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G III: Chapter 21


By the time light dawned on the Fuller household, the family was already bustling around the house with their morning activities.

Johanna and Dylan were just about finished with their breakfast when James joined them. They sat with him until he was done as well, to keep him company.

Brian had already eaten and was upstairs searching for a job. He figured now would be as good a time as any to start on his lifetime wish. He was an adult now, maybe just entering that stage but still in it, and with that comes a little more responsibility. Brian searched until he found a website that he could advertise himself as a private detective of sorts. He started his application there. Since everyone is accepted, he got the job.

Johanna and Dylan ran to the bus when they heard it honking for them outside. It had just dawned on Dylan that his birthday was close by and he wouldn't be doing this much longer, school would be behind him. He hadn't really thought about his future much, maybe he should.

Daphne had just walked out as Dylan and Johanna were leaving, she called her goodbyes and waved, then headed right to her garden for the days work.


When Johanna and Dylan were back home they each went separate ways. Johanna went right to doing her homework and Dylan went outside to practice his Martial arts.

"I can concentrate more when I feel 'centered'." He had said.

Johanna rolled her eyes. Actually she had asked him to do his work with her because she wanted to copy his. Johanna had taken to being really lazy at school, skipping classes and not finishing her homework. Daphne was unaware of this, but Dylan hadn't missed these facts. He was originally going to make sure she did her work this afternoon, but when he saw that Daphne was in the dining room, he decided to hone his skills first. Johanna would finish if Daphne was there.


Shortly after her lunch, Daphne had a special ceremony to attend. Since she reached the top of her career she was considered a town hero and the Mayor held a celebration in her honor. Half of Twinbrook came to see her awarded the Ghost Hunter's Key. Daphne's cheeks remained red from blushing during the entire ceremony. She shook hands with the Mayor of Twinbrook as the citizens threw confetti in the air. When the party was over everyone released balloons into the air, it was quite a sight to behold. Daphne remained for an hour or so, just talking to the people that came and thanking them.

Back at home, Johanna was talking to her dad about getting a job.

"I am really looking for something simple, but fun." She told him. She didn't want to admit that she was lazy and didn't want to do too much work.

James thought about it for just a second. "What do you need a job for?"

"Actually I want to go to Egypt soon, and I was hoping to get a part time job to save up the money. I know the family has enough to cover my ticket, but I want to buy it. With my own money." She said.

"Ah, I get it. Well." James paused to think of anything in town that would be good for her. "I heard there was an opening at the Day Spa, they hire part time."

"Great! I will go there first thing Saturday then. Thanks dad."

"Sure, enjoy being in the workforce!" He smiled at his daughter, he kind of hoped that she would follow in his footsteps and become a Policewoman when she grew up. It seems that her dreams might be pointing her in a new direction though.


Brian was working on a new block of ice when he got his first phone call for a case. It was a little kid on the phone, asking if Brian could find out who stole his mouthwash.

"Uh, look kid..." Brian thought about it for a split second. This wasn't really the type of case's he was hoping for, but he had to get his name out there somehow. "Okay, I'll meet you outside the Red Rendezvous in twenty minutes."

The kid agreed and Charlie left to get the information for his first assignment.

Brian's first thought was that the mouthwash hadn't left the house, so he went to where the little boy lived. There he spoke with the boys mother and grandmother about his concerns. The each denied taking it, but then the Mother said that she found a bottle of mouthwash in the trash can next to the bathroom sink.

"I'm sure that's the one he is talking about, maybe it fell off the counter and he didn't notice it." Brian stated.

He was about to inform the young man, but realized it was very late, and he was extremely hungry. Brian went home to have dinner with his family and get to bed. The very next morning, bright and early he phoned the boy to meet him at the park.

Brian explained everything he had found out. The young man felt very silly for hiring a private detective for something so silly, but Brian made sure he knew that he could hire him for anything he needed, even if it was for a lost toy.

"Thanks Mister. I will keep you in my phone book!" The boy said as he walked off.

Brian smiled as he balled up the small paper with all of his notes.

First case .... Closed.

"I'm gonna be awesome at this." He said aloud.


That same morning, Dylan and Johanna had their own plans. They ate breakfast together but each went a different way after that.

Dylan went out back to continue his training. He had come quite far in the short time he had been studying and practicing. Him being so disciplined helped a lot in the Martial Arts skill. This was the first day he practiced with the board breaker, and he found he had great inner strength. The first attempt of one board was too easy, so he moved to two. Also to easy. Up to three, still easy. He had five boards stacked together before he felt any amount of a challenge. When he broke those as well, he felt very proud of himself.

