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GEN IV: Chatper 19 - Part 1

***Writers note: I had to move the Fuller family to Sunset Valley, there were way too many glitches in Riverview to allow for easy game play. This won't be put into the story however. ***

Brian spent the next few weeks at home working on all the things that went unattended in the family's grief. While Jennifer and Logan were at school, Brian took care of the household things. Scheduling things like they were, caused Brian to work nights most of the time. It seemed he rarely saw his children anymore.

When he did get to spend time with them they tried to pack as much fun in as possible, and that always left all three of them exhausted by the end of the day.

Adelaide called Brian frequently to chat, and most of the time they talked for a little while. He really enjoyed talking to her when she did call and usually stopped whatever he was doing to answer. She had quickly become his best friend.

On afternoon Adelaide was taking a walk at the same time Brian was taking out the garbage. She saw him and waved then came over to talk to him.

"Hey. How are you today? Are you busy?" She asked.

"I'm doing better, thank you. Nice to see you."

Saying it was nice to see her was a bit of an understatement for him. He was actually very happy to see her, but he would never admit that. He barely admitted it to himself. It did feel slightly like he was betraying his family by allowing himself to like another woman.

 Brian had finally told Adelaide what happened to Rachel. They had a pretty long discussion about it and Adelaide was there whenever he felt like he needed to talk more.

"Actually I was just about to get ready for work, I need to finish a case up tonight."

"Oh, shoot. I was kind of hoping you would go to the park with me. I didn't really want to go by myself." Adelaide said, pouting slightly. "Well, if you are busy it's not a problem. Maybe some other time." She smiled at him. "Have a good afternoon."

Brian smiled. Truly he would have rather go, but he did have work to do. "Okay sure. You know I won't be busy tomorrow. Maybe I can pick you up in the morning?"

Adelaide's face brightened. "Of course, anytime you can. I'll be ready."

"Great, see you tomorrow then." Brian said goodbye and watched her leave. He threw on his work jacket and hat and went off to work.

When Jennifer came home that afternoon she automatically prepared an early dinner. Logan was always hungry when he came home and it was easier to do homework on a full stomach. She noticed right away that her dad wasn't home and instantly felt a rush of different thoughts.

At first she figured 'Well he must be working.' That was immediately replaced by a more suspicious thought 'I hope he's at work and not out with Adelaide.' Then she actually began to wonder why she didn't want her father to be around Adelaide. It felt to her like he was betraying her mother. Even though she knew otherwise, she couldn't help the feeling. 'Well I know hanging around her has helped him through his grief. He does have the right to be happy doesn't he?' She finished making dinner with conflicting emotions.

When Brian came home from work he saw Logan seated in the entryway reading a book. Logan had also inherited the bookworm trait from his mother, as did Jennifer. Anytime you were looking for him, you would probably find Logan reading a book some where.

"Hey little man, can I talk to you for a minute?" Brian asked.

"Yeah dad, what's up?" Logan closed his book and looked at his father.

"Um. I was just curious, I know you have talked to Addy a few times. Do you like her? I mean, she's a good friend of mine but if you do not like her to be around, I would want to know okay?"

"I like her. She's very cool. We get along great actually dad. Why are you asking? Is this because of Jen?" Logan looked at his lap then back at Brian. "You know, I miss mom too. I may not remember her much anymore, but I do miss her. I'm not like Jen though, I don't think you are trying to replace mom with Addy."

Brian had to chuckle slightly at his son, "You have become quite grown up in a short time haven't you? That was a very mature response. I'm glad you like her though. I like her company, and she is so good with you."

Logan nodded, then smiled. "Hey wanna go throw the ball around?"

"Well, I'm starving actually, aren't you?" Brian asked.

"Oh yeah. Right, I am hungry." Logan said patting his stomach.

The two of them had some dinner together. Brian briefly wondered where Jennifer was but then he saw her in the garden through the window. Logan cleared up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and ran it. Right away it started spewing water and smoking.

"Uh, Dad! You might want to come fix the dishwasher. Again." Logan called to his father.

