Monday, December 23, 2013

A New Friend - 5.20

The night before Snowflake Day, not a thing has been done,
instead of work, this family had nothing but fun.
The washers unused, the dishes stayed dirty,

no one sweeping leaves dust bunnies quite sturdy.
Footprints all over, show a carpet uncleaned,
things add up in a house that's not preened.
But no one cares, it is time for glee,
No one can wait, for gifts under the tree.

A wreath on the door and lights just hanging,
snow fall outside makes a night most enchanting.
Cars are covered by the gleaming white stuff,
but it keeps coming down, no sign of rebuff.
A snowman watches the house as he stands,
he holds a fake broom with sticks for his hands.
Windows fogged over and doors almost iced,
but the warmth inside makes all feel nice.


Early on snowflake morning the household became a-buzz with motion. The triplets emerged from their small room with smiles on their faces.  Brenna and Dayna remained in their pajamas, but it seemed that Caylin had thrown on an outfit for the occasion. Or perhaps she had slept in her daytime clothes. To the girls' delight, they spotted Rylan coming out of his room as well.

Rylan, fresh into his teen years, threw them a sideways glance, "Think you girls could giggle any louder?" He rolled his eyes mockingly, he smiled in spite of himself.

"Mom and dad up yet?" Dayna asked. Caylin giggled and bounced up and down behind her sister. Brenna smiled bright and was wringing her hands together.

Just as Rylan was shrugging his shoulders in reply, the four of them heard a 'Yeees' from the other side of the wall. David pulled the bedroom door open and walked out as he buttoned his shirt, Rosetta following close behind him.

"Morning! Happy Snowflake day." Rosetta said. "Who wants breakfast?" After only a second, she laughed all the frowning faces staring back at her, including her own husband's. "Okay okay, we can do presents first."

Caylin clapped her hands and bounded toward the stairs, she placed her rump on the rail and slid all the way to the bottom. Using the actual steps, Brenna was right behind her. Then came Rylan and Rosetta, Brenna then David came down bringing the tail end of the train. 

The six of them sat in the den, having turned the couch around so it would face their tree, and exchanged gifts. Rylan finally got the guitar he'd been waiting for, and couldn't wait to play. Rosetta was promised to be shown hers later. She had a pretty good idea of what it was, David had a really hard time hiding the construction from someone who also lived in the house, but was very antsy to see the finished product. Caylin got a Panda piggy bank and a blue butterfly carpet. Brenna received a dollhouse as well as some new books to read. Dayna got a football and a few other outdoor toys. David a few new items to do tricks for his magic show and some new outfits.

For a while the whole family enjoyed each others company. It wasn't long though, before each member went on their own way to play with their new things. This was Rosetta's chance to see her gift.

A backdoor had been installed at the rear end of the den, where the Dominoes table used to be. Walking through that and turning right would lead you to the new greenhouse that would have Rosetta gardening year round. David even managed to transplant a few of his wife's dear plants into the new garden without killing them. After being in the warmth and under Rosetta's constant loving care, they'd be back to blooming before the week was over.

Rosetta loved the new addition immediately. The digital fish tank-wall set it off nicely, it made the atmosphere quite serene. Also, the moment you walked through the chilled glass door your body warmed quickly to match the perfect temperature inside. During the nicer months of the year, windows would open for a fresh breeze. In the Summer though, a cooling system would prevent the plants getting too hot. Rosetta ended up spending the majority of the morning in there with her greenery and getting used to the new digs. 

When sun came up a bit more, everyone went out to play in the snow. Most everyone anyway. David was in the front gathering up snow and packing into a ball. Two more large snowballs made a snowman and once he added an old hockey helmet and stick with some of his old gloves, it was the perfect sporty snowman. Caylin and Dayna had made a few snow angels, but after seeing their fathers handy work they decided to make their own snowman. The two of them ran off to the old garden area so they could have room. David laughed and fell face first into the snow, making a snow angel.

Rylan had been busy playing his guitar in his room and hadn't joined the others in their outdoor play. He'd barely even heard the peeling laughter because he was in the zone, trying to learn everything he could about his new instrument.

