you?" She asked.

Rosetta looked up and smiled. "Oh no dear, not today. That's okay though I want all of you to go and have a good time. Eat a snow cone for me okay?"

Dayna nodded and waved goodbye. She walked out the door and hopped in the waiting car.

The four of them arrived at the Summer festival ready to play. As they usually do, everyone ran to the tent to get a family photo of themselves. David had to stop though, and think of how strange it felt that Brenna wouldn't be in it this time. Neither would his loving wife. His other kids were calling though and he couldn't let them down. No matter how weird it was.

After the picture was taken they each went and grabbed a delicious snow cone and sat down to eat them. For a few minutes they walked around looking at the things vendors had to offer and the different games to play. They thought about doing a hot dog eating contest, just the four of them, but decided against it. They all wanted a funnel cake and needed to save room in their bellies.

Back at home, Rosetta was buried in her book. She flipped pages as she scanned or read every word of a book about pushing through the madness and depression of losing a child. None of the other family members knew she was reading such a book. It wasn't that she didn't want to share the information learned from it, but she felt as if the others hadn't been as emotionally scarred as she had been. She felt like she needed more help than they did. It had already helped her enough to get off her bed and go to work a few times this week.

At the park, the rest of the family started skating. David remained on the sidelines, just watching. It actually looked to him like it was about time to leave. His kids didn't seem to be having much fun, they only seemed to be doing things because they were available to do - not because it sounded like fun. They weren't smiling or laughing, the looks on their faces were dispirited at best. It appeared this trip was having almost the opposite effect he had desired. Perhaps it was not a good idea to allow Rosetta to stay home. They needed her here too, it would feel more normal, more acceptable.

"Okay everybody, let's get some funnel cakes and get out of here. We'll even take one home to your mom. How about it?" David asked his children.

The kids agreed and rolled out of the rink. Caylin was burning up anyway. In her craziness she had wanted to wear her autumn jacket out to the park today. She was very sweaty and was happy to stop moving around. Rylan complimented Dayna on her spinning, she had gotten a lot better since the last time he had seen her skating. David got 5 funnel cakes at the closest food vendor and bagged them all up to bring home. At least this part of the festival could be brought back to enjoy with everyone.

The next Monday, Rosetta went to work, the kids went to school and David stayed home. It was starting to become habit again for this to happen every day. Though David was getting bored at home fast, with not much on his plate to take care of, and he considered getting a part time job somewhere. They didn't need the income at all, he just needed something to do with his idle hands.

Rosetta came home from work and spent some time with him before making dinner. The kids did their homework while she was working in the kitchen. After eating, Rylan, Caylin, and Dayna went to the living room for some fun while their mother and father picked up the kitchen. While drying the dishes David talked.

"You know, tonight's prom night. I guess Rylan decided not to go. He hasn't said anything about it at all. Maybe he couldn't find a date?"

Rosetta stopped washing the pan she was holding and put it in the sink. She quickly dried her hands off and stalked out of the room.

"Was it something I said?" David called after her. "Ooookay. I guess I'll handle the rest. Maybe talk to myself too." He smiled in spite of the oddness.

Rosetta marched into the living room. "Rylan."

Rylan jerked his head around. Her tone of voice wasn't quite angry, but very demanding, and curt. It put him on edge. He answered with worriment, "Yeah?"

"What's this business I hear about not going to prom? I don't think so, you're going to go. I don't want you siting around here while there's a school party going on. You might not get another chance to go, you know. You never know what's going to happen."

Rylan had opened his mouth a few times during her small speech to retort or explain, but the last statement made him close it tight for a second.

"Now, you're already showered, go freshen up and put on the outfit you had already picked out."

Putting up his hand in acquiescence he said, "Alright, alright. Will you call the car for me while I get ready then? Even though I don't have a date I guess I could still go."

Rosetta nodded her head. As she watched him walk out she shouted after him, "I'm sure there will be quite a few girls willing to dance with you!" Turning back to the living room she saw the girls staring at her. "You two, go take baths and get ready for bed. I love you dears, I'll be up soon to tuck you in. We can read a book first if you want."

She turned on her heel and headed back to the kitchen to call the car and finish the dishes. Caylin and Dayna looked at each other for a moment as if they weren't quite sure what they just witnessed. They both shrugged and got up to do what they were told.

Rylan was dressed and ready to go just a few minutes before the limousine arrived to pick him up. He bade his mother and father goodbye and they wished him luck. As he walked out, he was still not quite positive of why his mom had reacted the way she did, or demanded that he go. He gave a mental shrug as he climbed in the car and looked around.

Inside, Rosetta and David both went to read to the girls and put them to bed. After they were all tucked in and lights were out, the couple went to the living room to sit and spend time with one another. Not to mention wait for Rylan to come home so they could bombard him with questions.

"Do you think I was too hard on him? Or perhaps I should have explained myself to Rylan?" Rosetta wondered aloud.

David shook his head. "Nah. I bet he'll understand. It was fine. I am sure he's happy he went. Come here you." He scooted over a little and pulled her close to snuggle him.

Rosetta smiled. "I hope you're right. I hope he is having a good time and he's not mad at me for making him go."

David assured her again that he was most likely, in no way, mad at her. When she looked up at him, he kissed her softly. They sat together in silence for a while as they waited for their oldest baby to come home.

It felt like not so long ago they had been sitting exactly like this when Rylan was an infant, giggling and squirming right in front of them.

To be continued...