Johanna went to he first and favorite fishing spot. Not to far from the house and full of fish. Fishing always relaxed Johanna and while she was waiting for a bite, her mind tended to wander. The main thing she thought about was her future. 'What am I destined to be?' She asked herself. 'I love fishing, and don't much care for homework - or work of any sort. I know if I stayed here, I could probably get away with not having a job at all. But I also want to be free, to make my own choices and mistakes. If I stay here I'll be under the watchful eye of someone all the time. Especially Dylan, he's becoming quite protective and parental.'

She continued to think of the pros and cons of staying or going without coming to any decision. The only thing she did decided to do, was go ahead and get that part time job.

Johanna went to the Spa and applied. She was accepted immediately and would start the following Monday, right after school.

She went home after that, and as she was walking inside she noticed that the garden hadn't been tended. 'Mother Daphne must still be asleep. I'll do it for her.' Johanna thought. She went into the garden and did what she could. She could harvest the fruits and water the plants but she still wasn't sure what was a weed and what was not, so she left that for Daphne.

Daphne awoke that day and started doing some housework. There was so much to do that she didn't get into the garden work until early evening. It was then that she realized someone had already done half of it. She smiled and continued the gardening. She watered the plants that had been missed and weeded the ones that needed it. Afterward she showered and made dinner for everyone.

 Brian received another case that afternoon, as he worked on his sculpture. The man on the other line asked to meet Brian at the beach and Brian agreed. This man was concerned that his wife had another lover. Brian took the case and told him he would work on it right away.


Brian went right to the mans house and stared at it from the front. 'I'm sure there has to be evidence somewhere' he thought. Then the trashcan next to him caught his eye, and the mailbox. 'Aha! People always try and destroy evidence, maybe it's in the trash.'

Brian began to dig and search through the garbage can. Unfortunately one of the paparazzi that was always following him around, saw him. Brian looked up guiltily at the guy and said "Uh. I dropped my keys, I'm just looking for them."

When the man was gone Brian continued his search. He did fine a balled up note and an empty box of chocolates. Brian moved on to the mailbox, to see if there was any new letters or anything there. A small message was stuck between to letters addressed to the mans wife.

'Meet me at our usual, at 9pm. Can't wait to see you love."

Brian nodded as the suspicion was confirmed. Bad news for the man but at least he knew.

He called the gentleman and met him on the side of the road. 'I guess he was walking home.' Brian thought.

"Well Sir, I am sorry to inform you, but it looks like your wife is seeing someone aside yourself. I didn't find any names, or any photos as of yet. Would you like me to continue on this case?" Brian informed the guy.

The gentleman's face fell into an expression of sadness, that was quickly replaced by pain which was then replaced by anger. "No thank you Mr. Fuller. I'll handle the rest myself! Thank you for your help, I'll remember your name."

Brian nodded and crumpled up his paper.

Case Closed.

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Heir poll!

The fourth generation heir poll has been launched! Please take a moment and vote for your favorite candidate.

Listed below are recent pictures. Also the traits they currently have, favorites, and lifetime wishes if they have them. In addition just for a side note; their celebrity star level is there too, but that has nothing to do with anything really.

On with the voting!



Her traits include:

Light Sleeper

She enjoys:

Indie music
Frog Legs
The color Violet

Johanna is a 2 star Celebrity.

Johanna may be a little dreamy at times, she is pretty much a fun loving gal. She loves her half-brother Dylan, but has a special bond with Brian. Due to her love of fishing, Johanna does currently have a lifetime wish of owning the perfect aquarium. She has started to take an interest in gardening as well. She is a nearly perfect student but she has skipped school a couple of times. She has an urge to go to Egypt currently, and she is saving up some money to get there. To do this, she will soon get a part time job.




His traits include:


He enjoys:

Kids music
The color Violet

Brian is a 3 star celebrity

Just like all the Fuller men, Brian is brave. He likes to be in the middle of things - whatever they may be. Brian and his cousin Dylan get along like brothers and often refer to each other as such. He looks forward to traveling to Egypt one day, but his lifetime wish is to be a pervasive Private Eye. Brian's perceptive trait gives him an inclination to be in the Investigator Profession. He currently has a hobby of sculpting and is always looking to increase his knowledge in that field. Brian is also starting to learn to garden, being taught by the best - his mother Daphne.


If you missed the comment before; Dylan is not part of the poll because his family tree shows no link to anyone else. One of my personal rules of a legacy is that the heir must show relations to the Founder (Alan) in the family tree.