Upstairs, Brenna was playing with another present. This one didn't fit under the tree so it was set up in the den for everyone to enjoy. Taking up most of the floor space in the upper family room was a large electronic train set. As she usually does, when she plays with anything else, she set up her doll to watch and play with her. She stood and watched the train go around, stopping whenever she pushed the correct button. Brenna made sounds of people loading on the passenger cars. She was a great train engineer. Suddenly she saw sparkles around her doll and soon after, it sprung to life.

Walking over, wide eyed, Brenna asked her toy "What in the world? Are you real?"

Pam, the toy, laughed and nodded. "I am! You've loved me so much, I wanted to be big like you so we can play all day!"

Brenna smiled wide. "Awesome!" She said, then the two laughed. They started to talk, mostly about what they wanted to play and their favorite games.

Brenna was asking about Pams favorite room in the house when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Caylin come up the stairs.

"We've been looking for you!" Caylin put one hand on her hip and tapped her foot impatiently. "Are you going to come join the family?"

Brenna ignored her. To Caylin, it appeared that her sister was just staring at nothing with a smile on her face. To Brenna, she was listening to her new friends opinions about their dwelling.

"Hellooooo!" Caylin tried to get her attention but failed. After a few seconds of nothing, she turned around, sighed and trotted down the stairs saying "Guess not."

It was only a moment later that Brenna realized Caylin had left. She followed down the steps looking to see what she wanted and to as what she thought of the toy coming to life. At the bottom of the stair though, was not Caylin, but rather Dayna and Rylan both doing a small exercise.

"Dayna, Dayna check this out!" Brenna said excitedly. "Look look, My old toy is my new friend! This is awesome."

"What are you talking about Brenna? I swear sometimes you're a bit nutty." Dayna said, eyeing her sister skeptically.

"Oh come on, don't look at me like that, she's right here behind me!"

Dayna leaned to the right a little and, seeing nothing, rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Whatever. Your a nutter."

Even Rylan glanced in the way of his sisters. He was slightly confused about what was going on, but definitely saw no one behind Brenna.

"Well, that went well. Wanna go play tag outside?" Pam asked.

Brenna sighed as she watched Dayna leave the room shaking her head and muttering something about 'lunacy'. "Um. Sure, yeah let's do that."

Rylan watched Brenna talking to no one and making no sense, then leave. He shook his head a little and thought I'll never understand girls. Especially those girls. He finished his workout and joined the family for lunch, all but Brenna who had gone outside.

The holidays were over, winter was coming to an end. The sun broke through the clouds more often and the blanket of snow over Hidden Springs began to melt. Spring was approaching, and a new season of outdoor activities was beginning...

To be continued...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Auntie's Surprise - 5.19

*** Previously in the Fuller Family: An Autumn festival brings the family holidays to a start. Rosetta has a peek at what a ghosts life could be like if they decided to stick around after death. The kids filled their bellies in a pie eating contest before carving pumpkins and going out trick or treating on Spooky Night. Temperatures are dropping fast as winter approaches, bringing more holidays with it.


I've been working on the upstairs den. Finally put up some shelving for all of our family photos. We've got a million of them I swear - and I love every one. Though I have to say, my favorite is the recent Halloween shot of all four kids in their costumes. I did notice though that David seems to be the one taking most of the pictures... he's not in any of them! I'll have to remedy that.

Rylan is finally entering his teen years. His birthday is this Monday. We're not having a big party for him, apparently no one from school could come. That's okay though, I don't think he's big on crowds much. Kinda like myself at that age

The family gathered around in the kitchen to celebrate Rylan's birthday. His mom and dad stood behind him and cheered for him as he blew out his candles. His wish had been to acquire, at some point in his teen years, a guitar. He'd not seen a guitar box shaped gift among his birthday presents and so assumed that there wasn't one here. Not to be discouraged, he promised himself he'd save any money he came by, until one could be purchased.

Rylan happily and proudly made a presentation of himself entering his new age group. Rosetta watched as all of her children, lovingly referred to as her 'band of moppets', and her husband grab slices of cake and sit down to enjoy them. Afterward, the birthday boy opened his gifts which included a new cell phone. A few of the other things were items to add to his phone for personalizing, new clothes, and a new small TV set for his room. After helping bring Rylan's new things upstairs, the other three kids of the family played some video games in the den while he set up his room.