Brian came in and rolled his eyes. "Maybe it's about time we replace this thing huh? It breaks nearly every time we use it." He laughed and got down to do his usual work. Logan helped out by mopping up the puddles.

The next morning, breakfast consisted of pancakes. Jennifer, Logan and Brian all ate together. Afterward the family sat on the couch to watch a little TV before the kids went to school. Also, as Brian had failed to mention to the children, before he left to pick up Adelaide and go to the park.

To be continued ...

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

GEN IV: Chapter 18

Brian got up the next morning and paid the bills. Rachel used to take care of the bills and balancing. Now that she was no longer able to - Brian did it. After paying them he noticed how much their money was dwindling. He frowned. He would need to go back to work soon.

Brian got on the computer to put his sports car up for sale. While he was online he went ahead and looked for Investigator jobs to do. There were plenty of postings. He selected one that was about a break in. The police needed a few witnesses and he was to ask around the neighborhood for anyone who saw anything.

"Hey dad, glad to see you up." Jennifer said. Normally the mornings were spent with just her and Logan. It was a pleasant surprise to see him. "What are you doing there?"

"Uh.." Brian got up from the computer. "I'm actually looking for work. Oh, um. I know this is maybe a little awkward, or something, but your mom's garden. It's really .. well, unhealthy." Brian paused to try and read Jennifer's expression. He couldn't. "I was just wondering if maybe you would take care of it? I can't bring myself to do it."

"Oh! Uh. Yeah, okay. I don't know a thing about gardening, but I can read up on it I guess." That was a classic Jennifer response. She was a bookworm, so if she needed to know anything she always turned to a book. "Yeah, I can do that dad. Sure."

The very next thing she did was hit the shelf to find her moms gardening books.

"I'll go make some sandwiches." Brian said.

Jennifer looked up from her book and watch her dad walk away. He's still very solemn but at least he's moving around now. She thought.

The family sat down for lunch.

"So I've been talking to our neighbor Addy. That's where I was yesterday if you were wondering. I'm very sorry I didn't get home until late."

Jennifer looked uncomfortable. "You mean Adelaide?" She shifted her position in her chair. "Okay."

"She seems nice. Would you guys mind if she babysat you once or twice? In case I have to work when you're home?"

Brian had just barely gotten out his question before Jennifer answered, "No. No daddy, we don't need a babysitter. I'm a teenager now, I can take care of Logan and me. We don't need anyone else."

Brian sensed her defensive tone. "Okay okay. No problem. As long as you don't mind. I may have to work some nights, we need some extra money. Tonight actually I have to go, I shouldn't be too long though and should be home before dark."

Right after lunch Brian said goodbye and went off to ask around the neighborhood about the local burglary.

The first house he went to, just a few down from his own home, was very good sized and nice looking. He rang the bell and was surprised by who answered the door. He smiled.

"Oh how nice to see you Brian!" Adelaide said. "Please come inside."

He accepted her invitation but said, "Actually I'm here on business, if you don't mind. I don't know if I told you but I am a private investigator. I'm here to ask about the break in a block away. Did you happen to see anything?"

"Just business huh?" Adelaide frowned slightly. "Well I'm happy to help, actually yes I did see something. I go for a walk every night and there was this strange looking guy hanging around that house. He had a very interesting tattoo."

That was really all the information Brian needed. "Okay well, thanks a lot Addy. I appreciate your help. I'm headed to Central Park to see if I can find anyone else who witnessed anything. I'll see you around okay?"

"Oh? I was going there as well, do you mind if I get a ride? I'll walk home, don't worry about that."

"Uh, sure why not? I'll take you." Brian agreed.

The ride to the park was mostly quiet.

"Thanks for the ride Brian, " She flashed a smile his way, "I truly appreciate it."

When they got out of the car, Adelaide went off to do what she came for and Brian went about his business.

The first lady he spoke to said the same thing as Adelaide had. That she saw a funny looking tattoo. Brian thanked her and started across the park to find someone else to ask.

Brian walked toward the fountain and saw Adelaide playing chess, alone. He also saw one of the Goth children hanging around. He decided to ask her about the burglary. Ms. Goth said the exact same thing that everyone else did, but she dropped a name as well. That was enough information to get a warrant.

