Monday, August 29, 2011

GEN IV: Chapter 9

Not too long after Logan was born, Brian noticed that Jennifer wasn't around him very much. As a matter of fact, she hadn't talked to anyone lately. One afternoon, Brian went in search of his aloof daughter. He found her in the kitchen eating some Macaroni & Cheese.

"Hey honey, how are you? We haven't seen you in a while." Brian wanted to know what was wrong, but wasn't sure he wanted to come right out and ask. Then he figured honesty would be the best policy. "Is there something you want to talk about?"

Brian saw Jennifer's sweet face turn sour. "NO! Why would I talk to you about it? It's your fault he's here! I never wanted a brother! A BOY! Why did you pick a boy! Boys are ugly, dirty and mean! Why didn't you have a girl?"

Brian was shocked. He stood there for three short seconds and tried to absorb what she said, and to take in that this still was his little girl. Jennifer didn't give him time to repond. She stomped off after giving her father a very nasty look.

Jennifer stomped up the stairs planning to lock herself in her room forever. At least until he was gone.

Rachel was bringing a load of laundry down and passed Rachel on the stair. She started to smile at her little girl when she noted the look on Jennifers face.

"Jenn?" she said, but it was too late. Jennifer had already gotten to the top and slammed her bedroom door. Rachel decided she'd finish her task at hand and let Jennifer cool off for a moment before trying to find out what was wrong.
Brian - still standing in the kitchen - saw Rachel bringing in the clothes. He followed her into the laundry room. After she started the washer he told her what happened.

"She's really upset. I don't think it's because of him being a baby, but because of him being a boy. I would say she wanted a girl. I'm just not sure what to do. Personally I had a great relationship with Dylan and Rachel. I want her to be happy with Logan like I was with my siblings. How can we help her?"

Rachel listened to her husband and thought about it. "Well, there's nothing we can do about it - obviously - so she'll just have to suck it up. On the other hand, I know she's very upset and she needs someone to talk to." A tiny smile crossed her face, "Since she's so against males, I think I should be the one to talk to her."

Brian didn't seem convinced, so she continued. "It might take a while for her to come around and see him for who he is - instead of just a boy - but she will. We just have to wait it out. It's just a phase."

A sigh crossed Brian's lips as he said, "Yeah, okay. I get it. Just something she's going through. At least I hope it is."
Rachel rapped softly on Jennifer's door.

"Go away!" She heard from the other side. She took a breath and pushed the door open.

"Stand up missy, I need to talk to you." She waited until Jennifer got to her feet. "What do you think you're doing talking to me like that?" She tried to look as stern as possible, but it was breaking her heart to have to speak this way to her baby.

"I'm sorry mommy, I thought you were daddy." The moment the sentence left her mouth, she knew she shouldn't have said it.

Rachel scowled, "I don't care who you think it is! You don't talk to anyone like that!"

"Yes mommy. I'm sorry." Jennifer bowed her head and tried not to cry.

"Now, your father told me what you said to him earlier." Rachel's voice softened slightly, "Honey, I know you wanted a little sister that you could dote on, and play dress up with - but your father and I had no choice in the matter. Logan is who he is, he's a baby nothing more. Just a baby Jennifer."

"But mommy, we'll have nothing in common. Nothing. He won't care about costumes, or playing princess, or doing his hair and makeup! He won't even have the same friends as me! I don't like him! Please, take him back and bring me a sister."

Rachel tried not to smile. "Oh honey, we can't do that. We didn't get him at the store you know. You can't trade him like cattle - he isn't an object. He's a baby. Jenn, pretty soon you'll realize that and see how beautiful and precious he is. I know it's there - your a girl - it's your instinct to love any baby. You just haven't spent enough time with him."
Jennifer bowed her head again then looked back at Rachel. "I'm sorry mommy. I won't say that I'll love him. I won't. But I'll try to be nice to him."

"That's my girl. You'll get used to him, you'll see. Just remember," Rachel pulled Jennifer into a hug, "Your daddy and I love you both, very much. Now, I think there is someone you owe an apology. Your father's downstairs."
Jennifer found her dad in the nursery. She watched as he cuddled Logan and put him down for a nap. She pursed her lips and crunched her eyebrows together 'boy' she thought, 'hate boys'. Brian turned and came into the bedroom.