The Heir poll will be open for a while, so take your time. Don't wait too long though, we wouldn't want you to be too late! I would love to have all of your votes, but you are not required to if you do not wish. Thank you for your participation and I look forward to see who wins this little competition!

Vote below!

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G III: Chapter 20

That very evening, Daphne answered a call for problems with furniture possession. She was on the clock for work and went to help the family straight away.

 Daphne was not there long, but had finished evicting the residing spirits, when the woman of the house went into labor. Apparently the stress of the ghosts sent her body into early delivery. Unfortunately for the woman, her husband fainted and was unable to help her. Daphne couldn't just let the woman suffer so she kindly escorted her to the hospital, and even stayed with her while she delivered. The little baby boy may have been early in his arrival, but all his parts worked fine. The newborn and his mother were sent home.

Daphne only had one call that night, and she was thankful for it.  There was something she wanted to do, and hadn't gotten the chance to in the daytime.

The Mayor had called the Fuller family and informed them that they needed to place a mausoleum on their cemetery. That would make it a legal burial ground. Daphne had made some calls and appointments for the mausoleum to be constructed. Just earlier in the day she had been phoned and informed the it was complete and she was due to make an inspection.

Since the kids had just arrived home from China she spent time with them all afternoon and did not get to the cemetery. Now, she was awake and ready to work, but she had no calls, so it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.

 When she arrived, she was shocked to see that the manager of the crew she had hired to build the place was there.

"Hey, have you come to check out the building?" He had recognized Daphne and greeted her when she came in.

"Yes. I'm on the clock for work but I had some time to stop by." Daphne told him "Actually, I'm dying -please forgive the expression in this place- to tell someone - I got promoted tonight! The last job I just did put me at the top, I've reached the top of my career!" Daphne was so thrilled by her promotion, and the reach of her lifetime dream, that she was bursting from the seams. She was happy to tell anyone, even strangers, what she had accomplished.

"Wow, that is really awesome. Congratulations. I'm still sitting right where I have been for years, and the future doesn't look to promising, but who knows." The manager said. He was happy for Daphne, but didn't know her well enough to celebrate with her.

The two of them entered the mausoleum together and did a pretty thorough examination. It seemed sturdy and well built. Daphne didn't know much about construction but it seemed fine to her. She took the managers word that it was the best they could do. She believed him mainly because she knew money worked magic. They had paid the manager and crew more than what usually would be charged, just to make sure they did a great job.

Daphne finished talking to the manager and he left. She glanced over to the back corner of the cemetery. She hadn't visited Charlie since they put his headstone there and she felt like doing so now. Daphne stood at her husbands grave and talked to him about the kids, and their trip to Shang Simla China. She knew that he would have been excited for them. She told him about her reaching the top of her career like she had always wanted. Her voice started to crack as she talked about reaching her goals.

Finally she broke down and cried. "I wish you were never taken away from us. Charlie you were still so young, why? You hardly had a chance to be. Hardly time to see your kids grow!" Daphne cried at Charlie's grave until she had exhausted her tears. She said farewell to her late husband and went back to the house. Promptly, she went to the bed she and Charlie shared and fell asleep on his side.

 In the morning, James and the kids ate breakfast. For some reason though, James has made it a routine to eat his meal outside on the picnic table. Johanna assumed it was because the weather had been nice lately. She and the boys preferred to eat indoors though so they could avoid the bugs.

Johanna had framed the snapshots she had taken in Shang Simla and placed them on the mantle in the sitting room. Out of the fifty or so pictures that she did take, only four of them turned out. Two of them weren't even taken by her. Actually it seemed that Brian was better at photography than she was, and it was her camera.

Daphne awoke after the kids were off to school and James at work. It felt odd to her with the house empty. Isabel used to be there all the time, but now that she wasn't everything seemed different. Daphne showered and ate her breakfast in silence. She still felt emotionally drained from the night before.

After her morning routine, she went out to her garden. The plants always made her feel better in a certain way. She weeded and she watered until she could find nothing else to do. She took a quick shower after her work and a small lunch, she was napping upstairs when the kids got home from school.


Dylan had been stressed out at school in his math class that he hated so much. He got home and went directly up to the game console to start shooting zombies and have some fun. Brian and Johanna took time out to complete their homework, Brian finished his first and helped Johanna on the last half of her homework.

They had brought a friend home this day, but she seemed to have disappeared already. It was suspected that she was enjoying the hot tub, but not confirmed. When Johanna and Brian finished, they were in need of some fun as well so they joined Dylan upstairs.