When he finished questioning Ms. Goth he looked over to where Adelaide was. She was still there, and still alone. He went over to her and offered his company in a game. She happily accepted.

By the end of the game, which she won, the two of them had a crowd gathered around watching the match.

"Hey Addy. I'm starving, again, want to grab a bite with me?"

"I'd love to, I'm hungry as well." Adelaide said. "How about the diner again? I'm in the mood for their salad."

Brian slipped off his work jacket and they went to the diner.

After their early dinner, Brian and Adelaide stood outside to talk for a while. He learned that she was a vegetarian, and very nurturing. She loves to watch sports and her favorite color is aqua.

"Anyway, I think your kids are just adorable." Adelaide paused a moment. "Do you mind me asking where their mother is?"

Brian's face fell and in an instant Adelaide was sorry she asked. "She's passed away."

Brian was about to say a little more, but Dylan walked up.

"Hey bro, wow. It's so nice to see you out." He looked at Adelaide and smiled, "With someone else no less." He gave a small wink to Brian.

"Brian looked at his feet, then back up at Dylan. "It's not what you think. Really. She's my neighbor. We just happened to be hungry at the same time."

"Oh okay. Well good to see you out anyway." Dylan hugged Brian and started to walk away, glancing at Adelaide again. The corner of his mouth turned up in a small smile.

At home, Logan had used Jennifer's old child oven to bake some muffins. He and Jennifer enjoyed them as a midday snack before dinner time.

Afterward the two of them played video games together. Jennifer expected her dad to be back by this time, but wasn't too concerned yet. Then the phone rang. It was Dylan, he called to ask about Brian and Adelaide. Dylan just wanted to know if they were really just friends, or if they were more than that. He called Jennifer because he thought she might know.

Brian and Adelaide said goodbye to each other and Brian went back to his investigation. He was to search the mail and garbage can of the house that he was given the name for. When he found evidence of the robbery he was to find the guy and have him brought in. He did just that. The suspect was at the local pool, Brian called the police and talked to the guy while they were on their way. He informed the gentleman of the reasons he was to be convicted. The cops showed up and Brian went home. Case closed.

It felt good to close a case. He hadn't done that in quite a while. So it felt anyway.

When he got home, any pleasure he was feeling disappeared. He was greeted by a very angry teenager.

"What do you think you're doing?! You told me you were working, but then I find out that you were out on a date with that woman across the street!"

Brian was startled. "Jenn, what's the matter with you? Why are you behaving this way?"

"Come ON, you're trying to replace mom! Already!"

"NO! No, I'm not." Brian, though still shocked, understood his daughters anger. "Oh honey, no I'm not. I could never replace your mother. Never. No one could. Jenn. Jenn, Addy is just a friend. That's all."

Jennifer didn't believe him completely, was witnessing her father fall in love with another woman and was helpless to stop it. "Adelaide! Don't call her Addy. That means you like her!"

"Jennifer! That's enough. I am not falling in love with Adelaide, and I call her Addy because she prefers it. It was not a date. Not. I was just hungry and wanted company, she was there, so she came with me. There's nothing else to tell."

Jennifer was crying now, tears streaked her cheeks. She covered her face and ran off to her bedroom. She wasn't sure what to believe or think. She saw the change in her father, right before her eyes - basically overnight - he wasn't so depressed. He started smiling again. It was all since that woman came into their lives. She's probably a gold digger. She knows about our family money. Jennifer thought. She didn't want her father to have anything to do with her.

Downstairs Brian's phone rang as he was getting a drink from the fridge.

"Hey Addy, what's up?" Brian answered.

She called to make sure that he had gotten home okay. They talked for a few minutes then hung up.

After the phone call Brian sat down. He thought about it for a minute. Actually he thought for about two hours. It took that long to seriously consider his feelings. When he actually sorted through all of the emotions he was going through, there was attraction there. He was attracted to Adelaide. Jennifer was right. Though she was wrong about him trying to replace Rachel, she may have been right about him starting to like Addy.

To be continued...