All the children were allowed to stay up a little later this night, in order to burn off the sugar high that comes after ingesting so much icing. Rylan spent much of his time trying on his new outfits, or trying to hook the new television up to the cable. Brenna went off to play with her doll while Caylin and Dayna played hide and seek until bedtime.

The next few days went by smoothly. Rylan adjusted well to high school even though the didn't know anyone in his classes yet. The girls were doing good in school as well, though did miss seeing their brother in the halls between periods or on breaks. David went to the park each day and earned tips with his free performances.

One day, just after work, Rosetta dropped by her best friends house. Sonia had married Steve and a few months later they moved into a new house closer to town. It had been quite a while since the two ladies had gotten together. When Rosetta knocked on the door no on answered. Slightly disappointed, she pulled out her phone and called her friend as she walked away. It rang only two times before Rosetta looked up to hail a cab and saw Sonia clambering out of one. Rosetta smiled, ended the call and slipped her phone into her pocket.

Sonia gained her footing and, upon standing, noticed Rosetta waving to her from her own yard. Happily she waved back. Also in that moment Sonia realized that she hadn't seen her friend in a very long time. She didn't even know about the pregnancy.

"Wow!" Rosetta said, "You and Steve have been busy I see."

Sonia smiled and the two of them embraced. "Yes, I can't believe I haven't talked to you in so long. I'm actually not that far from the due date. We know it's a boy, we've named him Nicholas. Come on inside and we'll catch up."

"Actually I need to get home, have to cook a quick dinner. I just wanted to drop by for a second. I'm so glad to see you though, and very happy to see that you're having a baby! You will call me won't you? When the time comes?"

Sonia laughed and said that she would call. The two hugged again and Rosetta left for home.

It was not even a full month when Rosetta got that call. Sonia had told her to come over whenever, she and her new babe had been home for a day and night. Rosetta told her she'd be over in a few minutes, seeing as how she wasn't busy.

Rosetta pulled up to Sonia's house and sunk into shin deep snow when she climbed out of the car. The temperature had been dropping all week. By the end of it there was snow flurries. The previous night had enough snowfall for school to be canceled this day. Sonia opened the door just before Rosetta got to it and was ushered inside.

Sonia talked her friends ear off as she walked them both up the stairs to see her son. Rosetta smiled and let her talk, enjoying the new baby fever. Hearing about Sonia's infant forced memories to be recalled from her own mind and brought about fresh smiles. She remembered all the things Sonia talked about fondly, but was actually thankful that those times were in the past and moving into new and undiscovered territories.

Rosetta held Nicholas and cuddled with him while Sonia watched and talked. She wondered if her friend would have more after this one. Thoughts about when she had decided to have another rang through her mind and she chuckled at the memory of ending up with three more instead of just one. What a surprise there.

Back at home, Brenna, Rylan and their father sat at the table together talking and eating a small lunch of macaroni and cheese.

"So it must kind of suck to have your birthday so close to Snowflake day." David said to his son. "I mean, you get all these presents in one month sure, but you basically have to wait a whole year to get any presents!"

Brenna laughed as she left her seat, taking her bowl and setting it in the sink. She announced that she was going to her room to play when she left.

Rylan laughed too. "Yeah I can see what you mean. I guess you'll just have to fit some kind of gift giving holiday for me somewhere in the middle, huh?"

It was Davids turn to laugh. "Yeaaahh. I wouldn't expect that one kid. Speaking of gifts, what do you think your mom would want for the holidays?"

"Probably a guitar."

David's eyes narrowed in his sons direction. "Ya think? You really want one don't you?" He laughed again before giving a window of hope. "We'll see."

Rylan sighed a little and rolled his eyes. He picked up his bowl and set it in the sink before leaving the kitchen. On his way out he looked back and said, "Honestly the only thing I think mom would want is garden immune to winter. Since she's really missing her plants. I don't think she likes that she has to stop gardening during the cold season."

David nodded. At first he blew that thought off, but it as he cleaned the kitchen it crept back. While loading the dishwasher he found himself making plans to give her exactly that. His son had shared the perfect gift idea, and probably didn't even realize it.

.....To be continued.