Not too long after the kids, James came home. He arrived at the same time a random visitor did and invited the gentleman inside. He and Jacob stood and chatted for a while about their jobs and what each entailed. James' stomach made it's presence known with a loud growl during their conversation. So he excused himself, "Make yourself comfortable." He told Jacob. "I will be done shortly."

James went into the kitchen to make something to eat for everyone.


Jacob talked to the classmate of Johanna, Brian and Dylan's while he waited for James to finish. It wasn't long before everyone was called to share a delicious Key Lime Pie. James and Jacob took theirs outside to eat while everyone else stayed in.

Johanna, Dylan, Brian, Lakeisha, and Alana sat at the table together.

"This is such a lovely house," said Lakeisha, "I wish I could live here!"

Dylan and Brian agreed with her. "It is pretty great, but you wouldn't need so much space your family is small. You would probably think it too big if you did live here." Brian told her.

"That is true, it's just my mother and I at home. Two would get lost in a place like this." Lakeisha said.

After pie, Lakeisha, Alana and Jacob said goodbye and left the family to settle in.

As it had become part of her routine, Johanna fed her minnow Karla, and went to bed with the rest of the family.

The night passed by without interruption. Daphne was working again and got a call from a local business. They apparently had some kind of poltergeist in their break room and she took care of it. Also the restaurant called her to get rid of the spirit residing in their kitchen. It constantly threw pans around and it was hard to cook when half of the ingredients went missing.

Before the sun was up the kids were out of bed and dressing for school. At least Johanna and Dylan were. Brian was dressing for Martial Arts practice. They had brought home a dummy and board breaker from China, and he couldn't wait to use it. After he practiced a while on the dummy, with Dylan watching, he thought he would give the board breaker a go.


He failed, and it hurt. Brian realised then that he wasn't quite skilled enough, or centered enough, to break a board. He would have to practice with foam for a while before moving up to the hard stuff.

Dylan stifled his laugh as much as he could, but he couldn't help the small sound that did escape his lips. Brian heard and turned to scowl at his brother.

"Let's see you do it then?" Brian challenged.

"Oh no, no, I'm good. I'll practice a little more first thank you." He put on his own belt and started to work on the dummy.

Brian had hurt his hand so bad that he gave up practice for a while. 'The school bus would be here any time anyway' he thought to himself. 'At least I won't have to go to school much longer.' He smiled at that thought.

Today was Brian's birthday. After this he wouldn't have to attend highschool, he could put that behind him, and that made him happy.

Just a short twenty minutes passed before the three teens boarded the bus for Brian's final day. At least he wouldn't have any homework to do when he got back. He could burn that little notebook.

Daphne was stepping outside as the bus pulled away. She was off to do her gardening for the day. She had taken such good care of her plants the previous day though, that they hardly needed her attention today. She planted some more seeds she had in her storage to give her something to do in there. She would be planting a pomegranate or two once a few of her older plants died, but she wanted to plant those seeds first before they were no longer viable.

School was over quicker than a blink and the kids were back home. James always gets home about two hours after them and Daphne gets to work an hour later than that. So Brian's birthday celebration was held as soon as his Uncle James walked in the door.

 Daphne watched her boy as he blew out his candles. She thought of Charlie, and wished he were there to see their son grow up. In her heart though, she knew he was. She knew he could see. After all she knew very well that there were spirits in this world, and that they could watch over their loved ones if they so choose. Charlie would do that, she knew it. Thinking this made her smile.

The family cheered him on as he reached into his young adult stage. He stood proudly to show off his new body form and then everyone grabbed slice of cake. Daphne's phone was already ringing for three jobs for the night, so she at her share quicker than the others. She embraced her son as he sat and kissed his cheek.

"Congrats my guy. Your old." She said with a chuckle. "Now, go get a job and a girl."

Brian gave her an odd look as she walked out the door. He shook his head when she disappeared. Johanna and Dylan laughed.

When they finished their cake, the teens and new young adult went upstairs to play some video games. Brian may have entered a more mature age group, but he still wouldn't give up his games.

James went to do some laundry and random house chores that needed to be done. Then he went to bed early. He was feeling very tired these last few days. He had been working really hard at his job, but it finally paid off. He got promoted today, his final step up that ladder. He had reached his goal in life and become an International Super Spy. The news wasn't shared with the family today because he didn't want to ruin Brian's spotlight. Maybe he would tell them tomorrow, or save it for when he had a retirement party.