"Hey Jenn." He was reluctant to say much. Brian actually felt nervous about speaking to his little girl. "Look, I know you're upset. I can see that. I want you to know, and see, that your mother and I have plenty of room in our hearts to love both of you."

"I know you do. I don't think you love him more than me. I just want a sister not a brother." She blinked. "I'm sorry daddy, I really am. I'm sorry for yelling. I told mommy I would try and I'll tell you too, I'll try and not hate him just for being a boy." She looked at her dad. "Maybe you and mommy could think about giving me a sister too? Maybe?"

Brian chuckled and hugged Jennifer. "Oh Jenn, we'll have to see about that. I don't know. Okay, well how about a trip to Aunt Jo-Jo's?"
Jennifer's face lit up, "Yeah! Let's go."

The two of them were out within a minute. Brian waved to Rachel as he walked outside, "He's asleep for now." He said to her before the door closed.
Brian and Jennifer got to Johanna's house a few minutes later.

"Hey Jo-Jo! How's it going?" Brian asked.

"Great! Actually I'm pregnant, I'm sure you can tell now. I didn't even know until a few weeks ago. I thought I was just getting fat. Sorry I haven't been by to share the news, I've been busy building a nursery. "

"I can see that baby bump." He patted Johanna's stomach as he said this. "This is great!"

Jennifer overheard the announcement as well. "I hope you have a girl!" She said smiling.

Brian looked at Jennifer, who then went to watch TV.

Johanna led Brian to the kitchen and poured them some juice. She offered some to her brother but he declined.
"If you don't mind me asking, who's the father? I didn't think you were seeing anyone."

Johanna sighed, suddenly Brian felt bad for asking. "He's no one important really, someone I knew from high school. I went to the club a few months ago and, well had a little to much to drink. Anyway you don't need to know details but, you can tell what happened. He doesn't know. Yes, I did consider my other options - but I could never do anything but keep the baby. You know me, and I know you understand."

Brian nodded, "Of course I do. I want you to know, Rachel and I will be there if you need us. Just call. As a matter of fact, since obviously he doesn't live here with you - when are you due? Rachel, Jennifer, Logan and I will come and stay with you until the baby is born."

Johanna gave him her due date and the two of them made arrangements for everyone. Just then Jennifer came in.

"Daddy, I used the bathroom and flushed it but it started spraying water everywhere! I didn't mean to, it just broke." She said.

Brian laughed, "Okay honey, I'll go fix it. Don't worry, it's not your fault."

After the toilet crisis was solved Brian and Jennifer said goodbye to Johanna and left for home. They had to let Rachel know they would be staying with her sister-in-law for a little bit. They also had to pack.


Friday, August 26, 2011

GEN IV: Chapter 8

Birthday Setup

 The birthday party was set and ready to go in early morning. Jennifer's new toys were all laid out for her to play with. She got a new sandbox installed in the backyard, a new doll to play with and a rocking horse as well. Little Jennifer was being spoiled by her doting parents.

Rachel, being pretty far into her pregnancy, had a tough time carrying around her first born angel - but she did it. Jennifer knew how to walk and did it well, but she preferred to keep her feet off of the floor. Dylan was the first to arrive and didn't hesitate to play the piano for some entertainment.

 Johanna came in and started dancing with Brian right away. She seemed very happy.

Pretty soon Rachel brought Jennifer out and announced that it was time for cake and growing.

"Our little girls getting so big - it's time we celebrate that." She told her family.

Rachel, even with the protruding baby bump, held onto Jennifer and helped her blow out the candles. Jennifer giggled at the flames puffing out leaving a small trail of smoke.

"Cake!" She squealed

"Yes, but you have to get bigger for that." Rachel smiled at Jennifer. "Then after cake you can play with your new toys, or swim, or check out your new room - whatever you want Jenn." It was kind of breaking her heart to see her baby girl getting so big, so quickly, but she knew it wouldn't last forever. She sniffled and stood up to give Jennifer some room.

Jennifer grew to a lovely little girl and the first thing she did was grab her first slice of cake. Pure sugar. Every kids dream.

Brian was the second to get to the sweets, then Rachel, and Johanna. Dylan passed. He was on a pretty strict diet, since he hadn't given up his Martial arts training, he had to watch what he ate.

While the adults ate their cake, Jennifer went upstairs to change into a bathing suit.

After the family had their fill, and a short swim, everyone came inside for more music and dancing. It wasn't long before Johanna turned to Jennifer and wished her happy birthday.

"I'm sorry I can't stay longer dear, but I'm really tired for some reason." Johanna said.

"It's getting late anyway, you'll need to get to bed soon honey. You'll be sleeping in your new bed tonight you know." Brian added to Jennifer.

Johanna smiled and went to find Rachel to say goodnight.

As Johanna walked out, Brian passed by and did a double take. She was walking a little odd, and he had only seen that walk one other time. Was she pregnant? Nah, she would have said something. Unless of course she didn't know.

"By Johanna. Have a good night." Brian said as he waved. His mind was of course on trying to figure out whether Johanna was pregnant or not. It was difficult to determine at that time, if she was it was still really early. She would tell him - he was her favorite brother growing up. If she hadn't told him yet, then she didn't know.

"Night, thanks for inviting me Brian." Johanna said as she walked out.
Very early one morning, about 3am, Brian woke to his wife mumbling something about "Better get me some strong drugs." He didn't quite catch everything she said in his grogginess.

"Brian honey, get up. It's time for the baby to come."

That got him out of the bed pretty quick. He got up to tend to her, though unsure of what to do when she started making the bed.

"What are you doing? We don't have time to make the bed! Let's go let's go, the baby's on the way!"

"Oh shush, we have plenty of time." That is what she said, but she was wrong. Another contraction hit as she was changing clothes, and another just after. She threw her hair up in her usual pigtails and started toward the bedroom door.

"Maybe I was wrong, the pains coming faster now. That means it's time." She told the worrying Brian.

Just two steps and she felt her water break, with that came more pain - lots of it. So much pain she couldn't move, not even stand - she crumpled to the floor.

Brian felt helpless - he stared at her in shock. "Why is it happening so fast? We need to get to the hospital!"

"No... time... " She panted.
In no time at all a small baby boy was born. A 6 lb 8 oz beautiful angel. He was a little on the small side - but seemed perfectly healthy. Brian helped clean the little one off and get him wrapped up before it actually hit him that he had a son. A little man to call his own, and teach him everything he knows.

"Wow." Brian said.

Rachel giggled. She stared at the baby in wonder, "He's adorable. So perfect."

"He's got your eyes." Brian remarked with the biggest smile on his face.
"We never really discussed names to much. What do you think about a name for your baby boy?" Rachel asked Brian.

"Uh. Oh yeah. I guess he does need a name huh?" He laughed.

"Well, I really think we need to keep Charlie as his middle, as we had thought about before Jenn was born." Rachel said. "You know, I've always been a fan of the name 'James' like your middle name."
"Nah, that names been in the family quite a while, as has 'Charlie'. He's already got one family name, lets not saddle him with two." Brian smiled. "How about 'Logan'? I like it for him actually."

Rachel looked at the baby in her arms. "Logan? Yeah, I like it too. That's what it'll be then. Logan." Her voice got a little softer as she addressed their boy. "Hey Logan, is that your name little man?"

As if to answer his mommy the infant's mouth twitched into the smallest smile anyone in the room had seen before. Then he passed gas.

Brian and Rachel laughed loudly, at the end of their hysterics the two of them gazed at each other, still smiling.

"Here, take him." Rachel gave the baby to Brian. "I need to change anyway, and you need to hold your boy."
Brian took Logan gently in his arms. He felt as if he would break him, but knew better. He had handled Jennifer, she was fine. While Rachel washed up and changed into something a little more comfortable, Brian fed the baby his first bottle.

This was as close to heaven as any man could get.